Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Important Question: Is The "Variant" Being Used To Scare People Into Getting "Vaccinated"? Answer: ABSOLUTELY!

I just finished going on a shopping trip in 'COVID-land' or what I used to think was the free province of Manitoba in what used to be a free country called 'Canada'... But all I saw while I was walking the aisles were other shoppers with that typical 'deer in headlights' look that we see ALL THE TIME now... That and most are just not even bothering with looking at other people and have that glassy eyed look of unwarranted panic and fear.... And yes, we can thank the fuckers in our governments and those bastards that are pushing the propaganda like sickening whores in the media outlets..... It is to me both very sad and yet so pathetic....

Well... Earlier today in my daily Manitoba COVID-19 report, I noted how the magical and mythical 'new variant' has now arrived here in Manitoba, and will be used to instil even MORE unwarranted fear and panic in the gullible dumb ass sheep here..... And I have a LOT of questions about this new 'variant' especially in how the pricks in the lying whore media will definitely climb on board the 'new variant train' and push that garbage hard just to get even MORE RETARDS here and elsewhere to line up like the brain dead morons they really are to get their shots of EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying deadly concoction into their bodies!

And I am not alone in that thinking, for I do want to present the following important report that comes from Ron Unz' "The Unz Review"  website at www.unz.com, where author Mike Whitney asks the important question: "Is The New "Variant" Being Used To Scare People Into Getting "Vaccinated"?.... Here in fact is that entire article for everyone to read right here for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Is the "Variant" Being Used to Scare People Into Getting Vaccinated??

So the whole “variant” theory is based on 3 or 4 papers that have not been peer reviewed, do not produce solid evidence of their findings, and haven’t even been checked for accuracy. The authors might as well have been writing science fiction and yet, the media and public health experts lap it up and insist that the danger is real. But is it?

No, it’s not. The variant is just the latest in a long list of fear-generating devices that are being used to perpetuate the state of emergency, scare the public into submissive compliance, and coerce the public into injecting themselves with a toxic gene-altering cocktail that could dramatically impact fertility, longevity and survival itself.

Don’t get swept up in the hysteria. The people who are orchestrating this elaborate hoax, do not have your best interests in mind. In fact, they might want to put you in an early grave.

NTS Notes: Honestly, is this a loaded question?  Because as I have shown already in the title to this article, the answer is a definite ABSOLUTELY!!!

AND note the KEY sentence stated in the middle of this article that states: 

Repeat: “Pathogens tend to evolve towards lower virulence

And yes, it is a biological and scientific fact that new 'strains' of ANY disease tend to be weaker than the original ones.... Therefore, how in the HELL can these pricks even be out there at all screaming that these new 'variants' are somehow DEADLY and more dangerous that the original strains of this still phantom and mythical 'deadly virus' ... That makes no sense at all, but obviously is being pushed because most of the sheep out there are too brain dead now to even bother to stop and think and do some of their own research..

Yes, these assholes running this entire scam-demic are now pushing hard for 'variant' after 'variant' to hit us again and again... And of course it is absolutely to force the RETARDS out there into compliance and to line up like the mutton heads they truly are to take their 'shots' of death......

Wake the fuck up, everyone.... Lets get angry and finally go after these pricks running this scam and tell them to take their mythical and magical 'variants' and shove them up  their asses!

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Barney said...

It's easy to imagine how, centuries ago, illness was believed to be caused by evil spirits sneaking into people's bedrooms during the night. How else could rational people explain something that nobody could see, that attacked anywhere and at any time, with no obvious cause?

Eventually flu-like illnesses were determined to be caused primarily by increases in Solar activity, hence the name "Influenza Delle Stelle", Italian for "Influenced by the Stars".

The emerging medical mafia couldn't allow people to learn the truth when there was money to be made, so they re-invented the old "evil spirits" theory of an invisible enemy that could strike anywhere at any time.

It's like the "Osama did 9/11" story of an imaginary "terrorist group" (Al Qaeda) that might attack anywhere or everywhere, but could never be found or defeated because it never existed. What better enemy could there be than one that doesn't exist?

What's the difference between an evil spirit that can't be seen and can materialise anywhere, even passing through solid walls, and a "germ" or a "virus" that can't be seen because it's unimaginably tiny and can pass through the smallest of spaces?

The trouble now is that the lie has gone unchallenged for so long that even the few honest medical professionals don't think to question it. We've all been taught from birth that illness is caused by invisible agents that are "out to get us", until the lie has become accepted as "fact".

The people teaching medical students probably don't know the truth, which would explain why so many highly-trained "experts" actually believe "germs" and "viruses" are real. It's only the ones perpetrating the scam that know the whole story.

It's like peeling an onion. Well-meaning people peel a few layers away and think they understand what they've found, but as the above article demonstrates, they're still a long way from the truth.

"Viruses" don't exist, so how can they mutate?

Anonymous said...

They will use any excuse they can to keep this dog and pony show going. That leaked liberal insider plan is looking more and more like reality.

Enriquito said...

Hi NTS, I follow you as independent investigator since the half of last year and thanks to you I've discovered some professionals and bloggers I didn't know. About this topic, I've spoken since 5 minutes with my doughter who lives in Italy, close to the Austrian border, in a little town of 20k people. Well she informed me that anyone can move away even at the next common if you haven't a negative test and a prior authorization from police office. Now, they say, there's a new African strain of coc*vid afflicting the thin alpestrian air. I was almost laughing...
Ah, I'm 60 too, Heilpraktiker and Heilmasseur. Take care, hermano