Sunday, April 18, 2021

Moderna KILL SHOT 'Vaccine' Wreaks Havoc In Lytton British Columbia, Canada - Resident Doctor Charles Hoffe Blows Whistle On This Horrible Situation

 I am indeed playing catch up here... I was informed a few days ago by my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who writes the excellent blog 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies' at, about a horrendous situation that has just occurred at a First Nations Reserve, in the interior of British Columbia in the town of Lytton..... I actually read Greencrow's excellent article on this travesty the other day, and I do want to share the link to her report here:

And in fact Greencrow had an important update on this horrific situation in a follow up article.. Here is that link here:

I will be honest here.. I did not put much thought into that issue at the time, as Greencrow had covered it well enough and I too was waiting to find out what the 'response' was going to be from that heinous bitch in charge of British Columbia's own hell on earth scam-demic, "Doctor" Bonnie Henry, who actually should be in JAIL for the crimes against humanity she is doing to the people of BC right now.....   

And now,  I do want everyone to watch the following very important video from BRANDNEWTUBE, where Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson interviews the resident doctor for the town of Lytton, Doctor Charles Hoffe, and Doctor Hoffe absolutely blows the whistle on exactly how these deadly MODERNA KILL SHOTS are absolutely wreaking havoc on that first nations reserve... Here is that video link:

I do of course first want to thank Greencrow for bringing this to my attention, for this is devastating indeed.. She has always been one heck of a great writer, and I do recommend that readers here take a look at her site for a wide range of great information about this scam-demic..

What we have here, readers, is evidence of how truly EVIL our governments can be in regards to this entire scam-demic and their want to have everyone injected with their KILL SHOTS.... These bastards out west of here in British Columbia OBVIOUSLY wanted to use the semi-isolated First Nations Reserve at Lytton BC as their personal 'petri dish' to run their experiment to see what their deadly KILL SHOTS would have on a populace, and we see the results....

 I for one am sickened by this.. This brave doctor has come forward and is showing the absolutely horrendous and DEADLY side effects from these KILL SHOTS and the fuckers in charge have had the nerve to try to silence him....

And honestly, this should raise one heck of a lot of 'red flags' everywhere... AND I do hope that many doctors out there after reading and seeing all this will finally have the BALLS to stop acting like a bunch of spineless jellyfish and step forward and tell the truth about exactly what has been happening to people everywhere with being injected with these KILL SHOTS..... I do hope that many realize that they are still bound by the 'Hippocratic Oath' of DOING NO HARM to their patients first and foremost and finally have enough guts and consciences to step forward and help us all put an end to this nightmare...

Yes, the evidence is clear that these KILL SHOTS are indeed absolutely deadly, and that NOBODY should be putting them into their bodies.. Please spread this and other information around as we can only hope that we can alert enough people to not be injected with this crap before it is too late..

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Stock said...

Pfizer Is The Quicker Kill Shot, CDC Data Shows. However, Both Are Effective as 90% Don't Even Make It Into The Hospital

Freeborn said...


I was just about to send u this link re-Dr Hoffe in BC.

This brave and eloquent physician is upholding his Hyppocratic oath. Unlike a lot of his spineless medical colleagues who are administering these shots without due consideration beyond the pecuniary and professional benefits they reap from THE GENOCIDE they are wreaking on their patients - Dr Hoffe wants to SAVE lives rather than take them.

In any future Nuremberg trial Dr Hoffe and all the other noble medics who have spoken out should be called as prosecution witnesses to indict the medics who willingly colluded in the WHO/UN globalist Cabal-instigated genocide of innocent humanity.

The Cabal's depopulation agenda was never more clearly evident than it is now. From what we learn from Dr Hoffe re-how the spike protein in the placenta is attacked by the genetic therapy being foisted on pregnant women - we can see that ALL FUTURE HUMAN LIFE is being targeted by these megalomaniacal scumbags.

John said...

Ironically, I was reading this article when I received an alert on my phone that this vaccine was now available for all residents of the state along with contact information. This type of alert is normally for a tornado or an amber alert in the immediate area.

Barney said...

Bit of a play on words here, but it seems the Hippocratic Oath is being ignored by large numbers of hypocritical oafs.

A lot of people in what was once the medical profession want to tell the truth, but are individually threatened with the permanent loss of their livelihoods.

What if they were all to speak out though? Sacking them all would result in the total collapse of the present sickness management scam we've all been suffering under since Rockefeller hijacked the medical schools and imposed dangerous "drug therapy" on the population in place of herbalism and other non-drug treatments people had before.

This present system has really shown it's true nature during this "covid" scamdemic, so imho it's demise is something to be desired among those of us not directly involved in it.

Anonymous said...

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