Saturday, April 24, 2021

Latest Doctor Vernon Coleman Video: I'm Losing Patience With The Zombies

 I for one am so glad that after a short hiatus caused by TROLLS wanting to shut down his efforts, Doctor Vernon Coleman is definitely back and firing away with his videos of truth about this entire scam-demic... I for one am so glad that we, the ones who know the truth about this entire scam-demic, have an ally such as the good doctor on our side in this fight for humanity..

Therefore, I want to present the link to the latest video by Doctor Vernon Coleman right here for everyone to view for themselves... Here is that link for everyone right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have to agree with Doctor Coleman on this one... I too have lost all patience with the brain dead zombies out there that I see on a daily basis.. It gets to the point now that I cannot even be bothered in trying to explain to them the truth about this scam-demic, for most are too brain damaged and stupid for their own good...

I find nothing wrong with anything that Vernon Coleman states in this video.. And he does cover some of the nonsense of the 'Global Warming' stupidity so nicely and with some humor in this one... Those assholes running that other scam are basically just as moronic as those running this COVID-19 scam as well...

Yes, it is great that real UNCENSORED video sites, such as BRANDNEWTUBE, and even Bitchute have now been the go to sites to watch REAL truthful videos, and are now putting that horrid site called 'Youtube' to shame... I for one do hope that everyone basically turns off Youtube permanently to send those prick in charge of that horror the clear message that their 'censorship' has no place in our societies.... If enough people do take this action, it could either force Youtube to change their criminal stance or put that platform out of its misery permanently.

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Bob said...


Thank you for the Vernon Coleman link.

The good Doctor makes my day! Especially his reference to Klaus 'Anal' Swab [sic or sick {sic}]

I too am getting tired of the idiots who wear the mask. I had a confrontation with one. Out in God's clean air and sunshine and this man kept pointing at his nose with a mask on as he was approaching me. I couldn't help myself and asked him what the hell he was doing. 'Sir you should wear a mask'. I lost it and told him to go f# himself. 20 years younger and much bigger than me. His eyes got wide as UFO saucers and he ran away.

I also read that many vaccine viles are filled with saline! And this is being blamed on black market organized crime people. This is bullshit. It's being discovered that the 'right' people are getting the saline shots!