Monday, April 5, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, April 5th, 2021: 135 New Cases And 2 Deaths Over Last Two Days - They Just Keep Cranking Up The Cycle Count In The Fraud PCR Testing To Get False Cases!

 First... I am deeply appalled after I read one of yesterday's 'headlines' in that crud that I still get delivered to my residence that still somehow calls itself a 'newspaper'... That news headline had the nerve to announce that a 'new milestone' has been reached here in Manitoba as they claim that '200000' Manitobans have now received at least their first kill shots of these deadly EXPERIMENTAL genetic destroying concoctions into their bodies..... I read it, and I honestly wanted to puke for the horrific thought that we will indeed seeing nearly ALL of those '200000' retards in this province having horrific adverse effects and very possibly 'mad cow disease' take place in their bodies and especially their brains within the next 3-6 months..... And at this point I absolutely am done with any thoughts of feeling sorry for these retards at all, for they are fully responsible for what they have done to themselves and deserve no pity for what is coming!

OK, It is another day in 'paradise' in locked down, economically ruined and destroyed Manitoba... And once again I have today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" of pure  bullshit and lies put out by the criminals running this scam-demic for this province, and I do want to present their 'numbers' from today's report for everyone to analyze for themselves right here:

(a) Now they are claiming '135' new 'cases' over the last two days since Saturday of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba... This of course raises their overall 'cases count' for the 54+ weeks now since mid-March of last year to a grand total of '34487'.... But as always, this fraud 'cases count' never ends for it is entirely derived ONLY through the 100% inaccurate, 100% unreliable, and 100% generation of ONLY false positive results, PCR testing..

(b) Now they are claiming still '66' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals as of today, which is the same active hospital cases count stated on Saturday... And they are now claiming "13" of those '66' active cases in the ICU units as of today, which is an increase of '1' from Saturday's total of '12'....

(c) Now they are claiming '2' more 'deaths' from this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 2 full days, raising the overall death toll for the 54+ weeks of this sheer stupidity to '940' in total... And no change in these two new 'deaths' from all others as both had severe underlying health issues and died from those other issues...

(d) Now they are claiming '32267' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 54+ weeks.... This is an increase of ONLY '105' recovered cases from Saturday's report of '32162', which is a shortfall of some '750+' recovered cases by this  time that the criminals are keeping and claiming as 'active cases'.....

(e) Now they are claiming '1280' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a fraudulent increase of '28' active cases from Saturday's report of  '1252' meaning as shown in (d) they are purposely keeping as many classified as 'active' as they can, knowing it 'strikes fear' into the stupid of this province... But no matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' came solely through the fraud 'PCR testing' meaning that they are NOT active at all and have to be rated as 'suspect' at best..

(f) NO 'new variant' cases and NO increase in the phantom 'new variant' cases count for the last 5 days now??? The number of 'new variants' continues to hold at '270', which is astounding!

Well, as I have long expected, predicted, and proven right, these fraudsters are back at simply cranking up their 'cycles count' for the amplification factor for the fraud PCR testing for this province... As I have stated many times before, these pricks here in Manitoba are using the 'Canadian standard' of cranking up the amplification cycles for PCR testing to 35-40 cycles which means that their test results are indeed cranking out nothing other than pure FALSE POSITIVE results meaning zero cases with this 'deadly virus' at all....  BUT of course they have to, as their 'new variant cases' fraud has become a dud, and nothing but a massive lie in itself, so they are definitely running the entire scam on the fraud 'cases' counts alone.

Well... Time to once again further analyze their ludicrous 'data' in today's bullshit report.. .And in the same alphabetical order as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes, crank up that fraud PCR testing 'cycle count' to generate the fraud cases numbers indeed... '135' more suckers out there that stupidly went and got 'tested' and have now been scared out of their wits with  receiving that 'dreaded' information that they have tested (false) positive for this non-existent contagion... And the fact remains that ALL of these '34487' supposed 'cases' for the last 54+ weeks of this stupidity do NOT have this contagion at all as the contagion is a phantom and the 'test' is 100% meaningless..

