Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Canada Under Tyranny: Criminal British Columbia Provincial Government Puts Up Neighbourhood COVID Check Stops To Stop People Leaving Home? Absolute Madness!

 Well... Another great supporter of this website sent me an email just a short time ago, asking me to take a close look at it for as he at the time claimed "this is right in your province"... I read the attached article, and even though it is not here in Manitoba, but 1000+ miles west of here in British Columbia, it truly is alarming news and something that EVERYONE should be made aware of..

I therefore want to present the following shocking report, from the 'Daily Beast' website that is entitled: "Canada Puts Up Neighborhood COVID Checkpoints to Stop People Leaving Home"that is a must read by everyone for this violates every human right imaginable!  Here is that important report for everyone to see right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada Puts Up Neighborhood COVID Checkpoints to Stop People Leaving Home


The harsh new measures go into effect Friday and include checkpoints and making sure tourism entities don’t take out-of-town bookings.

The Canadian province of British Columbia is so overwhelmed by the latest wave of the pandemic, it will be setting up checkpoints to ensure nobody moves from their local areas. The provincial prime minister, John Horgan, made the surprise announcement of what he called a “circuit breaker” plan that will become effective Friday, angering opposition leaders who had not been forewarned.

Horgan said the measure will allow travel by those who can prove essential travel reasons, including work, but that all claims will be thoroughly validated and checkpoints will be set up throughout the province. He said they will also contact the ferry operators to various British Columbia islands and ask them to contact anyone with a booking to ensure their travel is essential. He said he would also work with the travel industry to make sure no bookings for tourism purposes are taken until the ban is lifted.

“They will be random and there will be a fine if you were traveling outside of your area without legitimate reasons,” Horgan said, adding that he is aware of concerns over how this may disproportionately target Black and Indigenous communities.

“This is about travel,” Horgan said. “There will be no additional authority given to police.” British Columbia will also extend its ban on indoor dining and drinking until the end of May.

Canada has been especially hard hit by the latest wave of the pandemic, in part due to a lack of vaccine supplies from the U.S., which has slowed their vaccine rollout program. So far, the country has relied mostly on the controversial AstraZeneca vaccine, for which they will also now lower the recommended age to get the jab from 55 to 40. Currently, hospital occupancy across the province is nearly 95 percent, meaning many with other health issues are unable to get the care they need.

Ontario, which is where Canada’s largest city Toronto is based, had also toyed with travel restrictions but determined that it would impinge on civil liberties and invite racial profiling. Instead, the city of Toronto is under strict lockdowns.

Travel restrictions have been commonplace in Europe and elsewhere, but largely unused in North America during the pandemic.

NTS Notes: I for one am going to see what my great Canadian truth seekers, both "Noor" on Vancouver Island, and of course "Greencrow" just outside of Vancouver on the mainland, have to say about this travesty...  I know for a fact that if this is true, Greencrow will definitely be posting about this one and give me some further information to boot...

I could not help but notice in this article where the writer states that the province of British Columbia is so ' overwhelmed' by the latest wave of this scam-demic... I personally went to the official BC horse crap "official" website just a while ago to see their daily "numbers report" on the status of this phantom 'deadly virus' and their numbers are actually in line with what I see here in Manitoba, and shows as much fraudulence as this province as well.. In fact, as their 'cases' are from EXACTLY the same source as Manitoba's, and elsewhere, where they are entirely derived from the fraud PCR testing, then they are absolutely 100% FALSIFIED data..... Therefore the idea that BC is somehow 'overwhelmed' by this scam-demic is total unadulterated HORSE SHIT.

Yes, this measure by the BC criminal provincial government is draconian and I can guarantee is in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as NO Canadian should be 'searched' or disallowed their rights to travel freely under this type of measure.. I do believe therefore the criminal BC provincial government under PREMIER (not Prime Minister, BTW) snake in the grass John Horgan is indeed overstepping his authority wth this one, and the people of BC should be in full rebellion for this as well!

And here I thought Manitoba with that tall idiot Premier Brian Pallister and his henchman that bald headed freak Brent Roussin, was bad enough with the draconian measures here... But obviously these pale in comparison to the hell that is going on in Ontario, and now suddenly way out west  in British Columbia as well...

Yes, this is probably just the beginning of hell on Earth for BC starting this Friday... And after what we are witnessing happening over in Ontario, this does not bode well for the rest of the nation if these pricks get away with this... Hopefully the people of BC will indeed rebel and force these assholes to back down..

More to come



greencrow said...

Yes NTS...the perpZ are tightening the chokehold they have over British Columbians and our...OUR...not THEIR economy...but the sheeple keep munching their cuds like it was new-mown hay!

I keep telling everyone I talk to that this will never end until we all stand up together and say NO!!!

I cancelled my plans for attending a rally tonight because I thought it was going into effect immediately. Luckily, my husband I purchased a small piece of real estate on Vancouver Island just yesterday or we would never be able to see our grandchildren again. Because, as you and I both have been saying since the beginning...This will NEVER end. They will never give back the power they have stolen from the braindead Zombies who, sadly, make up the majority of the population.

Barney said...

NTS - I know you've got doubts about Amazing Polly, and I don't personally know her work well enough to have an opinion either way, but this one could be worth a look. She mentions a group in Germany attempting - like so many others - to persuade a court to rule against it's owners, but she has a lot to say about the fact (and the way) that all these ever-changing rules and "stay at home" orders are officially acknowleged to amount to psychological torture, including the occasional slight relaxations followed by renewed clamp-downs. Here's the link to the video.