Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, February 24th, 2021: 39 New Cases And 1 New Death From This Fraud

 I was sent the following from another of my finest readers to this blog, and the information it contains rings true about this entire scam-demic:


1. Presumption of cases without testing

2. Rigged kits & crooked laboratories

3. Misuse of PCR technique for testing

4. Death "with" COVID-19, but not "from" COVID-19

5. Politicians inflating numbers after the fact

6. Medical murders in hospitals & nursing homes

And again, every one of these key points listed absolutely rings true in regards to this entire scam-demic... And these are indeed the key points to this entire fraud and how the scam artists are indeed perpetuating this entire HOAX on the gullible out there....

Meanwhile, I have as I always do the latest "Official COVID-19 report" that was just issued a short while ago by the criminals here in Manitoba responsible for running this scam-demic that has destroyed this province and its people... And I do want to present their 'numbers' from that report as I always do right here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming ONLY "45" new cases of this non-existent "deadly virus" for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours, minus supposedly '6' cases that were 'removed' due to what they claim are 'data errors' as always, to '39' ... This raised the overall total for the start of the 50th week of this madness since these assholes decided to screw this province with their fraud 'state of emergency' back in mid-March of last year to a grand total of '31590'.... But as always, ALL of these 'cases' were entirely derived from the fraud PCR testing with that 'test's 100% inaccuracy rate..

(b) Now they are claiming '81' active hospital cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a decrease of '4' active hospital cases from yesterday's report of '85'... And they are claiming '11' out of those '81' active hospital cases are sitting in the ICU wards, which is a decrease of '1' ICU case from yesterday's report of '12'.... And I am indeed discarding the other '126' that they are falsely claiming to be in the hospitals as well as the '18' in the ICU wards, for today, as they are completely a fraud...

(c) Now they are claiming '1' new death from this non-existent 'deadly virus' , a very elderly 90+ year old woman in a nursing home that suffered from OTHER real health issues... This raises their overall death toll for this the start of the 50th week of this lie, to a grand total of '887'... But of course ALL of these deaths had severe 'underlying health issues' that were the factual cause of their deaths..

(d) Now they are claiming "29507" recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus for this the start of the 50th week of this entire scam-demic... This is an increase of '54' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '29453' and therefore they are increasing the total number of 'active' cases that actually belong in this category to some '400+'.... 

(e) Now they are claiming '1196' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a decrease of '16' active cases from yesterday's total of '1212'.. But as noted in (d) this number is inflated by at least '400+' as they are purposely and criminally withholding recovered cases and keeping them in this category.... But no matter, as the PCR test is a total fraud, and thus NONE of these ' active cases' have even a sniffle of this non-existent 'deadly virus' and therefore have to be either dismissed or filed as 'suspect' at best..

(f) NO change in the number of fraud 'variant cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus', and thus this number holds at '5' overall....And still ZERO reports as to where the 5th 'new variant case' came from, but not surprising from these liars...

Yes, Now their overall cases numbers are collapsing... And they are still unable to get ANY other deaths other than picking off elderly patients in senior citizen homes once again.... But I did notice in the 'news conference' today hosted by that sicko prick bald headed freak Brent Roussin that he is stating that Manitobans must stay 'vigilant' and keep with their horrid 'restrictions' as the 'new variants' are out there (!).... Liars and scoundrels all of these pricks indeed...

OK, Time to do what I always do, and take a closer look at all of their 'numbers' listed above, and further tear them all to smithereens to further expose their lies.... And in the same alphabetical order right here:

(a) I do wonder what these assholes will do to stop this collapse of their 'overall cases' numbers?  The obvious ploy is to simply go back to raising the amplification 'cycles' that they use for the fraud PCR testing and up the numbers that way... But I will bet anything that they are going to play with the minds of Manitobans as they always do and let this number fall a wee bit lower and then BOOM!! Unleash their new 'variant' and have this number rise once again....And as I and others have shown, they can throw 'cases' in everyone's faces all they want, but even these '31590' case count for Manitoba means absolutely nothing and is out there for the propaganda of fear...

