Saturday, April 3, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, April 3nd, 2021: 178 New Cases And 1 Death Over Last Two Days - But Strangely No New Variant Cases? These idiots Have Not Done Their Homework On How A Scam-demic Works!

Well... After this phantom 'deadly virus' took yesterday off, like it always does for all holidays (What a polite 'deadly virus' indeed) it is back to the usual bullshit for the criminals running this entire fraud scam-demic at "Manitoba Health" for this province of mine....  But apparently, as you will see with today's report, they miss the whole point in this scam-demic which is to try to scare the gullible out there with a whole shit load of  'new variant' cases!   But I am not surprised at all, for they have been basically pulling all of the 'data' that they puke out on a daily basis right out of their asses..

OK, Onto the 'numbers' from today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report"  and I have them broken down right here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '178' new 'cases' of this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 2 days for all of Manitoba... This raises their grand total for the now 54+ weeks of this stupidity since mid-March of last year to a grand total of '34352'... But as always ALL of these 'cases' including the new ones were derived through the fraudulent PCR testing that is 100% inaccurate, 100% unreliable, and generates ONLY 100% false positive results..

(b) Now they are claiming '66' active hospital cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is an increase of '1' active hospital case from Thursday's report of '65'.... And they are now claiming '12' of those '66' active hospital cases are sitting in the ICU ward in all of Manitoba's hospitals as of today, which is the same number of  ICU cases as in last Thursday's report...

(c) Now they are claiming '1' new death over the last 48 hours from this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba... This raises the overall death toll for the over 54 weeks now of this insanity to a grand total of '938'.... But as always, this single death, a female in her 60's,  in the last 48 hours had severe underlying health issues that were the cause of her demise.

(d) Now they are claiming '32162' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 54+ weeks time frame... This is an increase of ONLY '104' recovered cases in the last 48 hours, meaning that once again they are falsifying this data and purposely just to increase their 'active cases' number thinking that it is the perfect propaganda weapon of 'fear'..

(e) Now they are claiming '1252' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '73' active cases from Thursday's report of '1179', which means that they are back to withholding recovered cases and keeping those in this category criminally... But no matter, as all of these 'active cases' came ONLY through the fraud 'PCR testing' which generates only false results.. That means that NONE of these active cases have this 'deadly virus' at all and must continue to be listed as 'suspect' at best..

(f) NO "new variant" cases for the last 48 hours (!)... AND strangely they have 'reduced' their total 'variant cases' over the last two full reports from '290' in total to '270' with ZERO explanation as to WHY!   What this points to is pure fraud and criminal falsification of all data here...  And it also points to the fact that when they had an 'upsurge' in 'new variant' cases last week of '136' in ONE day, that was a total lie and a number that was basically pulled out of their asses.

Honestly, what did anyone expect?  They are NOT getting their 'new variant' numbers that they desperately need to drive this entire scam-demic, and in fact have been  CAUGHT in distorting that total number for the last few days, which is a criminal offence!   So, instead, here they are going back to their 'tried and true' method of distortion of data by simply cranking up the cycles used in the amplification of the fraud PCR testing to drive up the number of 'cases' instead.... And the suckers in this province fall for this shit???

Well... Time to further analyze and destroy their 'data' which I always do... And in the same alphabetical order as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes, back to over cycling their amplification in the fraud 'PCR testing' as I have long said they would do.... This is and has always been the biggest KEY to this entire fraud, as they do need to keep the 'cases' coming in by every means necessary to keep the stupid, retarded, moronic, and gullible out there living in false fear..... Thus their entire '34252' number for what is now 54+ weeks of these lies is pure bunk as well... Nobody here in Manitoba has ever had this 'COVID-19' crap, and I will stake my entire reputation on that as fact!

(b) Once again, what are these morons driving this scam thinking?  You put out a lot of 'new cases' and yet fail to throw as many as you can in the hospitals just to drive up this 'number' as a necessity to drive this entire illusion?  I am very much thinking that the people driving this entire fraud in this province are this stupid and retarded in that they have not a clue on how to make a 'scam-demic' look plausible as all.... And lets once again have a reality check here; This '66' total number of hospital cases is so ludicrous, especially when you consider that this 'deadly virus' is just a phantom.  Yes, people are indeed sick in the hospitals right now, but they do NOT have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all but one of the many other REAL diseases out there.... Overworked and overwhelmed hospital staff working with COVID patients? That is so laughable and ludicrous, and yet the gullible in this province continue to believe that lie..

