Sunday, April 4, 2021

Updated! BOMBSHELL Report: COVID-19 "Vaccines" Generate Crutzfeld Jacobs Disease Aka "Mad Cow Disease" In Human Beings - NEVER Take Their Kill Shots, EVER!

Once again there is NO 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' for today, as it is Easter Sunday and once again this phantom 'deadly virus' is taking the day off for 'Good Behaviour'... Honestly, what a polite 'deadly virus' indeed.....

I got an email earlier today from another of my very astute and long time readers asking me to take a look at a new article that was just posted up at Jim Stone's website, at I read the article and watched the attached video very closely, and the news that it presents is DEVASTATING for any one stupid enough to actually consider to idiotically take the criminals KILL SHOTS into their bodies...

I therefore want to present Jim Stone's article right here, and I do want readers to pay very close attention to the video enclosed and watch it, for it may be one of the most important videos about this scam-demic ever made.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


ONE LINE EXPLANATION: The Covid vax programs your body to produce a spike protein, which just so happens to be the prion for mad cow disease.

It was a trap. The entire Covid ruse was a con job to get people to accept a shot that would cause their body to manufacture the prions. The Americans who got the shot will die from this or become non- functional in about a year. And they intend to blame Trump for it.

Watch this hour and a half long Alex vid NOW. He cuts to the chase right in the beginning, this video is not some guy wasting an hour to say a sentence of relevant stuff.

A white hat got all the elite documents with regard to the entire COVID plot and handed them to Alex Jones.  HERE IS THE COVID GAME PLAN:

We all know the "covid vax" re-programs your DNA to produce a spike protein that's supposed to fight "covid". Alex got the real dirt on this, and the spike protein your body is actually programmed to produce is the prion that causes Crutzfeld Jacobs disease - otherwise known as "Mad Cow disease". Once you get the shot, you're a goner, you might as well just sit down and eat 10 mad cows.

HERE IS THE KICKER: Lately in media reports, they are already starting to report mysterious and un-traceable pockets of mad cow disease popping up in people in geographically separated areas, with no way to draw a link to a contaminated food source. Alex did not say this, it is something I noticed but did not even think about posting because mad cow disease is an old topic.  Soon it will be the ONLY topic.


Once Alex got this tip off, he was able to go through old journals that talked about this plan 10 years ago, and originally Covid-19 was being discussed as a prion disease that is the same as mad cow disease. Their original outbreak plan did not use the coronavirus, it used prions and THAT is why the shots were ready so soon, they have been working on them since at least 2010 - a prion shot that goes in, produces no symptoms for six months or so, and then BOOM, your brain is GONE.

NTS Notes: Yes, many may claim, and rightfully so, that the video is done by that person whom I have looked upon for years as being a clown, Alex Jones...BUT I will give credit where credit is due, for the information that he presents is so damning and should finally awaken a lot of people to the truth about what the criminals' plans to have us all injected with their Kill shots is truly all about.. .Therefore as I have said many times, even those who we have a lot of doubt about, including Alex Jones, do once in a while put out some important information, and I will indeed give Alex Jones full credit for this one..

This is so damning.... I have read countless articles and watched so many videos over the last year alone that have alerted everyone to what exactly these pricks were truly up to, and WHAT they were actually putting into their 'vaccines' that are NOT even vaccines at all... There has been a lot of material out there that does indeed discuss the implication that the 'vaccines' will cause horrendous damage to the very DNA of the idiots stupid enough to put them into their bodies, including how they can cause 'auto immune diseases and disorders'... What this article and the enclosed video basically do is to back up those suppositions with facts...

I am so floored and yet feel so vindicated right now... I have been absolutely BEGGING everyone with all of my might to NOT go and take these kill shots into their bodies.... And as time goes on and we learn more about what exactly these monsters are putting into these concoctions, I am finding myself so abhorred and just dismayed as to how so many are still willing to go out and take these lethal injections... 

I again must ask everyone to please take this information and send it out to EVERYONE that you possibly can to try to knock some sense into them to stop them from getting these kill shots into their bodies... This is now becoming a matter of grave concern as the adverse effect of these kill shots, especially with incidents of 'Mad Cow Disease' may already be  propping up across the planet... And as even Jim Stone states, once you are retarded enough to take these kill shots into your body, you are a goner!

