Friday, February 5, 2021

This IS Ghastly: A New "Bill" In The Formerly Free United States Would Force Social Media Users To Secretly Report Suspicious People To Law Enforcement!

 I want to turn away from the constant attacks on the entire Scam-demic for the moment, for another email was just sent my way with the usual "Hey NTS, Take a look at this one!" comment... I took a close look at the link that was attached to the email very closely and I knew that I had to post the article and my own thoughts about this horror here at this blog as soon as possible..

Therefore, I do want to present the following very important article that comes courtesy of the Aletho News website, at This article is entitled: "Bill Would Force Social Media Users To Secretly Report Suspicious People To Law Enforcement" and is a MUST read by everyone and especially my readers in the United States itself... Here in fact is that article in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Bill Would Force Social Media Users To Secretly Report Suspicious People To Law Enforcement

MassPrivateI | February 4, 2021

Senator Joe Manchin wants to bring DHS’s spy on your neighbors “If You See, Something Say Something”  program to social media, blogs, websites, and much more. Manchin’s bill, the “See Something, Say Something Online Act” would essentially turn social media users into Federal spies by forcing them to report suspicious people to law enforcement.

Just how bad is this bill?

This bill would essentially force anyone on social media to report suspicious “transmissions” to law enforcement.

“Known Suspicious Transmission.—The term ‘‘known suspicious transmission’’ is any suspicious transmission that an interactive computer  service should have reasonably known to have occurred or have been notified of by a director, officer, employ, agent, interactive computer service user, or State or Federal law enforcement agency.”

Major Crime —The term ‘‘major crime’’ means a Federal criminal offense that is a crime of violence (as defined 13 in section 16 of title 18, United States Code); relating to domestic or international terrorism (as those terms are defined in section 16 2331 of title 18, United States Code)

What exactly is a known suspicious transmission or major crime?

“Suspicious Transmission is defined as any post, private message, comment, tag, transaction, or any other user-generated content or transmission that government officials later determine commits, facilitates, incites, promotes, or otherwise assists the commission of a major crime. Major crimes are defined as anything involving violence, domestic, or international terrorism, or a serious drug offense.”

How could social media users, bloggers, web forum moderators, web conferencing users etc., know that a comment left or uttered by someone would later lead to them committing a major crime?

The See Something, Say Something Online Act would force social media users into red flagging every person’s comments just in case someone commits a major crime in the future.

This bill would effectively destroy the First Amendment as we know it, dispelling any vestiges of America still being a free country.

Social media users would be forced to submit a Suspicious Transmission Activity Report (STAR) on suspicious individuals within 30 days.

“In General.—If a provider of an interactive computer service detects a suspicious transmission, the interactive computer service, including any director, officer, employee, agent, or representative of such provider, shall submit to the Department a STAR describing the suspicious transmission in accordance with this section.”

As Reason warned, the See Something, Say Something Online Act would put reporting on your fellow American on steroids. It would create a glut of frivolous reports, including many that are politically motivated, or otherwise disingenuous.

Social media users and law enforcement would keep detailed personal information, including metadata of suspicious people for five years.

“Each STAR submitted under this section shall contain, at a minimum—  (1) the name, location, and other such identification information as submitted by the user to the provider of the interactive computer service; (2) the date and nature of the post, message, comment, tag, transaction, or other user-generated content or transmission detected for suspicious activity such as time, origin, and destination; and (3) any relevant text, information, and metadata related to the suspicious transmission.”

“Retention Of Records —Each provider of an interactive computer service shall— (A) maintain a copy of any STAR submitted under this section and the original record equivalent of any supporting documentation for the 5-year period beginning on the date on which the STAR was submitted. (B) make all supporting documentation available to the Department and any appropriate law enforcement agencies upon request.”

No one can tell a person that they have been flagged as suspicious

“Non-Disclosure—Except as otherwise prescribed by the Attorney General, no provider of an interactive computer service, or officer, director, employee, or agent of such a provider, subject to an order under subsection (a) may disclose the existence of, or terms of, the order to any person.”

Social media users could face prosecution for not reporting suspicious people

Imagine someone leaving a comment on social media like the police suck or calling someone a bitch, twit or twat and then they go on to commit a crime in the future. Would anyone like to guess what might happen next?

Every social media user who refused to file a STAR report on a suspicious person would open themselves up to prosecution or a lawsuit.

“Compliance—Any provider of an interactive computer service that fails to report a known suspicious transmission shall not be immune from civil or criminal liability for such transmission under section 230(c) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 230(c)).”

Where does one begin when it comes to describing just how bad this bill is?

Forcing social media users to essentially submit STAR reports on people they deem as suspicious opens up a Pandora’s box of problems.

Social media users who are forced into reporting on people could flag everyone’s comments to guard against being prosecuted or sued. This bill, if passed as it is written, would have a devastating effect on the civil rights and freedoms of every American.

NTS Notes: Honestly, this is beyond ghastly and if this 'bill' is allowed to somehow pass in the formerly free nation called the "United States" then it will be the final nail in the coffin for American rights and freedoms..

I honestly suspected something like this was going to eventually rear its ugly head, as the REAL criminals in charge of America, the Jewish elite and their minions, have always been hell bent on suppression of free speech and the truth about their evil ways... Thus now with this 'bill', if the American public allows it to be 'passed', these pricks will be able to shut down freedom of speech and anyone seeing their evils, permanently...

