Thursday, April 1, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, April 1st, 2021: 52 New Cases, 2 New Deaths, From Phantom "Deadly Virus" - April Fools Day? The Joke Is On All Of Us!

 I continue to still get a lot of questions coming my way as to WHY I continue to post up these daily reports on the fraudulent COVID-19 'situation' here in my home province of Manitoba.. My answer remains the same as it has always been: "Are you kidding me?"... I have spent the last year doing these reports and watching and noting the patterns and algorithms used by the sickos in charge of this scam-demic here in Manitoba in this, their daily numbers game, and therefore have been using this province's daily reports as proof positive for the entire fraud world wide... Basically I have shown that since it is a fraud here in Manitoba, then it is a fraud everywhere!

All that being said, today is of course April 1st 2021... And therefore it is 'April Fools Day' with the real joke being on the people of this province and the entire world for the fact that this scam-demic is indeed the GREATEST HOAX in all of human history, and one that has the goal of culling the world's population..... The joke is basically on all of us, and I for one am not amused...

OK, With all that said, it is time to get down to the business at hand as I have today's 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' that was issued just a short while ago and once again I have their 'official numbers' from that report to breakdown here for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '51' new 'cases' of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This brings the number of 'cases' for the nearly 54 full weeks of this stupidity from mid-March of last year to ' 34174' in total....  But of course ALL of these 'cases' come ONLY through the fraudulent 'PCR testing' that is 100% inaccurate, 100% unreliable, and generates only 100% false positive results..

(b) Now they are claiming '65' total number of active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus'  in all of Manitoba's hospitals as of today... This is an increase of '2' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of "63"... And they are claiming '12' of those '65' active hospital cases are presently sitting in the ICU wards in all of Manitoba's hospitals, which is the same number of ICU cases as of yesterday...

(c) Now they are claiming '2' new deaths from this phantom 'deadly virus' for Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises the overall 'death toll' for the nearly '54' weeks to a grand total of '937'... This time, both of these two new deaths were female patients in their '40's where both suffered from severe and chronic OTHER health issues that were the real cause of their demise..

(d) Now they are claiming '32058' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus 'for the last nearly 54 full weeks.. This is an increase of '52' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '32006'... Therefore and as always, the blatant distortion of this 'recovered cases' number is continuing...

(e) Now they are claiming '1179' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is just a slight decrease of '2' active cases from yesterday's total of '1181'... But since all of these 'active cases' come only through the fraudulent PCR testing, then ALL of them are false positives and all of them do not have this contagion at all... As I have stated now for a full year in writing these reports, the best that these liars can claim for these 'active cases' is that they are all 'suspect' at best...

(f) Now they are claiming '3' new phantom variant cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 24 hours, bringing their grand total of fraud 'new variant' cases to '270' in total for the nearly 4 months of their reporting on these fraud 'variants' for this province. (Must be a typo.. They had '287' in total yesterday, meaning with the new '3' fraud cases, they have to have '290' in total)....

OK, Their patterns are continuing, definitely... But I am still troubled as to WHY they continue to let their overall daily  'cases' numbers slide downward?  And considering that after just 3 days since they had an 'explosion' of '136' new variant cases from only '53' total new cases (a massive impossibility of course..) they have allowed their 'new variant' daily cases counts to slide down to nearly nothing.. You would figure that someone would have the sense to  crank up the cycle count used for the fraud PCR testing to generate a heck of a lot more 'cases', right?   Something is definitely coming IMHO, and I will not bet against another major 'surge' in the fraud 'variant' numbers, which they do desperately need to rise to keep the entire fraud going longer.

Well.. Time to once again do what I always do and take a closer look at their 'numbers' as shown above, and rip them all to shreds further exposing their lies... And in the same alphabetical order as shown above, right here:

(a) As I did state just above, this is indeed troubling... These pricks have always been dependent on the over-cycling of the amplification used for the fraud 'PCR testing', which up here in Manitoba is set to the "Canadian standard" of 35-40 cycles (This answers one recent comment asking what exactly was the cycle count used in Manitoba..) which does generate MEANINGLESS  and 100% false positive results, for this fraud 'cases' number and yet they have allowed it to fall.... To me this is part of their game, as they are no longer caring about their 'cases' numbers at all, but are focusing on the 'new variant' fraud instead to keep the entire scam-demic going until they can get everyone in this province shot up with their KILL SHOTS..

