Monday, April 12, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, April 12th, 2021: 114 New Cases, But Again Zero Deaths And Hospital Cases Decline? Where Is This Fraud "Third Wave"?

 I for the life of me cannot figure people out any more... Most are just so far gone and are so afraid of a 'deadly virus' that to this day simply has NEVER been proven to even exist, and yet they just stand back and allow the criminal psychos running our governments to take away all of their rights, freedoms, and even their abilities to live a NORMAL existence.... Most just continue to think that these bastards are doing 'what is right' by destroying their lives!  All this does is prove again, and again, and again, that I have been absolutely right when I state so many times that you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try!

Well... Lets get onto the business at hand... I have today's 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' that was just issued a short while ago by these freaks and bastards running this scam here in Manitoba... And lo and behold but we have more 'cases' thanks to these pricks basically over-cycling the fraud PCR testing, and yet ZERO new deaths and the hospital cases numbers continue to slide.  And they claim that we are in a 'third wave' of this bullshit from that?

OK, Here are the 'numbers' from that 'Official report' and once again I have them first and foremost broken down right here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '114' new 'cases' of this phantom 'deadly virus' for Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises the overall 'cases count' for the 55+ weeks since the middle of March of last year to a grand total of '35327'.... But as always, every single 'case' here comes ONLY from the fraudulent 'PCR testing' that is 100% a sham, a fraud, and generates ONLY false positive results..

(b) Now they are claiming '57' active hospital cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' in all of the hospitals across Manitoba as of today... This is a decrease of '2' active hospital cases from yesterdays' total of '59'... And they are still claiming '14' active ICU cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' across Manitoba, which is the same number of ICU cases from yesterday's report as well..

(c) Well, once again we have ZERO 'deaths' from this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 24 hours.  The overall 'death toll' for the last 55+ weeks remains at '949', but of course ALL of those '949' had severe underlying health issues that were the real cause of ALL of their demises..

(d) Now they are claiming '33008' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for the last 55+ weeks for all of Manitoba... This is an increase of ONLY '56' recovered cases, which means they are continuing to distort and lie about this number just to keep the active cases number as high as they possibly can..

(e) Now they are claiming '1370' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today...This is an increase of '58' active cases from yesterday's report of '1312'... But of course over 1/2 of these 'active cases' are actually recovered cases as stated in (d) above.... But no matter, as all of these 'active cases' come ONLY through the fraudulent 'PCR testing' and therefore do NOT have this contagion at all and must be listed as 'suspect' only.

(f) Amazingly once again there is 'No update' for today on the number of fraudulent 'new variant' cases for Manitoba, as once again the 'variants' take the day off, just the virus itself, from time to time... Therefore the number of bullshit 'new variant' cases for Manitoba remains at '412' for the last 4+ months time frame, and over 1/2 of these 'cases' have now fully recovered by this point in time... 

Yes, will someone please explain to me how their numbers for today in ANY way represents a 'third wave'?  All I see are more false positive cases thanks to their fraud PCR testing, while  there are NO deaths or an increase in hospital cases which would be indicative of a true 'pandemic' and a 'third wave'!  But as I said above, the gullible sheep will simply swallow this nonsense and OBEY anything that these criminal fuckers in charge demand of them, even if it means locking them down and destroying their lives once again.

Well, time to once again do what I always do, which is to take a deeper look at their 'numbers' and further destroy them for the lies that they truly are... And in the same 'alphabetical order' as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes, pump out another '114'  false positive results from the horrifically flawed PCR testing by simply over-cycling the amplification used in that fraud 'test'.... But again, so what?  They have been pumping out fraud 'cases' counts now for well over 13 months now with no end in sight... Every 'case' therefore is meaningless, and the fact remains that since they are indeed all FALSE, then NONE of them have this 'deadly virus' at all.... Therefore the entire '35327' number for 55+ weeks of this lie are indeed all phantoms and NONE of them have ever had 'COVID-19', period.

(b) Once again this 'number' alone fully exposes this lie entirely... If there honestly was a 'deadly virus' out there and even now more 'new variants' and a ''third wave" you would logically think that the hospital cases numbers would be rising astronomically... BUT instead we find an 'anomaly' here as the hospital cases have been steadily declining... And of course we still have the situation with the hospitals themselves across Manitoba that sit empty of ANY patients at all, which also proves this entire scam-demic to be the greatest hoax in human history..

