Monday, February 8, 2021

The Mask That Blinds The Future

Face Masks.... Everywhere you turn these days, unless you are living in the rare place now across the planet that does not have those sickness generating coverings 'mandatory', all you see are the most stupidest and gullible people imaginable wearing those gawd awful face diapers....And all I can do these days is just to pass them and not even bother to mention any more that their face coverings were indeed destroying their health and actually making them sick, as most are now too stupid to live and will actually turn belligerent to my statements of fact.....

Well, thank goodness for some sanity once in a while, as I turn to the newest article from my great colleague who lives in the warm state of Florida, John Kaminski.....  John had told me just on Saturday during our now weekly conversations that he was indeed about to post a new article, entitled "The Mask That Blinds The Future" and I stated that I would indeed post it here at my blog soon afterwards... Therefore here is that newest article from John for everyone to see for themselves right here, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Locking down your mind
with monstrous medicine


The mask is a symbol of our impotence, indicating how we should keep our mouths shut in the presence of the Almighty State and follow its orders religiously, especially when we know these commands are false, and meant not to improve our health but to injure us and forever shackle us to the state. The mask is a symbolic ID badge that shows the cops we believe the lies the government tells us.

On a deep emotional level the lockdown teaches us how we should ruin our own lives by voluntarily sequestering ourselves from society because we are potentially disease ridden deplorables sickened by a government-created plague that kills one one-thousandth of the people it infects, or so they claim. This makes the lockdowns the greatest government deception in history, quarantining healthy people unnecessarily and murdering oldsters with deliberately wrong treatment (ventilators) and untested experimental vaccines that are really not vaccines at all.

Somehow the mad doctors of the world have convinced everyone to believe bad germs have destroyed the planetary economy, when it was nothing more than an evil plot by the powers that be to destroy half the world’s population with poison prescriptions and lockdows that have absolutely paralyzed societies. Oh yes, and putting your medical records and bank accounts inside your body where they can be read by the authorities but can never be removed.

Frightened people rushing to take this satanic shot that is not even a vaccine indicates the advanced level of retardation extant in the general population. Further media manipulation places the blame on the public for being so sociable and polite to each other for so long. Now the government edicts have created a society of needless suspicion, perhaps to take the focus off its own demolished credibility thanks to fixed elections and blood-drinking billionaire senators, among many other affronts to humanity.

It’s simply a sham disease when a doctor has to tell you you have before you know you have it.

Yes, you heard that right, a symptom free disease that forced everyone to destroy their own livelihoods in order to prepare for a nightmare future in which individual will has been neutered and a synthetic predigested harmony dominates a world with very few questions from anyone, which are quickly not answered and ordered to be forgotten, just like in China.

As the lockdowns teach us to shun everyone, we become more ashamed and think maybe the planet would be better off without our species. Many people have thought this. But the U.S. suicide rate, especially among soldiers overwrought with their own guilt, has always been as high as the society has been brittle, or plastic. Now more than ever, as people’s life’s work has been arbitrarily obliterated by this phony medical witchcraft.

This is the one, the classic cure that actually IS worse than the disease.

This is the mask that blinds the future, brought to you by a smiling doctor who pretends to be your friend and with the overall health of the world in mind plans to kill half the human race with his wonderful medicines to create a more streamlined lineup for the puppetmasters’ plantation of the future.

The mask is multifaceted with many tasks and accomplishments. First and foremost, it greatly increases the chances of your developing heart disease and cancer from the hypoxia produced by breathing in your own polluted exhalations.

The mask is also symbolic of what we are not allowed to say.

9/11 was an inside job. Nobody died at Sandy Hook. World War II was started by Franklin Roosevelt on behalf of International Jewry. And today? The world is being poisoned by Jewish doctors who make us sick with their cures and always have.

Although most of this material is automatically stifled by the criminals who own the media.

First and foremost, the mask and lockdowns are not about medicine or health; they are symbols of submission to a totalitarian government authority.

When President Whatshisname issued his nationwide mask order for all public transportation, he and his twisted physicians failed to realize what the public already knows — that ordinary masks don’t hinder the spread of any disease.

Who are these people controlling our lives? They have captured us completely. And they’ve done it with lies, which a bevy of principled doctors have opposed, but their words have been lost in the media lockdown that blocks all humans with integrity from speaking — duh, like the President! — or otherwise opposing the plans the Communists have now put into place.

