Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Here Comes The Never Ending Fear Mongering: New "Variant" Of This Bullshit Non-Existent "Deadly Virus" Hits Manitoba! Be Afraid Everyone And Scurry To Get Your Shots!

 As I said in today's daily "Manitoba COVID-19 report", I KNEW that the pricks running this scam-demic in my home province of Manitoba Canada, had to have something 'up their sleeves' as Influenza season was ending and therefore the 'numbers' of new 'cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' were collapsing as well... 

These pricks needed something to once again strike unwarranted FEAR into the gullible masses in this province and to further have them scurrying like rats and dumb ass sheep to get their 'shots' of the EXPERIMENTAL genetic modification therapy, and voila here we go with this new non-existent 'new variant' of this still non-existent 'deadly virus' as their newest weapon of choice...

I want to present the following report that comes from the CTV News online news service, at www.ctvnews.ca, that is indeed raising the 'fear mongering' here in Manitoba by claiming that the new 'variant' that was first recorded in the United Kingdom has been 'detected' in this province.. Here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Manitoba detects COVID-19 variant first recorded in U.K

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Published Tuesday, February 9, 2021 11:25AM CSTLast Updated Tuesday, February 9, 2021 5:00PM CST


WINNIPEG -- Manitoba is reporting its first case of a COVID-19 variant in the province.

During a news conference on Tuesday announcing changes to the province’s public health orders, Dr. Brent Roussin, the chief provincial public health officer, confirmed the B-117 variant, also known as the U.K. variant, was discovered in Manitoba following a COVID-19 test.

Roussin said the case was related to international travel, and the patient has since recovered.

The initial test results were received on Jan. 22, and the test was sent to the National Microbiology Laboratory for further sequencing, Roussin said.

He added the results were received by Manitoba late Monday evening.

Five household contacts were identified, Roussin said, and all were self-isolating. None of the household contacts have developed COVID-19.

“This further illustrates why we have our travel restrictions in place to protect the introduction into the community of these types of variants,” Roussin said.

“Because things are controlled, because of the restrictions we have in place and (the) protocols, we’re still okay to continue with our reopening plans, but it’s also a reminder that we’re not out of the woods, and we need to be cautious.”

Manitoba now requires all travellers coming into the province to self-isolate for 14 days due to the presence of COVID-19 variants in Canada.

Roussin said the discovery of the variant was not unexpected, noting other provinces have seen cases of it in recent weeks.

“We've set up our protocols for just this type of scenario to identify it, to ensure that people that are high risk of it are appropriately isolated to decrease the likelihood of that transmission into the community,” he said, adding there is no evidence to suggest further transmission within Manitoba.

Virologist Jason Kindrachuk said scientists of getting a picture of what the variant looks like in terms of severity, but it will still take time to know everything about it.

“We know it’s more transmissible,” he said. “Having a virus that is more contagious, but has the same disease severity is a big concern for us.

“It will put more people in the hospital if it starts spreading too widely. It’s incumbent on all of us across the province, from the premier’s office to the level of us as individuals, to try and keep transmission low as much as possible.”

Kindrachuk added people need to take a step back on the idea that vaccines alone are the solution to the pandemic.

“It doesn’t give us the reason to move away from all public health measures until that transmission is potentially at zero and the virus is eliminated as much as possible throughout the region,” he said.

NTS Notes: Honestly, is anyone actually shocked by this at all?

We all knew that these new 'variants' were indeed their 'ace in the hole' to further push the already stupid and gullible BRAIN DEAD public into sheer unwarranted panic and fear... And here we go with this non-existent 'variant' now magically appearing in my home province to fuck up those who are already believing in this fraud even more..

OK, In a nutshell... The COVID-19 so called 'deadly virus' is a phantom and does not even exist.. Therefore this new 'variant' is also a phantom and does not exist at all..... But of course since this entire scam-demic is now driven by bullshit propaganda by the lying whore media, most will indeed think that this is somehow real and 'deadly'....

And I could not help but notice in this article where it states that this new 'variant' will put more people in the hospital if it starts spreading too widely... But that is exactly what these criminals want as their means of pushing up their hospital cases as a weapon of fear, since their present hospital case numbers here in this province are nothing but a bad joke already!

Yes, here comes this new 'variant' and now these fuckers in charge here in Manitoba will be able to use that as their excuse to once again lockdown everyone and fuck up their lives even more grandly... And it will indeed be their new 'weapon of choice' now to scare the gullible out there into lining up like the brain dead morons they truly are to take their shots of the EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying therapy... And therefore this 'variant' will be used to push GENOCIDE in this province as a result...

One other note... I am indeed going to be taking some more breaks from time to time over the next while just to get some much needed rest and to unwind.... Therefore articles at this blog, unless there is something earth shattering occurring, will be fewer on a daily basis for the time being.....

More to come



Bob said...

I am encountering things that I would have never believed a year ago.

People are not leaving their homes! At my local grocery store people get their food from delivery people!

I see stacks and stacks of bags for delivery when I go there.

I live in an highly educated community but they have become ultra stupid. I had a woman 20 feet away from me pull up her mask when I passed just today. Out in the sunshine and clean air.

People not leaving their homes is very very bad. My hiking community is moribund.

Sammy said...

I would have thought the powers that be would figure that since the simple minded who fell for the fear early on got their vaccines right away, and those of us who didn't fall for the fear would still not/and are still not/falling for the fear, would not fall for the Bullshit variant and panic our way to get a shot. This fearmongering tactic is like running East looking for a sunset, when used against the level headed.