Monday, April 26, 2021

Bombshell Report Out Of Australia: Australian Government Admits COVID-19 KILL SHOTS Are Indeed Poisons!

 It has been a long while since I last reported anything at all concerning the scam-demic situation down in Australia....Needless to say, that nation is experiencing the same hell on Earth in regards to their crooked state governments and especially the criminal federal government in Canberra making life an absolute living hell for all Australians....And of course just like here in Canada and everywhere else, their criminal propaganda lying whore media outlets are shoving the KILL SHOTS down everyones' throats and the dumb ass lemmings are lining up like lemmings to take these lethal injections into their bodies...

Well, an astute follower to this blog alerted me earlier to a brand new article over at Jim Stone's website, at, where apparently a truly BOMBSHELL official Australian government posting leaked out over the Internet before the Australian censorship scoundrels were able to suppress it and remove it from viewing....And luckily Jim Stone was alerted to that post and has a screenshot captured and an article at his website about this amazing post, that I definitely want to share with readers here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


The Covid vax is a poison and they KNOW IT, and the following is authorization to administer that poison.

Click the capture below for the actual page and then scroll the address bar. This is not just a page someone edited, the page name itself says what it is.

If they change that page, too late, it is already captured and they won't be awake for a while to change that at the time of this posting. HA HA HA, a white hat had to have made this surface.

This proves they know damn well what they are doing with the covid scam and the "vax" to accompany that scam.

It appears a white hat changed the authorizations on this page to make it viewable to the general public, and it was done right before work got out so it would stay visible for an entire day.

NTS Notes: As always, the truth does periodically 'leak out' from time to time..

Yes, there you have it.. The Australian government itself alerting its organizations that these KILL SHOTS (I am refusing to call these vaccines, for they are absolutely NOT!) are indeed pure POISONS and therefore are detrimental to human health.... 

And I for one am not in the least bit surprised by this..  But to me the real shocker is that the criminal Australian government KNOWINGLY is administering these KILL SHOTS to not only their own government administrative bodies, but to the general public at large....

So, once again.. Where is the  outrage?   People are out there right now lining up like zombies and lemmings taking these KILL SHOTS into their bodies and our governments know damn well that they are poisoning them all!   This fact alone should have more and more people out there think twice before subjecting themselves to these jabs of certain death, definitely!

More to come


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