Friday, February 26, 2021

Retaliatory Strike Against Israeli Ship In Gulf Of Oman, Due To American Bombing In Syria? Not So Fast....

 I was alerted, after I posted my last article about the American illegal airstrikes against "Iranian" targets in Syria just the other day, that an Israeli owned ship had just been struck by an aerial missile earlier today, in what many in the lying whore media are claiming is 'Iran retaliating' for the American airstrikes in Syria..

Yes, I read the reports, and there obviously is something else going on here.... This to me is just 'too convenient' and being the pessimist that I always am in terms of these 'attacks', I smell a rat.....

And I am not alone in that sniffing out the real rat behind this attack on that Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman... For I want to present here first the reaction from another truth seeker, Jim Stone, through his website at

My comment on the Israeli ship that was struck in a "retaliatory strike" after syrian airstrike

This happened too fast and at too random of a location to hold credibility. You can't just target someone at random as fast as this Israeli ship was struck. There is too much procedure involved. First you have to figure out who did the airstrike. Then you have to find out where their assets are, and ensure it is THEIR ASSET. Then you have to position your response and attack. It can't happen as fast as the Israeli ship was struck. Therefore, it is only rational to assume that an escalation was desired, and that Israel was behind both the airstrike in Syria, and the attack on their own vessel.

That will be my final answer. No matter what story they concoct, the timing of it all points to only that.

The only out would be if Iran said they did it, and it could be proven that Iran really did say they did it.

OK,  When I saw reports about this strike against that Israeli ship, I thought back to nearly a year and a half ago, in October of 2019, when an Iranian tanker was attacked in the Red Sea, and the criminals in the US/NATO/Israel criminal cabal claimed 'innocence' in that attack... Here is the link to my report on that incident here:

And does anyone remember when that Japanese Methanol carrying tanker was hit in the Gulf of Oman back in June of 2019 as well?   Here is the link to my report from back then to refresh everyone's memories:

Apparently someone is hoping that people do have 'short attention spans' and will not remember these attacks that were DEFINITELY done by ISRAELI stealth Dolphin Class submarines firing "Popeye" missiles into those ships.... And those were BOTH definite false flag attacks to try to stir up trouble against Iran...

Now WHO has to gain by this latest 'attack' in the Gulf of Oman?  And yes, this is a trick question, for the answer is definitely the criminal state of Israel itself... And what we have here is indeed history once again repeating itself...

The bottom line is this.. .This latest 'attack' against that ship in the Gulf of Oman was almost guaranteed carried out by the Israelis themselves... And guaranteed they simply had one of their Dolphin class stealth submarines nearby to fire off a Popeye missile to hit their own ship.... The reason is absolutely to escalate an already heated situation in the Middle East after the criminals in the US attacked "Iranian assets" in Syria by blaming Iran for this 'retaliation' ... The psychos in Israel did this because they are so hell bent on war with Iran by all means necessary, and even if it takes a false flag attack against their own ships to get it launched..

Do not be fooled by this one, readers.. I smell a rat definitely, and it has a Star of David tattooed on its behind!

More to come


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