Friday, April 30, 2021

New Study Predicts Massive Die Off Six Months After Testing Positive For COVID — To Cover Up Delayed Vaccine Death Wave!

 I was just out and about this evening doing a bit of shopping and getting some banking done... And lo and behold, but I ran into a lady that I have not seen in over 6 months time... It was hard to even recognize her with her face diaper on so tightly though... And we had an interesting conversation up until the time I asked if she was going to go and get the KILL SHOT "NOT-vaccine" in her.... Her answer just floored me as she said 'Oh yes...Both my husband and I had our first shots back in February, and we can hardly wait for the second in the next week".... Once again, here I thought this person was intelligent, but as always the power of the brainwashing of the lying whore media has done its work well, and knowing that both her and her husband have some health issues, I can see both of them either horribly SICK or even DEAD in about 5 months time as the KILL SHOTS do its damage to their bodies.... I did not say anything more, and just said 'Nice to see you' and I went to finish my other business...

And yes, I do wonder what will indeed happen to the nearly '400000' people that supposedly according to the lying whore media have all received at least their first lethal injection of the deadly KILL SHOTS... I do wonder WHAT these liars and the liars in our crooked government will do when people start dropping dead in about 4 more months and what their 'excuses' will be for all of those sudden deaths....

Which brings me to this article, that was actually sent my way two days ago by another of my fine and very astute readers... This one comes from the 'Christians For Truth' website, at, and is entitled: "New Study Predicts Massive Die Off Six Months After Testing Positive For COVID — To Cover Up Delayed Vaccine Death Wave".... Here in fact is that article for everyone to read for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

New Study Predicts Massive Die Off Six Months After Testing Positive For COVID — To Cover Up Delayed Vaccine Death Wave


COVID-19 survivors allegedly have an almost 60% increased risk of death up to six months after infection compared with non-infected people, according to a “massive” study published in Nature:

“When we are accounting for COVID-19 deaths, the actual total of deaths is much higher,” Ziyad Al-Aly, director of the Clinical Epidemiology Center at Washington University in St. Louis and the head of Research and Education Service at Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System, told The Jerusalem Post. He was the lead researcher on the study.

Most deaths caused by long-term COVID-19 complications are not recorded as COVID-19 deaths, Al-Aly said. As such, “what we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg,” he added.

To reach their conclusion, Al-Aly and his research team leveraged data from the electronic health databases of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The study involved more than 87,000 COVID-19 patients: 74,435 users of the Veterans Health Administration who survived at least the first 30 days with COVID-19 after diagnosis and were not hospitalized; and close to five million VHA users who did not have COVID-19. In addition, it included 13,654 hospitalized patients with COVID-19 and 13,997 who were hospitalized with the flu.

The veterans were mostly men (about 88%), but there were still more than 8,800 women with confirmed cases who were analyzed.

All patients survived at least 30 days after hospital admission, and the analysis included six months of follow-up data.

Even those patients who were not hospitalized with severe disease could have health implications months later, the report showed. Ailments could include respiratory conditions, diseases of the nervous system, mental-health diagnoses, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal conditions, and poor general well-being.

“Even people with mild disease – some people who got COVID and seemed fine with just a fever and a cough – months down the road they have a stroke or a blood clot; some manifestation related to COVID,” Al-Aly said. “The risk is small, but it is not trivial.”

The report was concerning, Prof. Cyrille Cohen, head of Bar-Ilan University’s immunotherapy laboratory, said, adding that “in this study, we are not talking about severe cases. These are people who were not supposed to die at all.”

The risk of death and the associated health challenges increased with the severity of the disease, and hospitalized patients who required treatment in an intensive-care unit were at the highest risk for health complications and death, the study showed.

Among patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 and who survived beyond the first 30 days of illness, there were 29 excess deaths per 1,000 patients over the following six months, or a 50% increased risk of death compared with hospitalized flu survivors, the study showed.

It is really remarkable that such a virus can produce this huge number of long-term consequences,” Al-Aly told the Post.

It is unclear if the same percentages would directly translate outside the US to other countries, such as Israel, since there are differences in the characteristics of every population, he said. Nonetheless, it is a powerful indication of the long-term burden that the disease will cause, he added.

For now, the only solution to stop these effects is to avoid contracting COVID-19, Al-Aly said. “The best way to prevent long-COVID is to prevent COVID,” he said. “The best way to prevent COVID is vaccination.”

Cohen agreed. When people are considering not vaccinating “because [they think] I am young and not at risk of severe disease or death, I think the issue of long-COVID with the percentages we are seeing now is something that people should take into account.”

Responding to a Health Ministry report that some Israelis who took the Pfizer vaccine have experienced potentially deadly heart inflammation, Cohen admitted that that there is still little data regarding the long-term effects of the vaccines.

The interim analysis report, which was reviewed by the Post, showed that during the first three months of Israel’s vaccination campaign, some 62 cases of myocarditis or pre-myocarditis were reported, mostly by people under the age of 30.