And yes, it is disgusting to think that social media users will become the ultimate 'snitches' and be able to fink on anyone that they simply just do not like at all or as they perceive as somehow being 'criminals'... This bill will indeed destroy the lives of so many innocent people and truly turn America into a full blown totalitarian state of despair and criminality..

And if anyone living here in Canada thinks this will not happen here, you should give your heads a shake, for I can guarantee the criminal Trudeau regime is well aware of this 'bill' and is awaiting to see if it gets the 'go ahead' in the US before unleashing a similar 'bill' up here in Canada as well....

It is my hope that readers, especially those living in America, are made fully aware of this travesty and that they alert others before it is too late to stop this evil act in its tracks..... 

More to come



Barney said...

Whatever happens in America soon finds it's way over here (to the sewer that was once England). Already zog's army of "Karens" (apologies to any innocent people named Karen) is forever hiding behind the curtains and ringing the thought police if they see anything even vaguely resembling someone having "fun", or even an "unauthorised" visitor.

With no need for anything resembling what was once known as "evidence", the fun police then force their way into the "offender's" residence, breaking the door down if they feel so inclined, terrorising everyone found inside as well as both unlawfully and illegally (there's a difference) issuing "fines" that aren't valid fines at all. Most people don't know that though, so they pay up.

A good source regarding "legal" vs "lawful" is

It's run by a "tranny" named Veronica, but his information seems good, and it's valid on both sides of the Atlantic. (F M O T L - think Free Man On The Land. It's all explained on the site).

Best advice if this atrocity (the bill mentioned in the article) passes is to stay away from forums, blog comments sections and "social media". Soon the internet will only be safely usable for shopping, leaving "dissidents" like us having to resort to "samizdat", as used in Russia under jew-communist occupation, to distribute our "subversive" thoughts.

When (not if) things get that bad it will be time to dispense with the internet altogether. Why pay for something that can only be used to shop on CIAmazon and other zog-run sites?

Save everything you can. If it isn't on your hard drive, you haven't got it. A lot of us are collecting evidence for future historians, and with this in mind, I've downloaded nearly a thousand videos featuring real truth-tellers in the hope that they'll still be playable once "the system" is taken down.

Take what you want from the internet now, and then be prepared to unsubscribe when it becomes useless except as a source of danger to anyone with a brain.

AL said...

Tyranny on steroids. Face infinity without flinching . Mark Passio says "Life is just a ride" Wish I could go to a theatre to watch this show.

Rose Fox said...

This looks like paranoid nonsense to me. Just because one whacked out US senator tables a bill doesn't mean it will be passed. A bill has to pass through several layers of US government before it becomes law. This one won't pass because it's too broad, threatens the sanctity of their Constitution, and is impossible to enforce.

It's not possible to punish people for not being prescient as to someone else's potential, future motives by reading one of their social media posts. Someone's been watching too much Minority Report. Example scenario: I'm looking through posts on Twitter, I see a post that would curl an SJW's blue hair but I don't report the poster. Others see the same post and don't report either. Nobody interacts with the poster or responds to their post. The poster goes on to commit a violent crime.

So does that mean they're going to track everyone down who read that post and indict them on criminal charges? How do they know who read a post if they don't reply to it? They don't. How do they decide if the people who saw the post "should have" known to report it, to stop a future crime? And what about people who use security measures like TOR browser or VPN? Anyone who tracks my IP finds themselves in Chicago, are they going to send the Chicago police after me?

Like I said, this is pure nonsense which is impossible to enforce. And if I'm wrong and they CAN track anyone who reads a social media post without reporting it, people will move to secure social media sites instead of Farcebook, Twatter and their subsidiaries. And speaking of which, Facebook et al are so heavily censored now that people couldn't post a violent or hateful post if they wanted to. So the goal posts would be moved to include innocuous posts like "the sky is blue today".

Fearmongering comes from both sides these days, the leftards and their so-called opponents. Both like to make up fairy tales to scare people.

Cloud said...

Rose took the words right out of my mouth.

Me: "Desperation needs desperate and FAKE laws just as the whole FAKE debacle in DC." It's all FAKE making FAKE sentences and FAKE laws on FAKE suspicions with FAKE outcomes. Fear porn has no bounds. In truth they are casting THEIR OWN GUILT onto everyone else lest someone have the courage to end their insidious obnoxious circus acts emanating from tel aviv. They've got to keep that extortion coming in paying their tormented children sitting and existing in front of a screen flagging invisible enemies under the pavement. Waiting for the day when THEY ARE ALL DESTROYED.
BTW: The Court system is completely corrupt too operating on the Law of the Sea (Maritime Law) when we are living on the Law of the Land (Constitution). Once knowing this blatant obscenity we the people have the right to stand on it. Maritime Admiralty Law - your red pill

And here is a confirmation of what you posted:

Obscenity is a category of speech unprotected by the First Amendment. Obscenity laws are concerned with prohibiting lewd, filthy, or disgusting words or pictures. ... All fifty states have individual laws controlling obscene material. A comprehensive, legal definition of obscenity has been difficult to establish.,or%20disgusting%20words%20or%20pictures.&text=All%20fifty%20states%20have%20individual,has%20been%20difficult%20to%20establish.