Wednesday, February 3, 2021

This Is Interesting: COVID-19 Cases Drop Dramatically Globally, Having Nothing To Do With The mRNA Gene Therapy Masquerading As A "Vaccine"!

 I have been watching the 'numbers game' not only here in Manitoba but elsewhere around the world over the last while, and I could not help but notice that the number of 'cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' around the world are indeed dropping dramatically.... In fact, the number of 'new cases' in a lot of nations is reminiscent of what happened last year in springtime, where after a short upswing in cases, the numbers did drop off dramatically and in many places were near ZERO over the summertime....

Yes, this is real, and so many should be asking themselves "How can this be?", and I of course have my own answer for that, but I will hold back on what I see happening here, after I present the following report that comes from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course lives in the insanity of southern Ontario outside of Toronto, and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Penny's article is entitled: "Covid-19 Cases Drop Like A Stone, GLOBALLY, Having NOTHING To Do With The mRNA Therapy Masquerading As A Vaccine.", and she absolutely puts up some interesting aspects of this tremendous drop off of "COVID-19 cases" with the focus on the collapse of cases happening south of here in the  United States.... Here in fact is Penny's article for everyone to take a close look at, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Covid-19 Cases Drop Like a Stone, GLOBALLY, Having NOTHING to do with the mRNA therapy masquerading as a vaccine.

I can tell you all this is the case here locally (Niagara region) as well.

US Infections and Global Infections are plummeting 

Why ARE coronavirus cases plummeting? New US infections have fallen 44% over the last 3 weeks and experts say vaccine is NOT the reason because only 8% of Americans have received their first dose -

  • On Wednesday, a total of 110,679 new coronavirus infections were reported with a seven-day rolling average of 135,904, a 44% decline from the average three weeks earlier
  • The decline appears to be a global phenomenon, with new infections falling worldwide for the past three weeks in a row, the World Health Organization said Monday  
  • Hospitalizations have fallen nearly 30% from a peak of of 132,474 on January 6 to 92,880, the lowest figure seen since November 29
  • Currently, 44 states are seeing a decline in cases with just Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania trending upward, according to Johns Hopkins data 
  • California's 21,451 new confirmed cases on Tuesday are about one-third the mid-December peak of 54,000
  • New York recorded 8,215 new infections on Tuesday, down from the record-high of 19,942 new cases reported on January 15
  • Health experts say it is too soon for vaccines to be playing a role in the decline with just 8% of the population having received the first shot and fewer than 2% being fully immunized 
  • It appears to be a global phenomenon. The World Health Organization (WHO) noted Monday that new worldwide COVID-19 cases have fallen for the past three weeks in a row.

Vaccines had nothing to do with the decline- Zip, Zero, Zilch- Nadda! (and they were never going to)

However, most officials say that, witfewer than two percent of the population fully immunized against the virus, it is too soon to say that vaccines are causing the decline.
So the question remains: why are cases falling so fast in the U.S. and can the nation stay ahead of the fast-spreading mutations of the virus? 

Public health experts believe that the decline in cases is likely a combination of a higher number of people who've had the virus than official counts suggest - meaning as many as 90 million people have antibodies against the virus - and fewer people traveling and holding gatherings than did over the winter holidays.
Like Falling off a Cliff  

As many as 90 million people have antibodies (US)- why that's "herd immunity" Or as I like to call it social immunity. I don’t buy the fewer people having gatherings and traveling claim. Seems there was no shortage of people traveling during the winter holidays and certainly there were gatherings..    


Just an observation.  Flu season normally peaks December through to February. And “Covid-19" is doing exactly the same.  


 Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May.

 We know for CERTAIN the drop in cases has nothing to do with the vaccines. Because these experimental injections do not block transmission. Period. Regardless of how many poor souls were experimented upon, total of 2% globally injected, with this mRNA therapy that has no ability to block transmission was never going to slow the spread.

 I’m entertaining two vastly more realistic possibilities. On or the other? Or a combo of both?

1- To me it appears that social immunity has kicked in. Yup, enough people have had Covid, that immunity is widespread in the northern hemisphere

2- Undoubtedly the plain ordinary seasonal flu was identified as Covid and it too has run it’s usual course


That’s a fact!

NTS Notes: First, once again Kudos to Penny for this great find, as the facts presented are very interesting indeed..