More to come


*Update, Monday April 5th, 2021:  Jim Stone added the following to this most important report... I have Jim's update here:

I spent a while pondering the new revelations about the corona vax and figured out a key item that cinches the topic 

First of all, for those who did not see it, over easter weekend Alex did an emergency broadcast about the corona vax being specifically formulated to cause your body to produce the prion that causes mad cow disease. If you scroll down a little bit, it is there and it is all documented.  Here is the revelation I finally had - 

The ONLY reason why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax (and the first one to boot) that programs your body rather than triggers an immune response - the ONLY reason for this is because if they injected the prions they probably could not put enough of them in a reasonable shot to do the trick, and because a conventional vax cannot be made to force your body to start producing it's destruction. A conventionl shot can be very destructive, but to make it bad enough it would have to be too devastating too often early on. They wanted a shot that would cause delayed devastation and death and there was no way to formulate a conventional vaccine to do that without killing too many people up front

However, if they instead made a vax that, for the first time in history caused your own body to make something, (under the ruse of being protective) - if they caused your body to do that it would not do it immediately, time would have to pass before it finally got programmed well enough to produce the destructive agents - agents that were not even in the original DNA vax to begin with - your body made them - so there's another layer of deniability - 

This is precisely why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax, lots of people wondered why with this new disease we were given a totally new tech when the old tech ought to work, and now we know.

So they openly stated it's a vax that causes your body to produce a spike protein, and if analyzed I guess there are ways to prove the different variants of that vax would indeed produce a spike protein, and the false advertised that it was a spike protein that would give immunity to the coronavirus - quality checks could prove the spike protein would be consistent across different vaccine brands, but it would not be so easy to realize that it was the prion that causes mad cow.

Alex got ahold of the elite documents that lay it all out. The corona vax does not fight a virus, it instead programs your body to produce prions so on a delayed timetable people start going zombie or start having seizures or whatever (depending on what part of the brain the prions build up in first) - and we end up with, a year down the road, a modified version of the walking dead where the zombies don't necessarily bite you (but plenty of scary stuff is visible) and they also don't live very long.

NTS Notes: I agree with Jim's assessment on this one... I do believe that these pricks have purposely designed their (NOT) 'vaccine' to purposely cause our own cells to manufacture the antigens aka 'spike proteins' that will do the damage to our systems... And since there is NO getting the crap out of our cells since our cells will be producing those 'spike proteins' for as long as you live, the effect is permanent.

I for one still cannot for the  life of me figure out why anyone would possibly even consider putting this crap into their bodies after reading all this and watching this and other videos that show that these kill shots will in fact KILL YOU.... And yet, here we are today with so many just lining up like the dumb ass brain dead moronic retarded sheep that people have become just pleading with authorities to have this garbage injected into them?  You definitely cannot fix stupid, no matter how hard you try!

More to come



Robert said...

6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020

As can be expected when new experimental “vaccines” that are not approved by the FDA are given emergency use authorization to fight a “pandemic” that is now over a year old, reported deaths following the injections of these shots have now skyrocketed in the U.S. population by over 6000% here at the end of the first quarter of 2021, as compared to recorded deaths following FDA-approved vaccines at the end of the first quarter of 2020.

These new products, which many doctors and scientists claim do not even meet the legal definition of a “vaccine,” are described by the manufacturers themselves as “operating systems” called the “software of life,” and prior to COVID they have never been approved to be used on human populations.

There are literally thousands of doctors and scientists around the world who have spoken out against these experimental injections, some even calling them “biological weapons of mass destruction.”

Their voices are censored in the pharma-controlled corporate media and by Big Tech, so the people dying and becoming injured by these injections are the pro-vaccine people who primarily only get their information from these censored sources that are funded by Wall Street corporate billionaires, such as Bill Gates.

Robert said...

Expect A Far More Deadly Bioweapon To Be Unleashed Upon America If Not Enough People Take The ‘Covid Kill Shot’ As More Sinister Moves Are Made Towards Human Genocide

– America In A Downward Spiral As Vicious Cycle Gets Ready To Be Repeated
The WHO claims that everyone must have “universal and equitable access” to “safe, efficacious and affordable vaccines, medicines and diagnostics” for the current and future pandemics, however it has already gone wrong, since as the facts have shown, COVID is not a pandemic but rather an operation, an agenda, a PCR casedemic and a scamdemic.

When the NWO (New World Order) wants to push their agenda forward, they roll out their devoted system-servers, bootlickers and gofers to get the public on board. In this case, the NWO controllers have used the 3 most powerful Western European leaders (UK prime minister Boris Johnson(jew), German chancellor Angela Merkel(jew) and French president Emmanuel Macron(jew)), 20 other world leaders plus WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus(jew) (24 signatories in all), to push the idea of an international pandemic.

This NWO move is very predictable since it follows their time-tested formula of creating a crisis then exploiting that crisis to consolidate power, as they always do with false flag operations.