Saturday, April 10, 2021

More Canadian COVID Insanity: The Province Just East Of Here, Ontario, Has Had The Longest Lockdown In North America – Which Has Been So Successful It’s Just Gone Into Another One

 Earlier today, I posted my report of my home province of Manitoba Canada's daily dose of COVID bullshit... .I have been following this entire scam-demic closely and have been using the fraudulent 'statistics' put out on a daily basis by the criminals running "Manitoba Health" as a weapon against these bastards for the last year as I have established the patterns and algorithms of their consistent lies and have exposed them ALL for everyone to see.... Sadly, few are paying attention as it fully blows this entire scam-demic to hell, exposing it as the fraud it always has been...

But the criminals here in Manitoba are persistent liars indeed, as just earlier this afternoon these criminal pricks stated that Manitoba has now entered into a 'third wave' of this bullshit scam-demic, and have pointed at the 'increasing' number of "new cases" of this phantom deadly virus as evidence of this 'third wave'... I on the other hand see something completely different as all these bastards have done to 'create' their fraud 'third wave' has been to simply increase the fraudulent cycle count in their fraudulent PCR testing to generate more 'false positive' results and thus increase their 'cases' count artificially to make it look like a 'third wave' is here... Thus there is NO 'third wave' at all except in the criminal minds of these bastards running this entire scam-demic and those that are stupid enough to accept their falsified data...

However,  their issuance of this fear that there is a new 'third wave' has dire implications for Manitobans, as it means that these fuckers running this scam-demic can and probably will LOCK DOWN this entire province once more and basically send what is left of the Manitoba crippled economy to a quick and painful death..... And new 'lockdowns' for this province will also destroy the fragile mental state of Manitobans who have already had their livelihoods destroyed by the previous fraudulent 'first' and 'second'  waves!

OK, How bad can things get with this impending 'third wave' bullshit?  To answer this question, I want to turn to an article that was just posted two days ago on April 8th, 2021, by author Eva Bartlett from Russia Today, through the Aletho News website, at Eva's article is entitled: "Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one" and does show how the province of Ontario, just east of here is about to go through a 'living hell' thanks to the evil lockdowns being placed on its citizens by the criminal Ontario provincial government, due to what they claim is a new 'third wave' of this bullshit non-existent 'deadly virus'... Here is that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one

By Eva Bartlett | RT | April 8, 2021

It’s April 2021 and we’re still being fed the same “stay home, save lives” line of 2020. But lockdowns are based on dodgy data and exaggerations, as well as causing more harm than they supposedly prevent.

As of today, Ontario is once again locked down. The last lockdown of two months was lifted only a month ago.

The province has endured the longest lockdowns in the country, thanks to politicians and medical officers pushing selective statistics.

The “Stay-at-Home” order (sounds so much nicer than lockdown!) requires people to imprison themselves again, except for “essential purposes” (exempt, of course, are Canadian politicians, who have repeatedly violated their own exhortations).

This latest draconian lockdown again impacts nearly every aspect of Ontarians’ ability to live their lives

It means: closed businesses; increasing poverty, loneliness, and depression; increased domestic abuse, a rise in suicides and self-harm; and utter media hysteria (actually, the media hysteria and fear mongering has not ceased since the announcement of a pandemic one year ago).

A petition to end Ontario’s lockdown of small businesses notes:

“There are over 440,000 small businesses in Ontario.

“Less than a week ago [state premier] Doug Ford told restaurants they would be allowed to operate outdoor dining even in grey zones; this caused restaurant owners to spend thousands of dollars on these spaces only to find out that this would not be the case in this current closure.

This level of carelessness and lack of foresight could be the demise of many locally owned restaurants.”

Alarmism and exaggerated ICU data

Premier Doug Ford, in his address yesterday, spoke of case rates, hospitalizations, and ICU occupancy “increasing rapidly, threatening to overwhelm the healthcare system.”

But, as I’ve written before, the whole concept of “cases rising” is meaningless: “Cases are determined by Covid-19 tests, which have proved to be unreliable and inaccurate, giving false positives and creating a false picture of reality. This faulty testing is exacerbating the media hype over ‘rising cases.’”