(b) I again must ask these pricks running their fraud numbers game if they are truly this stupid?  IF you are going to run a 'scam-demic' properly, you definitely have to keep cranking out the active hospital cases numbers and throw as many SUCKERS that you can into the hospitals, just to make this phantom 'deadly virus' look more dangerous.... But nope, we are indeed dealing with morons here, as they are just fine with pushing out this '60+' active hospital 'cases' numbers and claiming that these all have this 'deadly virus' when they absolutely do NOT!   And yes, the weather has been beautiful here in Manitoba, and I have been out there every night taking my long walks past the local hospital and that facility continues to be empty with ZERO patients of any kind.... Pandemic here in Manitoba? Absolutely NOT!

(c) Just like in (b), the retards running this scam-demic continue to 'miss the boat' with this 'death toll'... Honestly, if there really was a big bad 'deadly virus' out there that is out to 'kill us all' you would see that reflected in the 'death toll' for this province and especially over 54+ weeks and continuing... But nope, here we have a ludicrous '940' overall 'death toll' for what is now a year and two full weeks... And of course ALL of these 'deaths' can only be claimed to be 'co-morbidities' (got to love the new terms they came out with since the start of this fraud, right?) meaning that the 'victims' all died from OTHER real illnesses but were claimed to have this fraud 'COVID-19' in them as well at the time of their deaths?   Insanity is indeed the name of the game here, definitely...

(d) OK, what else is new here?  These pricks running this scam are only making things worse for themselves by falsifying this recovered cases data, as it should be used eventually against them in a court of law for falsification of medical data... This recovered cases number is now some 750+ below what it actually should be and that margin is going to only increase as these assholes continue to push up their 'active cases' number as a weapon of fear porn for the stupid living in this province...

(e) Just like in (d), these lying pricks are going to keep cranking up this 'active cases' count by withholding recovered cases and keeping those in this category for as long as possible... But no matter as all of these 'active cases' do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all as all of them came ONLY from the fraud PCR testing.... Thus nobody here in Manitoba is active or has ever been active with this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 54+ weeks... Of course many have been 'sick' which is all part of life, but what they have been sick from is the wide range of  OTHER real ailments that are out there all the time.... 

(f) Honestly, what are we dealing with here? Morons and retards comes to mind, as these lying sacks of shit have once again failed to just simply crank up this ' new variant 'phantom number... You would have expected these assholes in charge to be doing exactly that, for their entire perpetuation of this scam-demic is entirely dependent now on having this phantom 'new variant' number just explode....  Therefore when anyone asks if this entire 'scam-demic' is real here in Manitoba, the data presented by those in charge definitely shows otherwise..

OK, WHAT did anyone expect when looking at today's falsified data?  The problem is and always has been that these lying sacks of shit can just throw what ever 'numbers' they want on a daily basis and will laugh their asses off for the fact that the suckers living in this province will gobble it all up and continue to believe anything that they throw at them.... Did I mention that you simply cannot fix stupid, no matter how much you try?  It shows here with how the morons of this province continue to put up with this nonsense.

And yes, that '200000' morons that have gone out now to receive their first or second kill shots is indeed the most disturbing and frightening aspect of this entire scam-demic.... I simply cannot understand the mentality of people these days as most are indeed beyond any rational levels of thinking and are so blindly going out to take these kill shots of certain death..... 

I have said for the last month that I have had a quicker solution to this genocide, which is to simply have most avoid taking these kill shots and then dying slowly over the next  6 months, just line up and have someone shoot a bullet between their eyes to have them die more instantly and now....Doing that would avoid 6 months of suffering  before eventually dying and is a more humane means of having these morons kill themselves in all honesty.....I have not changed this stance at all...

And yes, this is indeed a massive culling of mankind, which is absolutely GENOCIDE... I absolutely want to see ALL of these criminals responsible for this slaughter of human beings be arrested and put on trial for this crime... The only justifiable sentence for all of them to me is to see them all get the death penalty, for this crime is indeed MURDER of humanity!

More to come



Unknown said...

NTS you are absolutely correct. You
CANNOT fix stupid. Let them suffer
and die...hopefully in unbearable
agony. The retards both in Canada
and down here below the 49th parallel
need culling from the gene pool.

Robert said...

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