Saturday, February 13, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, February 13th, 2021: Lying Whore Media Is Now Running Propaganda Of New 'Variants' Coming Non-Stop To Push False Fear Into The Masses!

I open up today's rag that somehow still classifies itself as a 'newspaper' and the propaganda fear mongering of this non-existent 'deadly virus' right here in Manitoba continues unabated... But of course many of the so called 'headlines' are about how Manitobans should not get their hopes up with 'cases numbers' falling dramatically, for these propagandists are pushing the claim that we should continue to abide by ludicrous 'restrictions', "lockdowns" and even the fraud of 'social distancing' just to keep the new phantom 'variants' from taking hold in this province!... Thus the brainwashing continues seemingly never ending... 

OK, I got today's 'official numbers' from the daily "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" that was put out a while ago by the bastards and liars over at "Manitoba Health", and they are claiming some '99' new cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' but now ZERO net deaths?  I guess trolling the senior citizen homes to get their increasing death toll may have finally ended...

Well, onto their 'official numbers' and I have them broken down right here as I always do in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '99' new 'cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises the overall cases count for the 47.5 weeks since these pricks in charge here in Manitoba unleashed their fraudulent 'state of emergency' back in mid-March to a grand total of '30687' in total... But of course ALL of these 'cases' were derived only through the fraudulent 'PCR testing' that is both 100% inaccurate and generates ONLY false positive results.... 

(b) Now they are claiming '86' active hospital cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for Manitoba as of today.. This is a decline of '4' active hospital cases from  yesterday's total of "90"... But of course they have to pump up their hospital numbers fraudulently, so they are claiming a further '144' hospital cases that are somehow 'active' and yet are not 'infectious' at all but as they claim require 'further hospital treatment'... Such bullshit of course... And they are claiming only '11' of their  '86' active hospital cases are sitting in the intensive care units across Manitoba as of today.. .This is the same number of ICU cases as shown yesterday... But of course they need to pump up this number as well, so they are now claiming a further '17' ICU cases that are also somehow 'active' and once again 'not infectious' but require further "ICU care"?  As I said  before; Who writes this stuff???

(c) Now they are claiming "1" new death in the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.. However, they are claiming one previous death was a 'data error' (?) and has been 'removed' from their overall death tally...Therefore the net death toll increase in the last 24 hours is ZERO from yesterday's total.... Thus the overall death toll for the last 47.5 weeks of this fraud remains at '866' overall.... But of course this newest death was an 80 year old man in a nursing home with underlying health conditions, much like the other '865' that ALL had OTHER serious health issues, but have been falsely claimed to have 'died from COVID-19'...

(d) Now they are claiming '28193' recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the 47.5 weeks of this massive fraud... This is ONLY an increase of '53' recovered cases from yesterday's total of ' 28140' which means that they are DEFINITELY and criminally manipulating this recovered cases data.. The actual recovered cases MUST be at least '400+' higher than this number as patients have exceeded their 14 days of being 'active'....  This is being done intentionally to pump up the 'active cases' number artificially to strike fear into Manitobans!

(e) Now they are claiming '1628' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is an increase of '46' active cases from yesterday's total of '1582', and is an absolute LIE... THIS active cases number is over '400+' too high as those '400' or more cases have now exceeded their 14 days of being considered as 'active' and do belong in the recovered cases category.. This is the same manipulation that I have caught them doing for months now!  But no matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' were entirely derived from the fraud "PCR testing" and therefore do not have this contagion at all and must be listed as 'suspect' at best..

Yes, the blatant manipulation continues unabated... These pricks are once again slowly upping their 'cases' counts by simply manipulating the cycle count of the fraud "PCR testing" to generate even more false positive results... And this is only the beginning, for now that they have primed the populace here in Manitoba with news of those new 'variants' now 'hitting this province' these pricks will continue to slowly have the 'cases' numbers rise and once again blame it all on the citizens of this province for failing to 'adhere to rules'... This proves that these pricks are not going to stop this madness until WE stop them!

OK, Time once again to take a deeper look at their 'numbers' game and tear each of their data to smithereens.. And in the same alphabetical order as listed above, right here:

(a) Yes, lets start to have this 'cases' number creep up by manipulating the "PCR testing" cycles to generate more false positives... And I would not bet against this upward trend continuing and having it all blamed on the citizens here for not 'abiding' by the 'rules and restrictions'.... It is indeed madness, and the only hope now is for the citizens here to WAKE THE FUCK UP  and go after these pricks in charge for their criminal lies.....And of course everyone should be asking questions about this overall 'cases' number for the fact that to claim 'cases' means diddly squat for the fact that almost ALL of these 'cases' have never shown any symptoms of this 'disease' for there are NONE as the disease does not even exist!

(b) This is such blatant manipulation of falsified data, and yet these pricks in charge continue to do it on a daily basis and laugh in our faces by doing it so blatantly!.... The facts remain that if there actually was a REAL deadly virus out there, then the hospitals would be LOADED with real patients suffering and dying.. But here we have this laughable '86' cases (I am ignoring the other fraud '144' number for that number is pure bullshit) in a province with 65+ health care facilities and hospitals, which is such a joke... And we still have the fact that the hospitals remain verifiable ghost towns where nurses and doctors are sitting around doing absolutely NOTHING..... Overwhelmed hospital workers??? That is the real sick joke here!

