Thursday, April 29, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, April 29th, 2021: 228 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 2 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Third Wave? Not On My Watch!

I simply cannot understand most people any more...Most should be fully aware by now of the horrific adverse reactions from those KILL SHOTS including death itself.. And yet I continue to see so many with huge smiles on their faces all the time being absolutely giddy and ecstatic that they received these lethal injections.... I doubt if they ALL will be all smiles and so happy come 3-6 months down the road as the horrible REAL effects of those jabs of certain death start taking place and many of them will probably keel over and die...

Well, another day and yet another daily report from the criminal bullshit artists running this fraud scam-demic for my home province of Manitoba.... I just took a good look at today's 'official report' and I still find absolutely NO evidence of this 'third wave' that they are screaming about at all... I can safely conclude again and again that this 'third wave' is indeed all HYPE and nothing more than blatant fear mongering just to get the sheep out there scurrying like crazy to get their KILL SHOTS into them as quickly as possible...

OK, Onto today's 'numbers' from that horse shit daily report... And as usual I have those numbers broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming 228 new FALSE POSITIVE cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises their overall 'cases count' for the nearly 58 full weeks of this madness to '38439' overall... But of course ALL of these 'cases' came only through the PCR amplification tool that is NOT a 'test' at all, which means we have nothing but meaningless false positive 'cases' ..

(b) Now they are claiming '80' active hospital cases for all of Manitoba of this phantom 'deadly virus' as of today.. This is actually a ZERO increase from yesterday, as yesterday's number of '78'  did NOT include the data from one health sector in Manitoba.... And they are now claiming '28' of those '80' active cases are sitting in the ICU wards across Manitoba as of today.. This might appear as an increase of '5' ICU cases since yesterday, but once again one department's data was not sent yesterday and therefore is misleading..

(c) Now they are claiming '2' new deaths that they attribute to this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This raises their overall 'death toll' to a grand total of '973'... But as always, both of these new deaths were NOT from this contagion at all as both had serious underlying health issues already..

(d) Now they are claiming '35203' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '169' recovered cases since yesterday's report of '35034', which may be close to 'accurate' for one day, but is STILL approximately '850+' short of what the overall number actually is, due to these criminals continuing to label recovered cases as  'active' instead..

(e) Now they are claiming '2263' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is an increase of '57' active cases from yesterday's report of '2206'... And as shown in (d) this number is inflated by at least '850' cases too high.... But since ALL of these 'active cases' came only through the fraud PCR 'test', then none have this contagion at all, and they all must be labeled as 'suspect' only.

(f) Now they are claiming '212' (?) phantom 'new variant' cases, while claiming '1894' overall which are both misleading as there were ONLY '1641' total phantom 'variant cases' yesterday and adding '212' to that total gives you only '1853' overall, which is '41' below what they are lying about with today's number... None of these criminals seem to do their math any more with this data..... And they are claiming some '754' out of those '1894' are 'active' variant cases, but since the 'virus' is indeed a phantom, so are these 'variants'...

As I stated at the start of this articly as tehe, I still find ZERO evidence of a 'third wave', period... They are still generating false positive cases as quickly as they possibly can by over-cycling the PCR amplification tool that was never intended as a 'test' at all, and they are just throwing out 'variant cases' hoping now that nobody can even add!  This whole thing has indeed become nothing but a running joke and I have proven that as the case now for the last year of their bullshit reports..

Well, other than this whole thing nothing but a sad joke to start, I once again want to tear deeper into their laughable 'numbers' right here in the same alphabetical order as shown above:

(a) I just wish that people would get it?  These assholes in charge are able to generate their fraud 'false positive' numbers due to SUCKERS going out and stupidly getting 'tested'!  Here is a solution: DO NOT go out and get 'tested' and their numbers would collapse and this lie would be over in no time flat!  But that makes too much sense, as most have indeed been obeying the brainwashing and are obeying these fuckers in charge and marching out to those fraud 'testing centers' in droves...

