Monday, April 12, 2021

Another COVID-19 Myth Dies The Death

 Every time I go to a local store or supermarket, there is always a 'station' set up just outside of the entrance way into that establishment that dispenses goops of stinky hand sanitizer.... And I cannot help but  notice the retards and morons out there just lathering up their hands (and other parts of their bodies from time to time) with that poisonous and foul smelling goop.... I can only shake my head in disgust, as I walk past these idiots and just REFUSE to subject my hands to that crap!

That and you cannot help but to watch store employees absolutely going overboard with cleaning cloths wiping down every surface that they can so vigorously, claiming that such 'sanitization' is somehow good for stopping the spread of this non-existent 'deadly virus'... I also just go about my business and when one tries to stop me claiming that he/she is trying to sanitize any equipment or surface I come into contact with, I just say 'no thanks' for I know better as these horrible 'sanitizing products' are actually doing FAR more harm to human health than any "virus" could ever do..

And yes, from nearly 'day one' of this entire fraud scam-demic, the ass clowns that have had the nerve to call themselves 'Health Experts'  have been proclaiming and screaming the need to 'sanitize' EVERYTHING as a means of somehow combatting this non-existent 'COVID-19' CRAP... Which leads me to the following report that comes from writer Tyler Durden, from the Zero Hedge website, at This article is entitled: "Another COVID Myth Dies The Death" and I have it right here for everyone to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Another COVID Myth Dies The Death

Tyler Durden's Photo

Monday, April 12th, 2021

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The American Institute for Economic Research,

Going to the grocery store in Massachusetts in 2020 guaranteed you would breathe heaps of sanitizer. A full-time employee scrubbed down shopping carts between customers. Conveyor belts at the checkout counter were blasted and wiped between every sale. Glass surfaces were sprayed as often as possible. The plastic keypads on credit machines were not only covered in plastic – why putting plastic on plastic stopped Covid was never clear – but also sprayed between uses. 

Employees would carefully watch your hands to see what you touched, and as you exited the space would cover the area with cleaning spray. 

It was the same at offices and schools. If a single person turned in a positive PCR test, the entire place had to be evacuated for a 48-hour fumigation. Everything had to be wiped, sprayed, and scrubbed, to get rid of the Covid that surely must be present in the bad place. The ritualistic cleaning took on a religious element, as if the temple must be purified of the devil before God could or would come back. 

All of this stemmed from the belief that the germ lived on surfaces and in spaces, which in turn stemmed from a primitive intuition. You can’t see the virus so it really could be anywhere. The human imagination took over the rest. 

I was in Hudson, New York, at a fancy breakfast house that had imposed random Covid protocols. It was cold outside but they wouldn’t let me sit inside, even though there were no government restrictions on doing so. I asked that masked-up twenty-something why. She said “Covid.”  

“Do you really believe that there’s Covid inside that room?”


Subway cars were cleaned daily. Facebook routinely shut its offices for a full scrub. Mail was left to disinfect for days before being opened. Things went crazy: playgrounds removed nets from basketball hoops for fear that they carried Covid. 

During the whole pathetic episode of last year, people turned wildly against physical things. No sharing of pencils at the schools that would open. No salt and pepper shakers at tables because surely that’s where Covid lives. No more physical menus. They were replaced by QR codes. Your phone probably has Covid too but at least only you touched it. 

“Touchless”’ became the new goal. All physical things became the untouchables, again reminiscent of ancient religions that considered the physical world to be a force of darkness while the spiritual/digital world points to the light. The followers of the Prophet Mani would be pleased. 

Already back in February, AIER reported that something was very wrong about all of this. Studies were already appearing calling the physical-phobic frenzy baseless. 

The demonization of surfaces and rooms stemmed not just from active imaginations; it was also recommended and even mandated by the CDC. It offered a huge page of instructions on the need constantly to fear, scrub, and fumigate. 

On April 5, however, the CDC page was replaced by a much-simplified set of instructions, which includes now this discreet note: “In most situations, the risk of infection from touching a surface is low.” Oh is that so? 

The link goes to the following:

Quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) studies have been conducted to understand and characterize the relative risk of SARS-CoV-2 fomite transmission and evaluate the need for and effectiveness of prevention measures to reduce risk. Findings of these studies suggest that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection via the fomite transmission route is low, and generally less than 1 in 10,000, which means that each contact with a contaminated surface has less than a 1 in 10,000 chance of causing an infection.


So much for the many billions spent on cleaning products, the employees and the time, and hysteria and frenzy, the rise of touchlessness, and gloves, the dousing of the whole world. The science apparently changed. Still it will be years before people get the news and act on it. Once the myths of surface transmission of a respiratory virus are unleashed, it will be hard to go back to normal. 

Fortunately the New York Times did some accurate reporting on the CDC update, quoting all kinds of experts who claim to have known this all along. 

“Finally,” said Linsey Marr, an expert on airborne viruses at Virginia Tech. “We’ve known this for a long time and yet people are still focusing so much on surface cleaning.” She added, “There’s really no evidence that anyone has ever gotten Covid-19 by touching a contaminated surface.”

Still, I’m willing to bet that if right now I headed to a Wal-Mart or some other large chain store, there will be several employees dedicated to disinfecting everything they can, and there will be customers there who demand it to be so. 

How many years will it take before people can come to terms with the embarrassing and scandalous reality that much of what posed as Science last year was made up on the fly and turns out to be wholly false? 

NTS Notes:  I for one am absolutely NOT shocked by what this article states, for I and everyone else has seen this EVERYWHERE that we go... And from the criminals themselves they are now stating that it has been ABSOLUTELY USELESS...

And in fact, after reading up on the 'chemicals' that many of these so called 'cleaners' contain, we find poisonous chemicals that are actually hazardous to human health.... That to me is horrifying, for I can only begin to imagine the damage that people have been doing to their bodies by putting horrible amounts of that crap all over their hands... And this is NOTHING to the damage done to employees at stores that are told to use that crap EVERYWHERE and thus are having the damaging effects done to their own health as well..

Yes, another HUGE COVID-19 myth bites the dust... AND to me it is about time... BUT I can guarantee that in spite of this evidence, you will still see businesses out there washing and 'sanitizing' surfaces all the time and people entering those establishments being stupid and ignorant by putting those dangerous chemicals all over themselves.... 

So what about the other 'myths' such as 'Social Distancing', "wearing Face Diapers" and of course 'Asymptomatic transmission of this non-existent virus'?   Those have also long been proven to be frauds as well, but of course they are also still 'enforced' out there by the criminals involved in this scam-demic and the dumb ass sheep just bend over and 'obey' without any thoughts what so ever...

More to come


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