(c) Well, apparently they are now running out of senior citizen deaths in senior care facilities,and that makes sense as INFLUENZA season is now nearly at an end here in Manitoba, and these pricks in charge will be unable to falsely classify deaths from that REAL disease as this bullshit 'COVID-19' instead... But watch over the next while as those new 'variants' of fraud come calling to Manitoba, and they will grab deaths from other real causes and classify those as dying from those 'variants'.....And of course this '866' death toll may seem 'large' but it is a joke compared to the 10000+ REAL DEATHS that happen in Manitoba in any 47.5 week time frame... And again, I have  been keeping tabs on Statistics Canada, and their website still shows NO 'massive increase' in deaths for this province in 2020/21 compared to previous years!   If there was a REAL ' deadly virus' out there that has been killing people, you would expect there to be an increase in deaths for this year and even last year, and there is NONE....

(d) The pricks running this 'numbers' scam have been caught again in purposely manipulating their 'recovered cases' numbers just to prop up the 'active cases' instead.... But the reality remains that nobody has actually died from this 'deadly virus' at all for the last year here in Manitoba, and ALL cases do indeed either 'fully recover' or die from OTHER causes....

(e) Just like in (d), this proves yet again that they are not giving up on doing the blatant fraud of manipulation of this 'active cases' number... This number MUST be at LEAST '400' lower than this '1628' number as those 400 or more have indeed exceeded their 'mandatory 14 day period of time' to be considered as 'active'.... But that is again just a moot point, for the fact remains that since all of these 'active cases' come from the fraud "PCR testing", NONE of them have any signs of this contagion at all... And yes, I have to repeat it here again that many that are sick are sick from OTHER real diseases that plague this province all the time... Thus to answer the question as to whether ANYONE here in Manitoba has actually had this contagion at all? The answer is and remains a resounding NO!!!!!

Honestly, I am not shocked at all by these pricks in charge continuing with their openly blatant manipulation... It has gotten to the point that they simply do not even care about what kind of 'numbers' they throw at the citizens here, for they know that thanks to a year's worth of brainwashing and mental anguish, they can throw anything they want out and it will stick in the brainwashed minds of the gullible retarded sheep out there and without any questions asked!!

I am not going to stop with exposing these daily number lies, ever, for the fact remains that these pricks in charge here in Manitoba are hell bent on having everyone that is stupid enough in this province to be jabbed with their EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying 'therapy' concoctions that will destroy many of their lives permanently.... I showed in the  previous article here at this blog about how those poisons will cause horrendous health problems and even DEATH some 3-6 months from now, and I am not kidding...

And yes, this is GENOCIDE, and the Pallister criminals are both murderers and/or accessories to these murders.. These pricks in charge have already destroyed well over a THOUSAND lives in this province over the last year through suicides, drug overdoses, and abuse/isolation of our elderly, and now we can add murder via injections to this list as they will go non-stop in wanting to see everyone here shot up with those EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying deadly concoctions that they and the lying whore media continue to falsely claim as 'vaccines' for a 'deadly virus' that still to this day DOES NOT EXIST....

I therefore am not giving up at all on my statement that these criminals in charge, and the lying whore media outlets, must be put on trial for this act of GENOCIDE against the people of this province... This crime is indeed murdering of the masses and the ONLY true justice that fits this crime is to see ALL of these pricks put to death....  There can be no other option, for the sentence must fit the crime here..

More to come


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jgr75714 said...

I the short video documentary, The PCR Deception, Kari Mullis states that the PCR test CANNOT identify any specific virus regardless of Cycle Threshold PERIOD. He states that it's design was never meant to identify the actual virus and that can only be done by isolating the virus which has never been done. PCR Ct is useless. His example is that "When you hold an Apple, you know it's an Apple. In the PCR test, the cycle threshold, regardless of how many times has run, can create something that looks like an Apple but is made up of many virus that is shaped like an the actual fruit, IE THE ISOLATION OF THE ACTUAL VIRUS. This makes almost all Virologists, Epidemiologists and Genetics researchers look exactly what they are, quacks. His contempt for Fauci was for a considerable time until his death in 2019. He stated that Fauci knows nothing about nothing in medicine, he doesn't know what he sees in electron microscopy, is a typical administrator that has an agenda and uses fear to accomplish those ends.

In the WITS (World Integrated Trade Solution; which is associated with UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), of course the World Bank, UNSD (UN Statistics Division), the World Trade Organization and ITC (International Trade Center), in 2017, the imports of the 300215 COVID-19 Test kits were for every country in the world!!!!!!

I have the 3 excel spread sheets of the numbers for all of them. This six digit code since my download in early January of 2021 through specifying the 6 digit code is no longer even available as it no longer accepts code 300215 and is not listed in available trade codes.

When Fauci guaranteed a pandemic in 2017, it was already in progress.

Regarding medicine, watch

Medicine and the entire pharmacudical industry has always been a farce which was known in the middle 1800s and the document that should have put a nail in the coffin of germ theory and Pasteur and his associates in prison is:

Proved Useless & Dangerous

Forty-five years of
Registration Statistics,
proving Vaccination
to be both useless and
In Two Parts.
E. W. ALLEN, 4 Ave Maria Lane.

It's 52 pages and is a must read. All disease was going down as hygine was getting better and food was no longer being sold with poisonous preservatives or rotting flesh / at times maggot filled meats and rotten vegetables. You will see this in the video. Read "The Jungle" and documents and papers by Harvey Wiley which exposes the food trade as depraved until the creation of the FDA which has now become another arm of the same corporations and people that sell the rotten products or those that are pasturized to such an extent that they no longer be considered food as almost all of the bacteria for the digestion, as well as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the original heirloom level of the same are lost in the process creating forever food. A good book to read is "Pandora's Lunchbox". The food production is laughable and the food is actually food stuffs filled with filler that looks, tastes and smells like is should but is mostly artificial, i.e. blueberry muffins can be called blueberry with less than 3% of the fruit with the remaining being a worthless gel.