(c) Just like in (b) above, I continue to state that the 'death toll' is a benchmark for maintaining this entire scam-demic... Having ZERO deaths over the last 4 days now when they are claiming there is now a 'third wave' makes these liars look pathetic and exposes the entire thing as a massive fraud as well.. And it should not shock anyone who knows this is a massive scam when you see that ALL of the '949' deaths that they claim were from this 'deadly virus' over the last 55+ weeks ALL had underlying and severe OTHER health issues that were the causes of ALL of their deaths... Therefore if you ask if ANYONE has actually died from this 'deadly virus', the answer continues to be a resounding ZERO!

(d) Honestly, this no longer shocks me that they are purposely keeping this recovered cases number as suppressed as they can just to prop up the 'active cases' number for the illusion that there is a 'third wave' now in Manitoba.... But as I have stated for months now, this is indeed falsification of medical data that is a criminal offence.  But who is going to stop this crime as the criminals themselves control the government!

(e) Just like in (d) this number is 'rising' only through the fraudulent manipulation of data just to create the illusion that there is this 'third wave' happening in Manitoba.... But no matter as ALL of these '1370' active cases come ONLY through the fraudulent 'PCR testing' which means that all of these active cases are both meaningless and ABSOLUTELY do NOT have this contagion at all..... Yes, some are indeed 'sick' but they are NOT sick from this phantom disease but from the other REAL diseases out there.... 

(f) Well, I can hardly wait until tomorrow when they will have their 'update' of the phantom 'new variant' cases.... I do wonder what kind of sick and twisted game they are playing by claiming that they want to only update this category between Tuesdays and Saturdays only... What?  The 'variants' take Sundays and Mondays off???? To me, this is a blatant crime and shows that they are indeed constantly wanting to manipulate this data to suit their criminal needs to keep this fraud going as long as they want..... The trouble is that the people here in Manitoba are simply too stupid and gullible now and will swallow all this bullshit thrown at them..

Yes, another day, and once again the fraud of this entire scam-demic fully exposed here in Manitoba by the simple act of analyzing and tracking their 'data' continuously.... I for one am not surprised that the gullible here in Manitoba swallow all this horse shit, for most are now too far gone and brainwashed after 11 months and counting of constant fear mongering...

But of course these liars are pushing this 'third wave' garbage right now right to the hilt by using the lying whores in the media to scream that term in every news article on a 24/7 basis... It proves the fact that if you ram a lie down  peoples' throats for so long, many will actually believe it to be real....

And of course the master plan in all this is and always has been the KILL SHOTS that these pricks want rammed into everyone's bodies by every means necessary... There have been rumblings that the criminal Pallister government here in Manitoba may 'consider' the fraud of 'vaccine passports' sometime in the near future, but first they have to warp and brainwash the minds of the sheep out there into accepting that dastardly idea...

And finally, we cannot forget that the entire goal of this scam-demic is 100% a mass culling of the human population... These monsters running this scam-demic are indeed hell bent on the death of some 90-95% of the entire human population on planet Earth and they have long decided the method of that killing is through lethal injections using their KILL SHOTS..... I therefore am not stopping in stating that these monsters must ALL face their day in a court of law for this crime against humanity, and the only proper judgment for all of them has to be the death penalty as the sentence must fit this crime!

More to come



Unknown said...

In light of all this, it should be no problem
to understand how organized religions have
preyed on the brain-dead all these thousands
of years.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed with this fraud ??

Northerntruthseeker said...

Seriously???? I cannot believe that the trolls continue to make such a statement..

I am not like you as I do not want a despotic world of permanent enslavement, pain, and suffering... I prefer instead to be out there giving everyone the information that they need to wake up and say NO to TYRANNY......

Unlike yourself, I look at it as a need for passion and the want for a free planet, and not one occupied by criminals and scourge....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And this fraud is THE issue of our lives and one that everyone needs to wake up from desperately..... Your concept of 'obsession' is therefore either terribly misconstrued or you are indeed just a troll..

Unknown said...

I vote troll.

Anonymous said...

."Most of the gullible sheep are just too far gone now and we can only stand by and watch them die a slow death from the adverse effects of the kill shots doing its dirty work in their bodies".

Unknown said...

Yes, indeed. They made their beds. Now,
they can lay in them.

Anonymous said...

** Why are you so obsessed with this fraud ??

* Seriously???? I cannot believe that the trolls continue to make such a statement..


*** STATEMENT...1. a definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing.
2. an official account of facts, views, or plans, especially one for release to the media.

*** QUESTION...1. a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.
2. a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply.