Thursday, April 15, 2021

Bombshell Video: Brave United Kingdom Nurse Comes Forward To Warn Everyone About These KILL SHOTS - Do NOT Consent To Genocide!

 I do get one heck of a lot of material sent my way all the time from so many readers, bloggers, commentators, email, etc... .I again want to thank everyone for their efforts in this fight for humanity, and I do appreciate you all keeping me 'in the loop' in terms of ANY material concerning this entire scam-demic that you all come across.... As I said before, thanks and keep it coming!

One video link was sent to me earlier this afternoon, via 'Bitchute' and has a brave United Kingdom nurse coming forward to WARN everyone about the dangers of these 'jabs' that these monsters want to inject into everyone that rightfully MUST be called 'KILL SHOTS'..... HERE is that link to that Bitchute video, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have said many times that the doctors and nurses out there that are fully aware of this entire scam have to stop cowering in fear and start coming forward as this is indeed a fight for our very existence and the necessity to end these monsters' want to enslave our planet...

As I have said before, if the people in our health care systems were to stop living this lie and have consciences, then this fraud scam-demic would be ended WITHIN DAYS.... Their brave move forward would also put an end to the horrible false propaganda put out by the lying whore media as well.....

And obviously you will never find this on that horrid 'Youtube' garbage.... I have long decided to give up on ever using that piece of trash permanently, and I do hope that others do feel the same way... Censorship has NO place in our societies at all...

More to come



FC said...

no one can prove that covid19 even exists.....Biggest scam in world histry, makes the hollowhoax scam look like a tiny fib in comparison.

Unknown said...

Indeed. Covid-worship has now replaced holowhoax-worship
as the number one worship word in the West. Holo may have
been around a lot longer, but with mass-communication and
the Internet, it took little time for it to "catch on."