…The study was too preliminary to draw a direct connection between vaccination and the myocarditis cases, Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, director Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s School of Public Health, told the Post, adding that it was “not even clear if these rates were higher compared with previous years.”

It seems the risk is quite minor, and the risk of getting sick from COVID-19 is much higher than from the vaccine’s adverse events,” he said.

Al-Aly said the important thing is for health systems to prepare for what could be an influx of sick patients, even as countries vaccinate and active COVID-19 cases decline.

“We need to figure out how to build the healthcare system to deal with this load,” he said. The world was “caught unprepared for COVID” and in some cases “dropped the ball on COVID,” Al-Aly said. “Let us not drop the ball on long-COVID.”

They know that there is going to be a delay between vaccination and a large wave of deaths — because of the way the mRNA “vaccines” are designed — which is why “experts” have been telling us not to be “alarmed” by the coming post-vaccination deaths.

This scenario was explained by former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer — Dr. Michael Yeadon — how this intentional delay between vaccination and debilitating symptoms and death will provide the vaccine manufacturers and government stooges “plausible deniability” as to the real cause.

The mRNA shots hijack your cells by reprogramming them to constantly produce the spike proteins allegedly associated with COVID viral infection.

Once started, there is no way to turn off this spike protein manufacturing process — which will cause an ever-increasing level of these spike proteins in your blood stream and internal organs.

The slow build up of spike protein levels will eventually overwhelm your organs — whether kidneys, liver, brain, and heart — leading to massive organ failure — or in the case of your brain — Mad Cow Disease.

They are warning doctors about what they can expect to see from so-called “Long COVID” in the next 6 months — “respiratory conditions, diseases of the nervous system, mental-health diagnoses, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal conditions, and poor general well-being.”

Clearly, the real purpose of this study is to pre-emptively blame these diseases and deaths on the dubious COVID virus itself — not the “safe and effective” mRNA vaccines.

These mRNA vaccines act like ticking time bombs — with a delayed fuse — which was discussed in detail on a recent Alex Jones show — yes, sometimes when Alex takes a break from shilling for Israel and the Mossad, he provides some good content:

NTS Notes: Honestly, I saw this coming, and this type of 'study' will be only the beginning as these pricks running this entire scam-demic will use this type of 'study' to massage the minds of the general public into thinking that the upcoming DEATH TOLL that is surely coming due to their KILL SHOTS will be attributed to the fraud of the  'COVID-19' non-existent 'deadly virus' instead!

Yes, people are going to be programmed to think that when the horrifically large death toll that is definitely coming from the adverse effects of the KILL SHOTS does indeed occur, to NOT look at these KILL SHOTS as the cause, but OTHER excuses, such as 'new variants' of the non-existent 'virus' OR to blame it on the 'un-vaccinated' instead!

The facts are that the massive kill off of humanity may indeed be coming... We have already been witnessing what may in fact be happening right now in India, as the effect of those who were first 'vaccinated' back in late November and early December of last year are now beginning to get very sick and dying from the effects, and almost right on cue nearly 6 months after India started that massive program of 'COVID-19 vaccinations'!   India may be the warning of what is coming elsewhere across the planet, definitely...

We are heading for a heap of trouble on the horizon indeed... We shall see come the middle of July of this year how these monsters' experimental concoctions have their effects on so many human guinea pigs...  It will indeed be a very somber summer....

More to come



Anonymous said...

We are suffering from a century-long campaign of emotional manipulation by the media. A component of this process is associative conditioning, famously first used in advertising by Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays. However associative conditioning doesn’t just involve imagery, such as photographs of rebellious women smoking cigarettes or TV ads featuring smart men drinking a particular brand of whisky. A more basic form of associative conditioning is word association. We have all heard the pat phrases: “nasty racist”; “vicious anti-Semite”; “virulent anti-Semitism”; “rape and murder.” The purpose in each case is to fuse the words in association, setting them almost in equivalence.

Then there is a “coaxing of concurrence.” Inflections of speech, approving or disapproving tones, make it clear which opinions “all right-thinking people” are supposed to hold.

Another trick is using what I call AMRM’s: artificial media role models. These also will be familiar. The sensitive, talented homosexual; the competent, assertive female leader. These and their variations are frequent motifs in film and TV. AMRM’s provide a model and instruction for imitators to copy. The denial of sexual and racial differences is a particular delusion and detachment from reality. The proper psychological term for detachment from reality is psychosis.

Brian said...

Interesting thread on cases vs jabs with graphs

Anonymous said...

May I ask how analyzing the tactics of liars and Marxists contributes to the coversation at this point? Mass genocide. There are those who understand the gravity of what is and what will be. There are those who are unable or unwilling to see what is going on. The emotional manipulation is a choice. We are not victims, this is WW111.Wake up! The only end-state-goal to analyze is how to bring these murdering bastards to justice. We are way past analyzing the sociological aspect of this horror show. This is not a college course. This is mass genocide. If you want to add to the conversation, start talking about a data base of autopsies for our family members who took the jab. Otherwise, you are doing NOTHING productive with your academic analysis. Geez!