Sunday, April 11, 2021

Important Interview: Chris Sky, Warrior Leader of Canadian CovID Plandemic Resistance, is Interviewed By Sputnik News

 I have been busy all day taking care of some important family business.... And I finally have been able to sit down in front of my computer to do some surfing on the important news of the day...

And one amazing article was just released by a fellow real Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow and I definitely want to present that article right here for my own readers to view for themselves... This one comes courtesy of Greencrow's blog, Greencrowasthecrowflies at, and is entitled; 'Chris Sky, Warrior Leader of Canadian CovID Plandemic Resistance, is Interviewed by Sputnik" and indeed is a fabulous interview with that gentleman out of Ontario who has been fighting a relentless war against the criminals who are wanting to turn this nation into a full blown police state... Here is Greencrow's article covering that interview for everyone to read for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Chris Sky, Warrior Leader of Canadian CovID Plandemic Resistance, is Interviewed by Sputnik

Chris Sky Interviewed by Sputnik
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Authorities Have No Intention of Relinquishing Lockdown, Says Canadian Rights Activist - Sputnik International (

"Authorities Have No Intention of Relinquishing Lockdown, Says Canadian Rights Activist


On 1 April, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced another 28-day province-wide COVID "shutdown". Some observers claim that the officials need the restrictions in order to introduce vaccination passports.

According to human rights advocate Chris Sky, local government representatives and their medical advisers also don't want to end the string of lockdowns because it will undermine the vaccination campaign.

Sputnik: Your province is currently in "shutdown mode", with restrictions on retail and with a stay-at-home order in place. How are the people of Ontario reacting to all that?

Chris Sky: People like me saw the shutdown coming a mile away. I was on shows like Alex Jones' "Infowars" and others, and I literally warned about the exact state of the shutdown. I even gave people the headline they were going to use. I told everyone they are going to pretend to open then they are going to tell you they are "pulling the emergency brake" because this shutdown has been planned well in advance.

The entire "plandemic" has been planned in advance, and the goal at the moment is to close down as many businesses as possible, so they can push universal basic income through parliament, and make Canadians accept it as a good thing.

[Editor's Note: The term "Plandemic" has become a buzzword for the believers of the "Great Reset" conspiracy theory. According to some of them, the coronavirus was deliberately let loose by global financial elites to gain power and to create conditions for the restructuring of the economy. Others are certain that the elites have nothing to do with the appearance of the virus, but they are taking advantage of the pandemic to reach their goals.]

And the second part of this whole lockdown is trying to make it so Canadians can't leave their homes until they agree to be vaccinated so then they can get enough compliance with the vaccine, which they are not getting right now – nobody wants it, even with all the coercion going on.

They want to get enough compliance with the vaccine, so they can implement the vaccine passport like we've seen them do in Israel, like we've seen them do in New York State, and like we've seen them try to do in Texas, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, who have blocked it. And Canadians are still in denial that vaccine passports are even a reality. It's insane.

Sputnik: But the disease is still there, isn't it?

Chris Sky: No one is saying there is no disease, but that doesn't mean that you need to submit to a forced vaccination multiple times a year for the rest of your life in order for the pretense to be free to live your life and to travel. That's medical tyranny. And the vaccine passport has been the goal since the start of this. The vaccine passporthas been on the books in European law from 2018 before the pandemic.

And the European internal documents show that they planned to have the vaccine passport implemented worldwide by 2021. And what are we seeing? Just like the documents stated, it's 2021 and we're seeing vaccine passports being implemented.

​Sputnik: Recently you were placed on Canada's no-fly list. Why did it happen?

Chris Sky: Well, I can only speculate, but it's seems pretty obvious – because of my activism, and because of me trying to inform Canadians of their rights and their ability to "#JustSayNo". That's my international hashtagging campaign to get people aware, to ask questions, and not just blindly comply with rules that are against their own best interests.

It ended up with a no-fly list, but it was a build-up of things from that – I've been getting charged by the police, I've been getting fined by the police, I had the police show up at my house at one o'clock in the morning without a warrant, and basically trying to get at me with about 40 police using 20 cruisers to block off both sides of the street around my house. And they didn't even have a warrant to be there. So, basically they are just trying to silence me.

What they did to me – putting me on the no-fly list, was nothing short of lawless, communist-style dictatorship, political targeting of dissident. Our no-fly list explicitly states that it cannot be used against political activists or people utilising their free speech rights. And that's exactly what they did, and it's 100 percent illegal.

Sputnik: But formally they could have placed you on the list just because you are refusing to wear a mask, couldn't they?

Chris Sky: It has nothing to do with the mask. If they pretend that it has to do with the mask – they are lying even further. Just like they did when they showed up at my house with 40 policemen to try to arrest me at one in the morning for not wearing a mask. I don't wear a mask anywhere I go.

Sputnik: During the past year Ontario officials frequently used numbers of COVID cases as a pretext to shut down the province. At least in 2020, these numbers were overblown, since even suicides of persons with coronavirus were counted as COVID deaths – a practice which Toronto Public Health refused to comment on when asked by Sputnik last week. Do you think there is a chance that the authorities will impose further restrictions in Ontario beyond the current 28-day-long shutdown?

Chris Sky: Of course. What do you think they've done so far? Before it was about "flatten the curve". We heard it a million times a day. And that mean don't "overwhelm our hospitals". Well, now the gig is up and everybody knows that there is nobody in the hospitals. So, now they lie and talk about "cases" and "new variants". And they just make anything they want up.

If they want to raise cases – just test an extra 10 or 20 thousand people that week and – surprise, you're going to have more cases. So, it's all complete bull. Anybody that anything knows that they have no intention of relinquishing the lockdown, no intention of cancelling the emergency. The moment they cancel the emergency, they can no longer force the vaccine on people, because it only has emergency approval. So, they have absolutely zero intention of ever relinquishing this emergency until their agenda is complete."


The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

NTS Notes: Once again, kudos to Greencrow for finding this fabulous interview and posting it up... 

Yes, many may remember Chris Sky as the man who showed how to properly defy the criminal Canadian thought police and Stasi forces when they come back on international flights into one of Canada's airports.. He clearly showed that thanks to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the so called 'authorities' have NO RIGHTS to force anyone arriving back into Canada to be FORCED into quarantine at all... Just simply say NO at the airports, and let these pricks try to give you a 'fine' on your way out.. And do not pay the 'fine' as it is a violation of our charter of rights and simply take it to court and claim it violates your charter of rights and freedoms and they will have to instantly throw it out..

And of course Chris was also the person who had nearly 40 Ontario goons and criminals dressed as 'policemen' and 'RCMP' constables try to have him manhandled and arrested in front of his own house last month.. That video that he made of that false arrest went VIRAL and shows how these bastards are indeed trying strong arm tactics to 'silence' Chris...

And yes, what Chris states in this interview is bang on, and is the truth about the present situation in Canada... These bastards are indeed pushing so hard now to scare the Canadian public into subservience and to FORCE everyone to take their KILL SHOTS of deadly poison.... 

The facts are that we are absolutely NOT in any 'third wave' of this bullshit scam-demic, as their fraud 'numbers' are being done by simply upping the cycle count in the fraud PCR testing along with doing more 'testing' overall, and voila, you get a heck of a lot more false positive results that they will use to scare the gullible out there once again... 

And once again I must remind readers that their KILL SHOTS are absolutely NOT 'vaccines' at all as they do not even meet in any aspect the very definition of that term... They are EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying concoctions that will only lead to certain death if you are stupid enough to allow these pricks to inject it into your body.... Refuse these jabs of death, for your very life depends on it!

More to come


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