(b) Yes, this number continues to be just a shell game and they are just throwing a few SUCKERS that have gone out to be tested into this mix periodically just to try to have it rise... But this number of '80' overall hospital cases is nothing but a bad joke and does NOT make for this 'third wave' nonsense at all.. That and the facts remain that the hospitals are generally empty of ALL patients, which is remarkable as the lying whore media screams that there is this 'deadly virus' out there!

(c) Nothing changes here, and it probably never will... These pricks in charge are stuck with just grabbing anyone that dies from anything now across Manitoba that even looks like 'COVID-19' so called symptoms and simply marks their death certificates falsely as 'death by COVID-19'... And I still to this day have found ZERO evidence that ANY of the reported '973' deaths that they claim have somehow perished from this 'deadly virus' ever actually did.... I will state therefore that NOBODY here in Manitoba has ever died from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all, period..

(d) Yes, they will indeed continue to suppress this data just to keep the active cases number as high as they can to promote this lie of this 'third wave' nonsense.... And I keep repeating it here that this is indeed a violation of the law, since falsification of medical data in any shape or form is indeed a huge criminal offence...But good luck having these pricks arrested for this crime, as they are indeed the 'government'..

(e) As shown in (d) this 'active cases' number is easily '850' higher than it actually should be.. But the criminals running this entire fraud need a 'large' active cases number just to keep the entire illusion of a 'third wave' going.... But no matter, as all of these 'active cases' came only through the ludicrous 'PCR TEST' and therefore NONE have this 'contagion' at all.. .And yes, I have to constantly repeat it here that many are indeed 'sick' but the fact remains that those who are ill are sick from the wide range of real diseases and ailments out there and NOT from this 'COVID-19' bullshit..

(f) Yes, they are indeed running this entire fraud 'third wave' of nonsense on these phantom and bullshit 'new variant' cases... The fact remains that since the 'deadly virus' is indeed a phantom and an illusion, then these 'new variants' are the figment of these criminals' imaginations as well...

The facts are once again that this entire scam-demic would have been over a year ago if people just simply refused to listen to the liars in charge and did NOT bother to go out and get 'tested'... If they were sick, the logical thing to do would be to just simply stay home... This entire fraud has always been run from the 'numbers of cases' game, and that game is simply to generate as many false positives that they can through the PCR amplification tool that even the inventor, Kary Mullis, stated years ago is NOT a disease or contagion diagnostic tool at all...

But instead, here we are with this fraud 'third wave' nonsense now going non-stop and the lying whore media is running with it non-stop... The brainwashing is now so horrific that most people that I see now are nothing but shells of their former selves, after living in anxiety and despair for over a year of this torture.. And yes, this has all been TORTURE....

And yes, all that torture, anxiety, fear, anguish, etc has caused most to just WANT to rush out and get those deadly KILL SHOTS into their bodies as quickly as they can.... Most now simply do not care at all about the long list of side effects and even death, as they have been programmed to believe falsely that getting these lethal injections in them will give them a semblance of a 'normal life'... I for one do not call a one way ticket to certain death any type of 'normalcy' at all...

Yes, a year now of my ripping these daily reports to shreds.. And in all that time I can only think about those who have indeed died from the despair and anguish by killing themselves via suicides.. And now I can add the ones that are beginning to die from the KILL SHOTS to that list, and that list will indeed grow very long as the effects of those lethal injections murder thousands... I therefore will continue to hold every criminal that is a part of this scam-demic fully responsible for ALL of these deaths... We must NOT let any of these bastards ever escape the justice they deserve for these deaths, and the only suitable sentence for all is to see them all receive the death penalty... Real justice must be served!

More to come



Unknown said...

I see it here in SC. A family member was warned.
The response was something like "what's wrong
with dyin'?" Go ahead. Let them all get their
kill shots. The gene pool needs a well-deserved

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the people with power – those with control over the minds of the masses, which is the same thing – thrive on creating problems. By promoting and constantly reinforcing clever silly ideas, contemporary society has become detached from reality. That is mass psychosis. By degrees, clever silliness has progressed to rank insanity.