Thursday, February 11, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, February 11th, 2021: 90 New Cases And 3 New Deaths From This Non-Existent 'Deadly Virus' - The Juggling Of Falsified Data Continues

First, my apologies for not getting today's report out sooner... I got tied up on a major project this afternoon, and only now have I been able to sit down at my computer and take a look at what the consummate liars in the Manitoba government have to say about this fraud scam-demic for today... Thanks for your patience, everyone..

Well, I have today's "official report" and as usual they are playing their 'numbers game' by simply juggling around the data and of course adding more FALSE 'cases' to their total by simply manipulating the fraudulent 'PCR testing'....This juggling will indeed continue until they can have their magical new 'variants' appear out of nowhere and out of nothing to ramp up the fear once more... And that is definitely coming here to Manitoba soon..

OK, Onto their 'official numbers', and as I always do I have them broken down right here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '90' new 'cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This raises their overall 'case count' to a grand total of '30507' for the just over 47 weeks since these bastards unleashed their fraud 'state of emergency' back in mid-March of last  year.. .BUT since all of these 'cases' were derived only through the horribly fraudulent 'PCR testing' with that test's 100% inaccuracy rate, then all of these numbers are and continue to be complete phantoms..

(b) Now they are claiming '92' active hospital cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a decline of '7' active cases from yesterday's total of '99'.... But fear not, for here comes the fraud report of an additional '152' cases that they claim are somehow 'active' and yet 'no longer infectious, but strangely still require further hospital treatment..... And they are now claiming '14' of those '92' active hospital cases are sitting in the Intensive Care Units in all of Manitoba's hospitals, which is a decrease of '3' ICU cases from yesterday's total of "17"... But to continue with this juggling of Hospital data, they are claiming a further '18' ICU cases that are somehow 'active', and yet no longer "infectious; but again strangely require further "ICU treatment"... No change at all in these phantom numbers at all..

(c) Now they are claiming '3' new deaths from this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the last 24 hours.... This raises the overall death toll for the just over 47 weeks since mid-March of last year to a grand total of '862' deaths...But as usual, ALL three new deaths were of senior citizens in senior care facilities that guaranteed died from OTHER real ailments and diseases and NOT from this non-existent contagion at all.... Nothing changes therefore in how they are getting their 'death toll' to rise and especially from WHERE....

(d) Now they are claiming '28063' recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the 47+ weeks since mid-March of last year... This is an increase of ONLY '78' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '27985' which means these pricks are definitely back at it in manipulating this data and purposely... This 'recovered cases' number is now some 300+ short of what it actually should be when you consider the 14 days of being considered as an 'active case', and when that time frame is exceeded, cases must be either in this category or be listed as dead...

(e) Now they are claiming '1582' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of to day... This is strangely an increase of '9' active cases from yesterday's total of '1573', when the reality is that there should be a large DECREASE in this total as a lot of cases (300+ now) have now overrun their 14 days of mandatory isolation to be considered 'active' and must be in the recovered cases category... But even this is a moot point, as ALL of these 'active cases' were entirely derived solely from the fraud "PCR testing' that generates ONLY false positive results.. .Thus NONE of these 'active cases' have this contagion at all, and either must be dismissed as not carrying this contagion or listed as 'suspect' at best..

Yes, the blatant manipulation continues today I see... Only this time they have put a halt to the decline of the 'active cases' number just to keep that artificially high to use as fear on the gullible masses.. And of course they are indeed 'juggling around' their hospital cases tallies just to further the illusion that the hospitals are somehow 'busy' with 'COVID-19 cases' when they absolutely are not and continue to be veritable ghost towns.... Am I surprised by all this? Hardly, for they need to keep these phantom numbers up as high as they can until they can augment their fraud data by the injection of this new phantom "variant" that they claim is about to make the numbers 'explode' upwards for Manitoba...

Well, time again to do my due diligence and take a much 'deeper' look at their data to further expose their entire fraud.. And in the same alphabetical order as listed above, right  here:

(a) Honestly, what is a 'case'???  A 'case' of what??  These 'cases' are in themselves nothing but an illusion as the 'test' conducted to derive these numbers here are 100% inaccurate, meaning that the numbers generated from that test as listed 'positive' are absolutely nothing of the kind.... Thus, the propaganda of throwing supposedly 'high case counts' out there in the lying whore media is nothing but pure lies and falsified data...  And the reality therefore remains that since the test is a complete fraud then NOBODY here in Manitoba has ever 'contracted' this non-existent contagion at all!