OK, My interpretation of what is happening is both simple and very common sense... These pricks running this entire 'scam-demic' have been calling EVERY Influenza case that they could possibly come across over the last 5+ months everywhere across the planet 'COVID-19' instead... And it is a fact that suddenly this season, when Influenza is very prevalent and does indeed make a LOT of people sick globally, it seemed as though Influenza itself had suddenly 'disappeared'... It became an inside joke at times when people would say "COVID-19 has cured Influenza".... 

The reality of course is that the pricks 'counting' their "COVID-19" scam 'numbers' were simply counting REAL  cases of Influenza in their tallies... And of course the lying whores in the media were all on board with this fraud as they would run their propaganda non-stop that "COVID-19" was on the rise and that we should all 'run for our lives'... But the reality is that it was only and entirely the seasonal outbreak of Influenza that they were actually talking about..

And yes, Influenza season is now approaching an end, and voila, and seemingly 'magically' the 'numbers' of this fraud "COVID-19" patients has also dropped accordingly and dramatically as we are witnessing.. This is rational and common sense...

But of course even with the fall of Influenza cases and the nearing of the end of Influenza season, we are witnessing the rapid 'ramp up' of their push to still have all of us injected with their deadly concoction of mRNA EXPERIMENTAL genetic therapy masquerading as a 'vaccine'.. And for what?  This concoction is not for this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all, as even the criminal pricks running this scam-demic have said plainly and openly to the general public!  

So... Why are people now absolutely falling all over themselves and wanting to rush out to take these poisons in their bodies that will both cripple and very much kill them all???? The answer sadly goes back to the non-stop never ending brainwashing propaganda for the last full year done to peoples' simple minds thanks to the lies put out by the lying whores in the media... These pricks are fully to blame for the PROGRAMMING of the general public into believing that they all MUST take these shots as for the strangest reasons their 'very lives depended on them'......

And sadly the zombified public will indeed not even bother with people such as Penny, Greencrow, myself, and so many others, trying our desperate best to try to wake them the fuck up before it is too late for them, in our efforts to get them to NOT take these deadly shots at all... Most are too far gone now and are hopelessly lost to the lies, sadly...

 I for one cannot even fathom what the world will be like a year from now as over half or so (I have read claims that those effected will be in the 80-90% range) of the entire world's population that took or will take these shots are suddenly dying from the adverse effects of the 'gene therapy' concoctions they actually contain, as these damaging agents will be causing their own bodies to destroy themselves.. It will not be pretty at all, and sadly it may indeed fulfill the criminal elite plan to 'cull the herd'...

More to come



Barney said...

A perfect scam. Invent an imaginary "killer plague" based on the fraudulent "virus theory". Force people to stay at home with only the brainwashing box for company. What chance would the majority have against the ever-intensifying fear porn? They're even quoting "misinformed conspiracy theories" on the internet and demonising real truth-tellers such as yourself as "dangerous lunatics" to prevent the sheeple looking elsewhere for answers.

I've said for years that the tel-aviv-zion is the most powerful brainwashing tool ever invented, and for the past year the monsters have been making full use of that potential.

Even my "other half" believes every word that comes out of that box, and she had her first dose of poison on Monday against my better advice. She seems ok so far, but I'm sure she won't be if she gets the second dose, which I suspect is the real killer, the first dose being the "bait", a comparatively harmless substance in most cases to convince the sheeple that there's nothing to fear.

I try to warn her, but the programming has been so effective that her response is something along the lines of "if you choose to believe the lies on the internet ...".

It's not only stupid people who fall for the lies (though the stupid are the most gullible). What chance do most people have of retaining their sanity when they're practically forced to sit in front of the electric jew absorbing the propaganda all day every day? It's the modern version of MK ULTRA.

Isolate people, stop social contact and give them something to watch to relieve the otherwise inevitable boredom. Job done.

They'd be better off switching that thing off and listening to music or reading a book. I'd suggest "The Invisible Rainbow" and "The Contagion Myth" for a start, possibly "Murder by Injection" and a few others.

I don't wear a muzzle (face diaper) and I'm expecting visitors tomorrow and Friday. It's "illegal" to socialise, but it keeps me fairly sane (whatever that is nowadays), and if zog doesn't like it, zog can stick it's fake "laws" where the sun don't shine.

Like you, NTS, I wonder what the world will look like a year from now, and I thank God that I'm old enough by now not to have to endure very much more of whatever this world will become under jew communism.

Thinking....... said...

This is why the numbers are getting lower. No mystery at all.

WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce Massive COVID False Positives