Monday, April 12, 2021

He Is Back! Doctor Vernon Coleman Returns To Brandnewtube With A Great New Video.

 I was as angry as everyone else last week when Doctor Vernon Coleman had to quit making videos over at BRANDNEWTUBE, due primarily to the horrific threats from so many trolls that were attacking him personally.... It was a very sad day for all of us indeed....

BUT now we have some fabulous news, as the good doctor is BACK!!!!  And he has just released his newest video in the "Old Man In A Chair" continuing series , that is entitled: "We Are The Resistance And We Will WIN This War"..... I have the BRANDNEWTUBE link to that video right here for everyone to watch for themselves:

We Are the Resistance and We Will WIN this War (

NTS Notes:  Once again, the trolls and bastards out there that have tried to knock the good doctor off air may have thought that they have succeeded, but Vernon Coleman has indeed returned with a reinforced passion for wanting these bastards defeated...

I will be presenting every one of Vernon Coleman's upcoming videos at this blog, for I definitely want to see his important messages passed around by everyone....

Welcome back, Doctor Vernon Coleman!

More to come


1 comment:

Bob said...


I love this guy! I know the tough stuff he has to endure.

But he made my TODAY!

I have no idea how he does it though. It is literally death defying!!

My social groups completely shut down and in retirement and being single it's hard.

I actually dated a model. Not a fashion model though. I took a picture of her and she deleted it telling me 'I made her look fat!'. 5'4" and ~100 pounds!!

The vaccine signs are up all over here in the once free state of Virginia.

My mother isn't getting the VAX. I have trusteeship and POA so she is coming home this summer in her old house.

I am countering Virginia Vax with free speech posters from Dr Yeadon.

On another note - I worked for the US Department of Transportation for almost 35 years. AND HOW BIDEN CAN SCREW UP INFRASTRUCTURE IS A FIRST!! You could get a total retard as Secretary to sell an Infrastructure Bill!!

Secretary responding to Infrastructure legislation questions - We want good bridges, good roads, good shipping, good airports and we will make it less expensive! That's my plan!! AAAGH!!