Saturday, March 6, 2021

Very Important Report: Portugal Gamechanger - 59% Of Portugal's COVID-19 Mortality Is POST Vaccinations!

I am always trolling around the internet gathering important headlines, news, videos, etc that I know will be  of interest to my own readers here at this blog... And one caught my eye just a short time ago that IMHO is truly a real game changer and one that everyone should be made aware of..

I therefore want to present the following very important report that comes courtesy of my great fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the "wilderness and parts unknown" of southern British Columbia, and writes the excellent blog called 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies' at Greencrow's article is entitled: "Portugal Gamechanger: 59% of Portugal's COVID Mortality Is Post Vaxx - Share Widely", and I do have it right here for everyone to observe for themselves.. I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Portugal Gamechanger! - 59% of Portugal's CovID Mortality is POST Vaxx - Share Widely


Deaths in Portugal BEFORE and AFTER the "vaccines"

I found this graph posted by athirdwhy on the Librti Timeline.  This Graph says it all, folks.  This is a mass cull going on right under the eyes of the Sheeple.  Time to Wake Up!

NTS Notes: I want to thank Greencrow for this one, for it is a shocker and proof positive that the COVID-19 KILL SHOTS are indeed killing people!

And the chart does not lie...There was indeed a massive explosion of deaths AFTER the Portuguese government and their criminal 'health ministers' started rolling out their own doses of KILL SHOTS of deadly EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying mRNA poisons into their citizens...

This once again shows proof positive that the kill shots are indeed deadly, and flies in the faces of those out there that strangely call those who have been dying after receiving these shots of death as 'coincidental'.. Honestly, from what is shown above, COINCIDENTAL MY ASS!

As Greencrow suggests, and I am suggesting as well, please spread this one out there for all to see, and hopefully get them all to wake the fuck up!

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1 comment:

Freeborn said...


The sheeple are boasting to their friends as soon as they've had the shot.

Some R even getting tattoos with the name of the vaccine provider Pfizer, Moderna emblazoned on their arms.

Presumably, if u consent to an ANAL SWAB test u have the right to get your ass tattooed!

The lunacy here now beggars belief.

With the kids going back to school tomorrow, the testing began this week with pupils told to go into school to get tested. If they test positive they're not allowed into school again until they and their parents have quarantined for two weeks.

What staggers me is the fact that BBC News footage shows openly how the school DINNER LADIES and in some schools THE PUPILS THEMSELVES are actually administering the swabs!

Is the government telling the schools that non-medical administration of the swab test is OK to protect themselves from insurance claims or is it the schools themselves telling them it's OK.

This is all immediately normalised by the parents who go along with the testing because they think it's the only way they can get their kids back into school - after 8 weeks being driven bat-shit crazy by them.

At any rate, no-one is telling the parents the testing is voluntary.

One of my students has just come out of hospital - two hospitals in fact - run-down from mask-wearing in her part-time pizza shop job. None of the five doctors who diagnosed her came up with the same diagnosis. No-one put it down to the mask - u can be sure of that!

After testing negative @ school for COVID she is being allowed back tomorrow. However, she is convinced that once the kids start infecting each other again - she'll be back @ home again after a fortnight.

You really couldn't make this up!