The sad truth is ordinary people prefer a pleasant but not too constraining slavery to having to determine their own fate. They want their freedom handed to them while they remain in their easy chairs. Freedom usually requires fighting people who are trying to kill you.

Is our government trying to kill us?

What else could you call it but the mask that blinds the future?

And what else does it blind us to?

Put on your mask and look in the mirror. You can’t see yourself, can you? With masks you can’t see anybody. Everyone’s anonymous, just the way the government wants it. Easier to install the Communist system that way, with people who either can’t or won’t think at all.

Use of the mask harms the user by forcing him to breathe his own exhalations, contributing to the hypoxia and hypercapnia mask use can produce. Others report tooth problems from constant mask wearing.

Embracing this COVID fantasy means your life expectancy has been radically shortened. Many of you will doubtless succumb to the government’s blandishments and your friends’ virtue shaming. And like the fool you are, you will take the shot. And, like Henry Aaron and so many others, you will soon thereafter die, achieving the government’s goal of population reduction.

The madmen supervising this so-called pandemic are the ones who really need to be put in permanent quarantine, after first being inoculated with every vaccine known to man. Especially the untested ones.

Make this your mantra.


Once the cash is gone, so is our freedom.

Then begin to understand that Communist aliens (from other countries, not other planets) have taken control of America and are about to kill everyone in it that they don’t like, which is just about everyone who is not Jewish.

If you are afraid to say this then chances are slim that your life can be saved.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I could not agree with John more where he states here that the masks are a symbol of impotence in the face of the evils of the criminal state... I have long said that they symbolize subservience to the brutal rules and laws imposed by our criminal governments  and I am not backing down from that statement at all...

And yes, John is right about the deadly concoctions that are absolutely NOT vaccines... I have said for the last while that what these poisons are cannot be defined as 'vaccines' at all, but are in reality EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying concoctions that will surely destroy the very DNA of the human beings out there stupid enough to actually allow these pricks to inject them into their bodies...

And of course this 'COVID-19' garbage is nothing but a phantom and very much the greatest hoax in all of human history as it has never been isolated or purified anywhere across the planet in what is now 15 months of this entire scam-demic...

And yes, the mask itself does indeed promote other horrific diseases such as heart disease and Cancer... And as John states does indeed point out creates horrific dental diseases as well as many infections right on the wearer's own face as well!!  There is ZERO benefit at all in wearing these horrific face coverings and in actually an ever increasing list of horrendous diseases and ailments instead...

And as John states, the mantra for people should be "Burn The Masks, Bust The Quacks, and Free The People!"..... I may even put a few posters up here and there with that mantra for everyone to see here in central Canada as well...

More to come



Freeborn said...

Kaminski is a soulful lyricist. I love the stuff he writes about growing up - probably cos he's a baby-boomer like me.

John is spot on with this piece re-the MUZZLES and how they signal our compliance and surrender to the PSYCHOPATHS who planned this GENOCIDE.

In-depth coverage of the WHOLE SCAMDEMIC here from Richard D Hall. He's been off-grid for months but has come back strongly with this 5 episode analysis of the most EGREGIOUS FRAUD ever committed against humanity:

P.S. Andrew Johnson is also an intrepid researcher in his own right.

Bob said...

Kaminski is a brilliant essayist.

I'm exhausted though. The campaign to get the population vaccinated is in full swing - actually getting people angry that other people cut in front of them to get the JAB.

These people don't read anything or know about anything. It's tragic. I see young women rushing to get the JAB.

I have a pet female Eastern Box Turtle and as an experiment I tried a mini mask on her! She tore it off in a few seconds and then went in her pond to clean her face! These animals haven't been around for millions of years if they were stupid.

Freeborn said...

Jaymie Icke's new docu-movie re-vaccines is a poignant reminder of the human cost paid by parents and children as a result of VACCINE-INDUCED neurological damage:

Look out for SCAMDEMIC-exposers like the fearless Rashid Bhattar, the redoubtable Sherri Tenpenny and the venerable Andrew Kaufman. These R doctors who have remained faithful to their Hippocratic pledge and have committed themselves to defend humanity in this hour of DIRE NEED.

Unknown said...

Nothing is stupider than the Negroes that inhabit
more than 1/3rd the population of SC. I have had the
unfortunate misery on two separate occasions to have
had them become literally hysterical at the sight of
my maskless face. One group of them were about to
become a lynch mob. I can see and understand how my
forebearers - in the post-antebellum era - had to
form groups like the KKK, to keep them under control.