Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Another Follow Up Report On How The KILL SHOTS Generate Mad Cow Disease In Humans - First Cases Of Mad Cow Disease In Humans Caused By The "Vaccines" Suddenly Appearing Around The Planet!

I am continuing to hammer away at the entire scam-demic, and I have a very good reason for actually increasing my attacks... And that all stems from the recent revealing and most shocking reports about how these KILL SHOTS that so many people are so willing to be injected into their bodies are indeed generating Creuztfeld-Jacob Disease (Mad Cow Disease) in human beings..... It is so essential that EVERYONE get out there NOW and alert everyone that you can that these KILL SHOTS are indeed causing that horrendous and deadly disease in everyone that is taking those shots...

But it gets better.. For once again I have to thank Jim Stone ( for staying on top of this horrendous aspect of these deadly KILL SHOTS.... And therefore I want to present Jim's latest update to his long list of articles at his blog, as this one now shows troubling evidence that Mad Cow Disease is indeed now beginning to appear everywhere across the planet, and indeed has been caused by people going out and taking these kill shots into their bodies... Here is Jim's latest update here, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Pre-emptive covering of tracks. It's the fault of the virus!!!

Look at the latest from CNBC - 1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers neurological or mental disorders, study finds

Now why would they come out with this practically immediately after the prion bust? Answer: Because the first early cases of this are now showing up, and they need to lay the groundwork for blaming the virus entirely for whatever the "vax" does.  If any of this is legit it is a bad omen, because it would mean the virus was not stable enough to hold onto it's prions and even those who had no symptoms from the original may have a looming prion disease that's going to show it's face in a few months.

For those who have not seen this, as it turns out the protein the virus uses to bond with cells is the prion from mad cow disease, and the "vax" commands your body to make that prion. And that did not happen in a lab . . . . .Things are going to get real interesting real quick, say, from this point in time, 3 -4 months when the first cases start popping up.

My guess is that the virus does not disintegrate in a way that will give people a prion disease when the immune system takes it out, and it is all the vax, because if the virus did disintigrate there should be a lot of cases of mad cow by now and there are not. Maybe the virus does not disintigrate sufficiently for it to take off quick also, that's another consideration for this.

When did they start pushing the zombie meme, to get people ready for this? The Walking Dead first aired in 2010, which was also the first year any documentation for Covid-19 showed up, and at that time it was supposed to be a prion disease that caused people to go "mad cow" and die. Having it be a coronavirus infection was a twist in that plot, with the coronavirus carrying the actual prion. It all ties together. Watch the video Alex released that is linked down the page a ways. They have been working on this since 2010 and Covid-19 was originally a prion disease. They ended up needing a viral carrier. "Getting over coronavirus" may mean nothing if it plants the seed of future doom.

NTS Notes:  After reading all this, I honestly felt sick to my stomach...

Yes, This may be only the beginning, as over the next few months we watch people out there that have taken these kill shots actually go quite insane from the damage being done to their brains from the effects of these deadly KILL SHOTS....

I am of course sticking to my guns on the fact that this is NOT from the 'virus' at all, as the 'virus' still to this day has never been proven to even exist, but is entirely being caused by the fraud 'vaccines'...

And this will only go from bad to worse, as more and more retards and morons out there continue to blindly go out  and take these kill shots into their bodies...  Just wait some 3-6 months from now as the world does go completely insane asa the full effect of their stupidity unfolds, and then shortly afterwards we watch as millions suddenly die!  That sadly is coming..

Please take this information and spread it around to EVERYONE that you possibly can... This is the crux of this entire scam-demic, and we will indeed watch so many go absolutely insane very soon unless we put a stop to the criminal plans to have everyone shot up with these KILL SHOTS now!

More to come


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