And according to a long-time employee at the Ottawa General hospital I corresponded with: “I work in a large hospital and I pass through the Covid-19 ICU unit every day. And it’s never been overflowing or too busy.”

Or, as a columnist for the Toronto Sun noted: “Toronto’s top doc said that data was showing younger people in ICUs. Asked about the data, she changed her tweet to say she was ‘hearing’ of younger Toronto ICU patients. Big difference between data showing and you hearing anecdotally.”

Or, as an Ontario MPP noted: “The @OntHospitalAssn keeps fear mongering about ICU capacity. But Critical Care Services Ontario ICU data for Apr 3 reveals: Toronto 375 of 496 beds taken (76%) Central: 398 of 513 (78%) Ontario: 1852 of 2418 (77%) The question to the OHA is why?”

In fact, every year in flu season, we’ve had reports of overcrowding in hospitals, hospitals bursting at seams. This never caused us to shut down our economy and lock down our citizens.

Finally, more and more journalists are asking for proof of the claims bandied about by the Fords and media.

Even Naomi Wolf, not your average “conspiracy theorist” or “right winger” (as those opposed to brutal lockdowns are often described by dinosaur media) tweeted, “How are Canadians still being told such gigantic lies? The whole ‘lockdown equals public safety’ mythology is fully deceased.”

Vested interests in vaccines?

While ordinary Canadians suffer tremendously under lockdowns, Canada’s unelected medical tyrants, the Medical Officers of Health (MOH) are doing quite well, earning $200,000 – $300,000, and more.

In addition to pushing for this latest lockdown, Ontario MOHs went the extra mile and called for “fewer businesses to be deemed essential and more operations shut down.”

Because a year-plus of lockdowns destroying small businesses’ ability to survive just wasn’t enough…

Some of these MOHs may even have financial links to the rollout of vaccines.

In his press conference yesterday, much of Premier Ford’s focus was on pushing jabs.

Ford promised, “better days are ahead of us,” followed by more calls for Ontarians to get jabbed with vaccines made faster than ever before which,  technically, will not even be out of the clinical trials stage till next year at the earliest.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being suspended by countries around the world for causing blood clotting, which could lead to death.

In spite of this, Ontario continues to push it. As of April first, Canada has bought around 24 million doses. In addition to its AstraZeneca purchases, Canada agreed to purchase at least 20 million doses of Pfizer’s hurried vaccine.

In March, the media reported that Toronto’s MOH, Eileen de Villa, is married to Dr Richard Choi, a cardiologist and lecturer at Unity Health Toronto, who lists Pfizer and AstraZeneca among his ‘Relationships with financial interests.’ Under de Villa’s leadership, “Toronto Public Health has been used as a tool to counter any ‘misinformation’ about vaccination,” and was allegedly “behind a call to ban vaccine exemptions because of religious or philosophical beliefs.”

Another article on the de Villa-Choi conflict of interest noted: “It’s not a good look when you lock down your city when you don’t have to and your husband has financial interests with AstraZeneca and Pfizer.”

In mid-March, Premier Ford said he isn’t making the decisions, the chief medical officers are. He also said it would essentially be political suicide to go against them.

“To be frank, there’s no politician in the country who’s going to disagree with their chief medical officer. They’re just not going to do it. They might as well throw a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge.”

Last December, Toronto’s Associate MOH, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, and Chief MOH, Dr. David Williams, admitted they are just reading a script, “I just say what they write down for me.” And laughed about it.

So, we have unelected medical officers running the show, essentially forcing government decisions on lockdowns and related issues. And as a Toronto lawyer opposed to lockdowns noted,“local Councils are legally powerless to stop” these unaccountable MOHs. How wonderfully democratic.

There is definitely a will and momentum to resist the brutal lockdown measures affecting all but the fat cats flouting them. With a new round of bullying by unelected medical officers, I hope the resistance to tyranny grows.

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist and activist. She has spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Palestine (where she lived for nearly four years).

NTS Notes: I for one am NOT in the least bit surprised at all from what I see happening in Ontario, just east of here... That criminal Doug Ford and his cronies are just as bad if not worse than the fucker Brian Pallister, in wanting to obey his masters running this scam-demic and absolutely destroy what is left of Ontario's ailing economy...

