Saturday, April 10, 2021

Address To The Lemmings

I was alerted earlier that my own mother was now slated to receive her 'second dose' of the KILL SHOT some time in the coming weeks.... I had tried my utmost to ward off my asshole siblings who have already seen to her being administered the first dose of what is nearly certain death but could not stop them then, and I still cannot stop them even now...... Sitting back and being helpless in this situation has indeed been so unnerving for a persistent asshole such as myself and sometimes I try to contemplate if there was more that I could have done...

I could not and cannot stop what has been happening with my own idiotic family asshole brain dead members in regards to these KILL SHOTS,  BUT I can still write here and hope that I can continue to try to reach ANYONE that is actually contemplating having that lethal injection shoved into their arms in the hope that I can stop them from making a choice of death over life itself...

I want to present the following new article that was just released earlier today by my friend and colleague, John Kaminski, who lives in the free and wide open state of Florida and writes his articles at his website at This latest article is entitled: "Address To The Lemmings" with the subheading of 'On The Disintegration Of Our Country', and I do indeed have it right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to read for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

on the disintegration of our country

About your plan to be free?
That ship has sailed

One prediction is that because of that shot you took upon the recommendation of your doctor, your newspaper, your evening news and even your presidents — and also God himself, according to the son of Billy Graham — you will now come down with Mad Cow disease in six months and soon cease knowing everything in your remaining moments as your melting mind screeches into delirium and darkness. The mRNA vaccine took away your soul, you see. You allowed it to be stolen by not paying attention to what your so-called leaders were telling you over the course of your entire life. Thus, this disaster was totally preventable had you really zoned into what they were saying and doing. In fact they were sabotaging life itself.

Now you are really the zombies. Never having realized all the flu epidemics we’ve ever seen, from smallpox on down, were and are spread by those who have received vaccines. They are the ones who become contagious. The karmic multiplier effect means this could be curtains for even the monsters who invented this plan. They wish to rule a graveyard and we really can’t understand why.

The danger is great when you pretend to know something that you don’t really know. This inevitably leads to bad diagnoses, bad medicine and tragic outcomes.

We have been badly misled by those we think we selected to represent us, but really they were selected for us, but we never realized that until it was too late — which it is now.

This is how I can say that America was destroyed by those who paid their taxes and supported their government without really knowing the crimes that were being were committed in their names.

These two deceptions converge today in the destruction of the USA, ordered by the international corporate powers that now control both governments and media, and with the collective weight of 50 years of corporate propaganda we have damn few people left who even understand what a social conscience is, never mind how you should act if you happen to have one.

The corporate propagandized multitudes remain mostly unaware of the destruction they have by their silent acquiescence approved.

If we want to remain unadulterated human beings, we have to overthrow or otherwise remove all the governments of the world at once — all at the same time — and recalibrate them not for profit but for purpose. The profit motive simply makes no sense when those who follow it are destroying the world.

The people who are the one supposed to be protecting you are the greatest threat to your life. They look at you with paternal concern as they stick a poison needle in your arm. One prediction is that because of that shot you took upon the recommendation of your doctor, your newspaper, your evening news and even your presidents — and even God, according to the son of Billy Graham — you will now come down with mad cow disease in six months and cease knowing everything in the few agonizing moments that you have remaining.

Be advised that your life is in your hands. You can choose to save it, or bow down and let your life be taken by psychopaths.

There is no more time to think. Make your choice and live or die with it.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



NTS Notes: Lets cut to the chase here... These KlLL SHOTS of certain death are STILL being administered through voluntary consent which means that everyone still has the CHOICE to say NO even if they are ready to shove the needle into yourselves....

BUT the facts are the facts, and once you do allow through your own free will to let these monsters shove that needle into you, there is NO TURNING BACK... There is NO 'CURE' and there is NO WAY in hell in trying to  reverse the damage that those injections will do to you, EVER!   

Once that shot of death goes in, it is curtains for you as you will be surrendering to the horrible adverse effects that WILL hit you eventually, maybe immediately or maybe months down the road, but EVENTUALLY and again there is not a gawd damn thing you can do to try to fix it!

Therefore John is absolutely correct in stating that your life is in your hands, and it always will be... You can either surrender to psychopaths or you can indeed make the right choice to remain free...  Make your choice and absolutely live or die with it...

More to come



Unknown said...

Indeed so. Most of the lemmings would prefer
death before taking on the responsibility of
thinking for one's self.

Bob said...

The vaccine signs are all over here in Northern Viginia!

I'm countering with Dr Yeadon's grim warning! I put posters up which promptly get torn down!

The Mad Cow is already starting. People are having 'not so subtle' symptoms.

I never imagined this.

I saw two young ladies with two masks on and one mask said Biden/Harris!

Biden is an absolute disaster. Everything he touches turns into a huge pile of shit.

The border crisis is a huge human trafficking operation!

Russia and China are on hair trigger.

Biden's son is a depraved child raping drug fiend. WHO HAS HIS OWN PORN CHANNEL on the Internet!

His Infrastructure plan is a surrender to the Green New Deal.