Thursday, April 8, 2021

Criminal European Union Court Rules That Mandatory Vaccines Are "Necessary In Democratic Society" And Do Not Infringe On Human Rights! Paving Way For Eventually Forcing The Kill Shots Into Everyone!

Everyone by now is well aware that the next step by the criminals running the entire scam-demic has to be the forcing of their evil EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying KILL SHOTS into all of us....Our hopes have of course rested on the fact that to try to push these experimental concoctions into everyone was against the Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics that were put into force at the end of the Second World War and explicitly denies any government the rights to force their citizens to take any experimental 'vaccines' period...

However, what has just happened in Europe may indeed be used to 'circumvent' the entire Nuremberg Codified Laws, for according to the following report from Russia Today online, at, apparently the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union 'courts' have just ruled that making 'vaccines' mandatory are 'necessary in a democratic society' and that 'mandatory vaccines' do not infringe on human rights!  I absolutely have that report right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Mandatory vaccines are ‘necessary in democratic society,’ don’t infringe human rights, EU court rules

Mandatory vaccines are ‘necessary in democratic society,’ don’t infringe human rights, EU court rules

Making children get jabs for common diseases is ‘necessary in democratic society’ and is in their best interests, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday in a landmark decision against anti-vaxxers.

It’s the first time the ECHR has ruled on mandatory vaccinations for children against common diseases. While the case dealt with the Czech Republic’s laws that require schoolchildren to have jabs against diseases like whooping cough, tetanus and measles, it has implications when it comes to compulsory Covid jabs.

Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, said the ruling reinforces the possibility of compulsory vaccination under the current coronavirus pandemic conditions.

A panel of judges ruled 16-1 that the Czech health policy that prevented unvaccinated children from attending nurseries or schools was consistent with “the best interests” of children.

“The... measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society,” the court ruled.

The objective has to be that every child is protected against serious diseases, through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity.

The judges dismissed the appeal brought by six Czech nationals who were fined for failing to comply with mandatory vaccination rules or whose children were denied admission to nursery school for the same reason. The parents had claimed that the mandatory jab rules violated their human rights.

“The objective had to be to protect every child against serious diseases,” the court ruled.

It said that the need for compulsory vaccination in the Czech Republic represented the national authorities’ answer to the pressing social need to protect individual and public health against diseases and “to guard against any downward trend in the rate of vaccination among children.”

The court said that while mandatory vaccinations raised sensitive issues, the value of social solidarity to protect the health of all members of society, particularly those who were especially vulnerable, required everyone to assume a minimum risk by having jabs.

There was no immediate reaction from the six who appealed the case to the ECHR.

NTS Notes: Honestly, can you believe that horse shit????  It is bad enough that this will force standard and real 'vaccines' into everyone if the governments want that done, but the implications in terms of trying to force the KILL SHOTS into people as well are enormous.

The facts are so blatantly obvious here that the 'European Union Court' is nothing but a paid off bunch of stooges and fools that are doing exactly as they have been commanded to do by their Jewish masters and of course the pricks running the world wide scam-demic to rule in 'favour' of mass mandatory vaccinations of everyone just to set up a future court case that may happen very soon to try to make the KILL SHOTS of deadly poison 'mandatory' as well...... 

Yes, Now the criminal governments across Europe will indeed attempt to use this 'ruling' as their means of trying to force everyone in Europe to be forced to take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies!  

BUT of course the one saving grace here is the FACT that these KILL SHOTS are absolutely NOT 'vaccines' at all, and are 100% EXPERIMENTAL as even stated by the manufacturers of that garbage... Thus these facts can and will be successfully used in any court of law to still stop these pricks from attempting to force these NOT 'vaccines' into everyone's bodies.... 

I honestly do not like where this is going.. We know that the pricks running this scam-demic are now being met by growing resistance to their jabs of death.. Thus they will now try to push for LAWS and rulings in the same type of kangaroo court system run by the EU to make those shots 'mandatory' as a means of forcing them into our bodies....

More to come



FC said...

EU set up by the demonic Jew Rothschilds just like the U.N

Unknown said...

You don't know how much of a lifeline you are, NTS!
I have used much of your info on National Vanguard,
and although I cannot use it per se as of your "Moon
denial landing," I feel that is no excuse for denying
what is going on in the here and now. I have used
the knowledge gleamed from you to make this post on
that forum:

WLP could never even have imagined
the phony “Covid-19” scamdemic now
wrecking havoc across the entire
Western World. The sheeple are lining
up in droves for their kill shots. Not too
surprising, the “experts” have now
announced a “new strain” has been
detected – just in time for the next
round of kill shots. Six months or less
from now, you will see the brain-dead
keel over from all types of disorders
derived from these experimental shots.
They are NOT vaccines! They are a
concoction of DNA-altering experimental
inoculations designed to trick the human
body into manufacturing its own genetic
mutations – the end result of course being
death of the host. Be aware that this is
by design and not by default. My own
thought about it is perhaps it is better this
way – to once and for all – rid the gene pool
of all the mental defectives that inundate
us with their second-hand platitudes and
bromides. I am sick enough of both of

Kudos, and keep it coming!

Barney said...

Where does "informed consent" fit in to all this?

Minors are considered legally incapable of making their own decisions, so "vaccinating" the under-age should be considered child abuse, as should circumcision.

NO vaccine has ever been shown to prevent or cure any disease. The whole thing was a scam from the start, and to inject harmful substances into the very young is unforgivable.

Mercury, Formaldehyde and Aluminium (uk spelling) are three known "vaccine" poisons, and now we've got lung tissue from 14-week male caucasian abortions, and who knows what else injected into children and the gullible.

There's an ever-growing epidemic of autism caused by "conventional" vaccines, and now the (((bastards))) are trying to kill as many of us as possible with these "new" concoctions that will have been developed over several years.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. These monsters do NOT have your best interests at heart.