Wednesday, February 10, 2021

This Is SHOCKING: Americans Plan On Being Slaves Long AFTER The Fraud Of "COVID-19" Is Deemed To No Longer Be A Threat!

I have received once in a while some negative 'comments' and a few negative 'emails' about my calling so many people that have fallen for this entire scam-demic; "Gullible, Stupid, Retarded, Moronic, Brain Dead" etc, etc..... I have been a man of conviction for years now and I have stood firm in telling the truth and to NEVER be 'politically correct', ever!!!  I call a 'spade' a 'spade' and when I see how truly STUPID people are these days in regards to how easily they have fallen for this entire fraud that is the greatest hoax in the history of all mankind, I can only say "If the shoe fits, wear it" in regards to my statements about these retards...

Well, if you want further proof that most people living in our nations are indeed TOO STUPID TO LIVE, then just read the following report that was sent my way earlier via email, that comes from the "Patriot Rising" website, at, that is entitled: "Americans Plan On Being Slaves Long After COVID Is "No Longer A Threat"... I do have this article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Americans Plan On Being Slaves Long After COVID Is “No Longer A Threat”


In a new report, Americans are said to be willing to kneel in slavery to the ruling class long after the “threat” of COVID-19 is gone. Many will continue to be obedient to their masters, lick the hand that feeds them, and wear the ritualistic shame muzzle for the foreseeable future.

Researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center polled more than 2,000 people across the country and found that most of those surveyed are OK with continuing many pandemic protocols for public health, even when COVID-19 is no longer a major threat. That includes wearing the shame muzzle.

The survey was actually indicative of the ability to control and manipulate the public without actually having to use the physical chains of slavery. The survey specifically found the following:

  • 72 percent of people still plan to wear masks in public.
  • 80 percent will avoid crowds.
  • 90 percent will frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

The oppressive slave state rulers “hope” they have convinced people to hand over their liberties for a false sense of security.

Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser, chief quality and patient safety officer at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center who helped conduct this survey says he’s “hopeful” that people will consider wearing masks during cold and flu season in the future. “I’m hopeful that our experience with the flu this year is enough of a learning and teaching moment that more people understand the impact we can make if we approach flu season differently in the future,” he says.

The ruling class is laughing at us and the chains we’ve fastened around our own necks.  They didn’t even have to lift a finger. People have become willing sheep.

Some are waking up, however. It is just a ridiculously slow process right now.  Stay aware and use discernment.

NTS Notes: Honestly, this only vindicates and proves me RIGHT about what I have been saying for the last year about how so many people out there are indeed too stupid to live....

I too was shocked when I read the results of that Ohio State poll..... But it does show the POWER of the incessant brainwashing that the lying whores in the media outlets have pumped into gullible peoples' brains for the last year+ alone....

Yes, read it and weep... This is so shocking and shows that these criminals running this scam-demic knew exactly what to do to subjugate billions of people on this planet from the very start of this scam-demic.. And now the mutton headed sheep will indeed live their lives in  perpetual servitude to these bastards as a result...

And honestly, if those poll results are indeed exactly the way most of our societies are headed, then we are indeed doomed...... And it may be a dark statement by yours truly to make that maybe it is best that these morons do take the deadly shots and basically are removed from our societies permanently, leaving those who are truly intelligent and critical thinkers to take over and fight against this tyranny once the sheep are gone???

More to come



greencrow said...


The American Sheeple will only stop the braindead social distancing and masking WHEN THE TALMUDVISION TELLS THEM IT'S OKAY. They are mind controlled robots. They have been programmmmmmmmmmmed. Kapish?!

Bob said...


I had a cooking group last year that was going great. I'm the older dude in the group and it's mostly young people wanting to get out in this once great social scene in the Washington DC area. The whole scene collapsed last April!

I was enjoying cocktails on rooftops all over the DC area with the younger people. Being a male and single I tried to impress women with my taste in the spirits. Straight Blanco Tequila is not a woman's drink though. You shouldn't drink it with ice but I do!

I tried a venture with them into the Shenandoah. The great valley here in Virginia that our inbred retard governor probably has never been to. That fell thru. The women are experiencing fungal facial infections and their bodies are giving out from the stress.

Last year I hiked with a woman named Diane. She was very nice and attractive LAST YEAR, but now she has aged and is afraid to dine indoors. We were at a West Virginia diner that is regionally famous. She ate alone in the cold.

Vernon Coleman doesn't want any comments or letters but the man is total badass.

My biggest distress is the travel restrictions coming. I won't get the vaccine ever.

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