(c) Yes, '178' new cases over two days, and yet only "1" new death?  And once again that 'new death' had the usual OTHER severe underlying health issues that were the REAL cause of her demise.... This has been the same pattern for over 54 weeks and running now, and I am still surprised that the morons in this province put up with this horse shit?   And another reality check here... In any '54' week period of time, this province has about '12000+' deaths from all causes, which is a natural part of life, which makes this '938' look minuscule in perspective....AND  from 2020 to 2021 when you look at the figures from "Statistics Canada" you find ZERO real increase in the overall death toll for the last 12 months compared tot the previous 12 months....  How can that be if there is this ' deadly virus' out there? The answer is so simple in that they have been relabeling deaths from other causes in Manitoba as 'death by COVID-19' ALL THIS TIME...

(d) This is now getting pathetic... They cannot get their 'variant' fraud numbers to rise as they want, so its back to suppressing this 'recovered cases' number just to have the  'active cases' number rise.... And the idiots in this province swallow this crap without question, which is mind boggling.... This falsification of data, especially in this and the active cases categories, is indeed a criminal offence which should have the pricks in Manitoba Health all going to jail.  But the fact remains that since these pricks are indeed part of the criminal government running this entire scam-demic here in Manitoba, they are getting away with this crime.

(e) Just like in (d), they are purposely falsifying this data to have this number increase as a weapon of fear for the stupid and gullible living in this province.... But now matter, as ALL of these 'active cases'  come only through the fraud PCR testing and thus NONE of them have this contagion at all.   Yes, some are indeed sick but what they are sick from is the wide range of other REAL ailments that are out there right now.   I will say it again that NOBODY here in Manitoba has this 'deadly virus' as it still remains a phantom to this day, and the fraud 'test' that is being used to detect it is a total sham as well...

(f) This one really bugs me... First they are now somehow 'missing' 20 'cases' that they just removed from this data over the last few days with ZERO explanation at all, and thus have this overall fraud 'variant cases' number now sitting at '270' for the nearly 4 months since they started the propaganda that these 'variants' were out there and coming to Manitoba 'soon'... But now they have FAILED to even put a few more of their 'cases' into this category over the last few days as well??  This alone proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that these pricks are LYING THEIR ASSES OFF and are distorting every part of these daily reports, and purposely, just to drive the stupid here to the point that they are gladly taking their kill shots into their bodies...

Yes, today's 'official report' is one for the ages indeed... Full of obvious distortions and lies, especially with the morons running the entire charade failing to adhere to 'How to run a scam-demic' and have basically failed to make anything in this report even possibly look realistic... The problem is that these criminals do not even have to try to make these reports make any sense, as most out there are now simply too stupid to live and will swallow anything that they throw out there as being legitimate!  This once again proves that I am so right when I continue to state that you simply cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try.

But honestly, what does anyone expect?  I have been nailing these 'daily reports' for a full year now, and I have shown exactly where, when, how, and, why, these pricks have been falsifying their data, and yet few are spending the time in this province to see or bother to use my efforts as a weapon against these assholes in the Pallister regime that are running this scam-demic for Manitoba.... This is why sometimes I do feel my efforts are for naught, but I know that i am not giving up on the people of this province and that hopefully a few out there are indeed noticing...

And why do I continue with these daily efforts?  Because I know that the whole goal of the entire scam-demic is GENOCIDE on a global scale... These pricks running the entire scam have now 'shown their cards' and have come out stating that their goals all along are and always  have been to 'vaccinate' the masses with their deadly kill shots... Their sick and twisted goal is to exterminate as much as 90% of the world's population through their EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying concoctions that will indeed kill almost everyone that is stupid enough to allow them to be injected with their crap.... Sadly we still see the vast majority of the brain dead sheep out there just clamouring and demanding that they get these kill shots into their  bodies as soon as they can!

I cannot even fathom the horror that we will be witnessing some 3-6 months from now, when the deadly genetic modification is done permanently to those that have taken these kill shots... We will be witnessing thousands if not MILLIONS world wide suddenly getting very sick and dying, and the criminals will simply state that they are dying from 'new strains' of their phantom 'deadly virus' or very possibly from those who have not had their deadly kill shots!  That, readers, is sadly coming..

Therefore once again I want to close today's report with a reminder that we must NEVER allow these criminals running this scam-demic to ever escape the justice they deserve for running this world wide program of mass genocide... I absolutely want to see all of these criminals involved, including the media whores running the propaganda behind the entire scam, be put on trial and receive the rightful sentencing of being put to death for this crime against humanity....There can be NO other rightful judgment for this crime of GENOCIDE..

More to come


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