(b) Well, they are definitely playing around with this 'hospital cases' number which they seem to always do, but as I have noted many times they have been keeping it around the '60' total cases mark... But the reality remains that NONE of these 'hospital cases' have even a sniffle of this 'deadly virus' for the fact that to this day it still simply does not even exist.... They can throw all they want into the hospitals, but the fact remains that they are all suffering from OTHER real illnesses if they are even sick at all....And after a few days of intense cold here in Manitoba, I was back at it in walking by the local hospital to watch the 'traffic' at that facility, and it continues to be a ghost town.  Pandemic? My ass!

(c) Well.. This time around they got two '40' year old victims that they can claim 'died' from this phantom 'deadly virus', but after further review we find once again two victims that had a wide range of OTHER real illnesses and thus these lying pricks are stuck classifying their deaths once again as 'co-morbidities' which is such a ludicrous term in itself... It is a fact that NONE of the '937' deaths so far in the nearly 54 weeks of this stupidity have died FROM this non-existent contagion, and I am continuing to state flat out there that there have been ZERO deaths in Manitoba directly from this 'COVID-19' bullshit to this day.

(d) The pricks in charge of this scam-demic are indeed continuing with the falsification of this recovered cases data... Apparently they fell they have no choice, for if this figure was reported as accurate, and the '700' or so at this point in time was added into this category, then their 'active cases' number would fall below '500' and much of the fear mongering would fall as well... These liars have long decided that their best means of generating unwarranted fear in the gullible in this province is to keep the 'active cases' number above the benchmark of  '1000'.   It is indeed psychological warfare...

(e) Just like in (d) the reality is that there are now under '500' actual 'active cases' in this province even if there is this 'deadly virus' out there, as nearly '700' in this category are actually and rightfully recovered cases... But no matter, for since the 'test' is a fraud and every case listed here is nothing but a false positive, then NONE of these 'active cases' have this contagion at all.... And yes, I am constantly repeating it here that of course many are 'sick' but the fact remains that they are sick from OTHER REAL illnesses, and not from this 'COVID-19' bullshit...

(f) Today's 'variant cases' number is a bit troubling, and shows that their '136' number from a few days ago was not only an enigma, but clearly impossible as well... I am especially troubled for the fact that these criminals are now totally banking on these fraud 'variant cases' number just to drive their entire scam-demic along for the next while and here they are failing to have this number much higher than today's pathetic '3'......And of course a reality check here once again, as they can create and throw as many 'variants' that they want out there, as the fact remains that they are all phantoms as the 'deadly virus' itself is nothing but a phantom!

I am indeed surprised by today's report... Their 'new variant' cases numbers continue to be a laughable joke, and yet they are still out there demanding Manitobans continue to live in lockdowns, restrictions, and horrible loss of freedoms over a phantom 'deadly virus'... But as it stands, almost ALL of the fear mongering these days is entirely driven solely through the lying whore media that continues to push panic, anxiety, and fear into the gullible minds of so many in this province..

And of course we have the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA genetic modifying 'therapy' that these pricks still try to lyingly claim to be 'vaccines', but in reality are nothing more than KILL SHOTS and the criminals' method of murdering so many in this province in their now exposed program of mass genocide.... I am especially troubled when I saw the report earlier today about how these criminals opened up a new 'mass vaccination' site in downtown Winnipeg, and the RETARDS in this province went there and lined up around the block just to get their KILL SHOTS of certain death injected into their  bodies.. Yes, this once again proves me right beyond any shadow of a doubt that you can NOT fix stupid, no matter how hard you try.

And as always, I end today's report with a plea to everyone to stand firm and not buckle down under any pressure by these criminals to take their deadly 'kill shots' for to do so can lead to only certain death... I also do want to see every one of these criminals who have had any part in this program of mass genocide get arrested and put on trial... They all must pay the price for this crime against humanity, and if that must be the death penalty for all of them, then so be it!

Yes, it is indeed April Fools Day...But this scam-demic is an ongoing program of mass genocide, and that is absolutely NO joke!

More to come


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