(b) Yes, these pricks are definitely juggling around their hospital 'cases' numbers just to try their best to create the illusion that the hospitals continue to be  'overrun with COVID-19 cases' but they are failing so miserably at this fraud right here... It is a fact that if there really was a 'deadly virus' out there, then there would easily be THOUSANDS in the hospitals alone even right now with that contagion... But to claim some '92' active cases of this false contagion ( I am ignoring the other '152' for that number is obviously a huge lie and there just to prop up the entire hospital numbers) in ALL of the hospitals is still nothing but a horrible joke on the people of this province....

(c) Well, lo and behold, but they are continuing the same policy over and over again of lying their asses off here by grabbing even MORE senior citizens in elderly care facilities that obviously died from other causes and mark their death certificates as 'from COVID-19' instead... And of course they can scream this '862' overall deaths all they want, and never tell the REAL story that each and every one of them died from other causes.. That and this '862' continues to be such a laugher when compared to the 10000+ now that die from all causes in ANY 47+ week time frame for Manitoba alone.... People so quickly forget that  'deaths' happen all the time and are a part of the life cycle, while the lying media whores continue to throw this '862' in 47+ weeks in everyone's faces (while ignoring the 10000+ of course that happen all the time in that same time frame) expecting people to be shocked by it!

(d) Yes, back to the blatant manipulation of recovered cases data once again, I see.... They have been caught by yours truly and others at least 3 times already in the last few months with this fraudulent data, and they had to do 'corrections' to this number and the 'active cases' number to cover for their lies and criminal falsification of data... It looks like they will once again suppress this 'recovered cases' data now until they can get their 'active' and other cases 'number' ballooned up once more by using the new phantom 'variant' as their excuse...  But the facts here are always the same that since this 'virus' is a complete phantom, then ALL of their 'cases numbers' must eventually fall into this category, or die from OTHER causes and not this 'COVID-19' bullshit..

(e) And just like in (d) above, they are back at the game of propping up this 'active cases' number by not releasing so many (I estimate 300+ now) that rightfully belong in the recovered cases category.. .But this is still a moot point as since the "PCR testing" is 100% a fraud, then NONE of these 'active cases' have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all.... Yes, I want to continue to state that for those who are 'sick', they are sick from the wide variety of  REAL diseases that hit this province all the time, as well as the fact that we are  fast approaching the end of this season's Influenza outbreak and how these criminals did indeed count ALL Influenza cases this past season as 'COVID-19' instead....

OK, Yes the pattern of falsified data continues as shown above... These pricks will continue to create the illusion for the gullible in this province that we are nearing the end this entire scam-demic, and then shatter everyones' hopes by throwing the fraudulent 'new variants' into everyone's faces to put everyone here in Manitoba into sheer misery once again..

Yes, the end game here is indeed to have everyone so fed up and fearful of this entire 'scam-demic' and a 'deadly virus' that simply does NOT even exist, that they will gladly succumb to the never ending propaganda that they all must line up and get their 'shots' of those EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying therapy concoctions that these criminal pricks continue to falsely claim as  'vaccines'..... And once the sheep here in Manitoba are indeed shot up with these genocidal poisons, their lives will definitely be over  permanently..

I have said that there have already been thousands here in Manitoba that have succumbed to this massive lie and have taken their own lives via suicides and overdoses just in the last 47+ weeks alone.. But that number of unwarranted deaths will absolutely pale in comparison to what happens about 6 months down the road from now as people start dying en-mass from the deadly injections of those EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying concoctions.... That will be GENOCIDE and we can add those thousands coming to the death toll already being the full responsibility of the criminal Pallister regime and the bastards over at Manitoba Health...  This is why I continue to state that all of these criminals must never escape the justice that they will deserve for the mass killing of Manitobans, and they all must therefore receive the death penalty for ALL of these murders...

More to come


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