Yes, this is indeed a travesty, and their 'third wave' is indeed total bullshit.... I can guarantee that if I was to take a look at the province of Ontario on a daily basis and keep up the statistical analysis of their daily 'data' of bullshit concerning the scam-demic, it would be much the same as what I have been seeing here in Manitoba.... 

And this all makes sense, for in Ontario, just like here in Manitoba, and in fact everywhere else across CANADA, the plans are to  drive the citizens to such a state of desperation that they will gladly go out and  take the criminals' deadly KILL SHOTS into their bodies under the false illusion that having these injections of certain death into their bodies, everything will suddenly 'return to normal'... 

The facts are that things will in fact NEVER return to any 'normal' unless we take actions against these criminals in charge and forcefully if necessary take back our nation and our lives...

There is a famous statement of fact that must be repeated here: "When peaceful revolution is no longer possible, violent revolution quickly follows".... I will state that we as Canadians are now at the point in time as attempts to try to stop this carnage by our own governments have failed miserably, and it may indeed be the time where seeking peaceful resolutions are now no longer possible!

More to come



Anonymous said...

In my opinion the enemy has derailed you.

Freeborn said...

Quite agree NTS. The time has now come - global rebellion is the only way out of this.

Forced vaccination a.k.a. state poisoning is a heinous crime against healthy (unvaccinated) humanity and MUST be resisted with every fibre of our being.

To just roll over in the face of this blatantly satanic agenda is a betrayal of those who will come after us.

As R.B. Pearson stated in Pasteur: Plagiarist, Impostor. 1942:

I agree most heartily with Dr Leverson’s statement that
“the forcing of these inoculations upon individuals by law is
one of the worst tyrannies imaginable, and should be resisted
even to the death of the official who is enforcing it.”

Strong words, but absolutely right!

Professor F. W. Newman of Oxford University has said:
“Against the body of a healthy man, Parliament has no right
of assault whatever under pretence of the public health; nor
any the more against the body of a healthy infant. To forbid
perfect health is a tyrannical wickedness, just as much as to
forbid chastity or sobriety. No lawgiver can have the right.
The law is an unendurable usurpation, and creates the right
of resistance.”

And Blackstone says:
“No laws are binding upon the human subject which assault
the body or violate the conscience.”

(..) In 1903, Judge Woodward of the New York Appellate Court said in
the Viemeister case:
“It may be conceded that the legislature has no constitutional
right to compel any person to vaccination.”
(84 N.Y. Supp. 712)

In the Supreme Court, Columbia County, N.Y., in 1910, Judge Le
Boeuf, in the second trial of the Bolinger case, instructed the jury
as follows:
“Now I have charged you that the assault which is claimed to
have existed here due to the forcible vaccination, that is, if it
was against this man’s will, is one which you must consider.
And the reason of that is: This man, in the eyes of the law,
just as you and I and all of us in this courtroom, has the right
to be let alone. We all have the right to the freedom of our
persons and that freedom of our persons may not be
unlawfully invaded. That is a great right. It is one of the
most important rights we have.”
I believe these quotations from court documents indicate clearly
that anyone has a right to protect himself or his family from the
pus-squirters of the A.M.A.

(..) In the whole history of mankind, the only adequate answer to
tyranny that humanity has ever had has been the overthrow of the
tyrant; and the A.M.A. and their cronies have certainly been tyrannical
in their efforts to sell their decayed animal-pus biologicals for many
years. I believe that if these efforts at compulsion, coercion or
compulsory laws to force the use of any kind of biological or so-called
‘tests’ of any kind are pushed much further, they will lead to trouble.
As we show in this book, the underlying ‘germ theory’ is a fraud,
and everything based on it is also fraudulent, and should be forbidden
by law; and when the public fully realises what a colossal fraud the
use of these decayed animal-pus concoctions is, you won’t even be
able to jail a man for shooting a pus-doctor who tries to vaccinate,
inoculate, or ‘test’ his children.
R.B. Pearson. Pasteur: Plagiarist, Impostor. 1942.


Anonymous said...

@ Freedom,
All those courts decisions are worthless, a scam/con. They have NO teeth if they don't include punishment for violating the law.