Monday, February 15, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, February 15th, 2021: No Report From These Criminals Today? What? Does This Non-Existent "Deadly Virus" Continue To Take Holidays Off??

Well.... I was just informed that there will be NO 'official report' today from any of the scoundrels and liars from both the Manitoba government bastards running this scam-demic for Manitoba, and of course the lying sacks of shit over at "Manitoba Health" that come  up with their bullshit 'numbers of cases' on a daily basis just to try to scare the people here 1/2 to death with their fraud... 

Honestly... I saw this coming, for apparently this 'deadly virus' that still to this day does not even exist does indeed take holidays off for 'good behaviour' as it has done so many times over the last year with other holidays.... 

And of course there is no new "update" for today as well to their 'numbers game' at their official bullshit websites, and all I can say to these assholes in charge is: 

Get back here, you pussies! I am not finished with you pricks, yet!

But I will leave my attacks on their lies and falsehoods until tomorrow...... And it will be interesting to see how they begin to skewer their 'numbers' with their incoming and most magical new 'variants' of this contagion that still has never to this day been isolated, purified, or even proven to exist..... I can hardly wait, and I will be on top of their lies as I always do until the people here do wake the fuck up and see that this has indeed been nothing more than THE greatest hoax in all of human history!

More to come


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