(b) Yes, the hospital cases numbers continue to slide down, and just like in (a) I have no doubt that they are going to use the FRAUD 'variants' as their next means of having the hospital numbers rise once again... And the facts are that each of these '81' hospital cases do NOT have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all, and if they are sick in the hospitals, it is from REAL other diseases....  And as I stated already, the other '126' that they are keeping in the hospitals SHOULD be released immediately, as they are being kept there on a lie and just to prop up this entire fraud hospital 'number'..

(c) I see they are back at it by taking a frail 90+ year old female that definitely had other REAL health issues, and when she died in the last 24 hours they marked her death certificate illegally as 'death by COVID-19' instead... This is exactly the same pattern of criminality by these pricks that they have done for the last 6+ months at least!  And it remains a fact that NONE of these '887' deaths that they are claiming for the 49+ weeks since mid-March of last year have ever died from this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all.  Each and every one of them died from OTHER REAL illnesses...

(d) Yes, they are continuing to heavily manipulate this 'recovered cases' data just to keep the 'active cases' file as high as they can.... But it does not matter as NO ONE in Manitoba has this 'deadly virus' at all as it simply does not exist (no isolation = no virus)... Thus ALL cases must be either dismissed or placed into this category, minus those of course that died from OTHER real ailments..

(e) Yes, just like in (d), they are obviously manipulating this 'active cases' data to prop it up as high as they can and as long as they can for its propaganda of fear value... But the reality remains that NONE of these '1196' so called 'active cases' have this non-existent deadly virus at all as the test itself is a massive hoax and fraud... But of course as I have said constantly with these reports there ARE people that are sick in this province, but they are sick from the wide variety of REAL diseases that hit this province constantly... 

(f) I am still waiting for them to start increasing this ludicrous 'new variant' number.... The logic here is simple; If there is no real 'deadly virus' out there as it is a phantom, then how can there be new 'mutant strains as well'?   The answer is simple; These mutant strains are as mythical and magical as this fraud 'COVID-19' itself..

Yes, I am not in the least bit shocked by the data presented here... The facts remain that INFLUENZA SEASON here in Manitoba is now nearly over, and these pricks can no longer use those real disease numbers any longer and falsely call them 'COVID-19' instead... But I do find it strange that they have not tried to manipulate this data by increasing the FRAUD PCR test amplification cycles as I stated above.. Clearly they have something else diabolical up their sleeves and I am betting it all hinges on their bullshit 'new variants'....

Well, the start of the 50th week of this madness, and the cost in terms of this province's economy has been beyond enormous... The facts are now clear that Manitoba's economy is crippled and permanently.. And I do wonder what the Pallister criminals were even thinking in going along with this entire scam as they can clearly see that they are responsible for the destruction of this province and its people.. I do hope Premier Brian Pallister's 'payoff' for agreeing with this scam-demic was indeed worth it, for that prick has indeed 'sold his soul to the devil' and definitely shows his true colours as someone that does not give a shit about the people of this province..

And yes, the lying whore media continues with their 'vaccine' this , and 'vaccine' that fraud propaganda as they are indeed pushing everyone that is stupid enough living here in Manitoba to 'demand' that they all get shot up with those horrid EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying death jabs....  I cannot even fathom how many people will be DYING within the next 6 months from taking those shots of pure  death, and it will indeed be GENOCIDE... This more than anything else, including the numbers who have already died here in Manitoba from suicides and overdoses, is why I continue to push to see ALL of these criminal bastards be arrested, tried, and then put to death, for their parts in murdering the people of this province by pushing these shots of pure poison..

More to come


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Freeborn said...

Here in the UK they're going to make the kids take COVID tests as soon as they're back in school as of 8th March.

Masks are now mandated in secondary classrooms so the "COVID" rate will increase exponentially due to the masks that spread streptococcal infections like bacterial pneumonia.

The parents of the kids who've tested positive - or just kids in classes where another kid has tested positive - will be forced to get tested and quarantine.

The UK government is openly blackmailing the population saying the lockdown will only be lifted if they're happy with vaccine take-up rates.

Additionally, they're going to offer vaccinations to people @ home so that COVID doesn't become a "poor people's disease"!

The first HAZMAT-suited trooper who comes through my door brandishing a poisoned needle will be dead meat!