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COVID-19: The Predatory Testing Laboratories Are Complicit In The Crime!

 I am constantly driving by one of the so called "COVID-19 testing centres" on a daily basis, as there is one located very close to my work place.... And I continue to be truly amazed when I see the most STUPIDEST AND RETARDED people imaginable walk into those places to allow the assholes run their fraud "PCR tests" on them just to get their fraud false positive results to continue to keep this entire scam-demic alive and well in this province!  As I have said many times, you simply cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try..

We are now fully aware of the fraudulence of the entire "PCR testing" and how the test itself is a horrendous and evil method of not only destroying the patient's cribriform plate at the rear of their nasal passageways, but is very possibly being used to inject nano-technology sensors and microchips into the cavity between the cribriform plate and the patient's own brain......  And many articles have also speculated that there criminal SOB'S may be using the 'test' itself as a means of delivering their horrid 'vaccines' into the patient's body as well...

But the key to the "PCR test" has always been the generation of false positive results to drive this entire fraud scam-demic by running the test to a ludicrous number of 'cycles' so that ANY RNA material it detects will be labeled as 'COVID-19' when it absolutely is not... And in that regard, I do want to present the following important report that comes courtesy of Jon Rappoport, through his blog at This report is entitled: "COVID: The Predatory Test Labs Are Complicit In The Crime" and it once again discusses how the criminal laboratories running these 'tests' are indeed purposely over-cycling their PCR tests just to generate as many false positive results that they possibly can, and are lying outright about the actual number of 'cycles' that they use to get their false positive results!... Here is that article right here, and of course I have my own thoughts  and comments to follow:

COVID: The predatory testing labs are complicit in the crime

by Jon Rappoport

February 17, 2021

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Test lab: “This specimen tests positive. The patient is infected with SARS-CoV-2.”

Patient: “Wait. How did you run the test? With how many cycles?”

Test lab: “That information is proprietary. You have no right to know.”

Patient: “Really? The number of cycles can determine the outcome. Change that number, and ‘infected’ becomes ‘healthy’.”

Test lab: “We know what we’re doing.”

Patient: “I’m sure you do. You’re ruining people’s lives and jacking up case numbers.”

Test lab: “You have no right to question our methods. This is bordering on harassment.”

Patient: “No, this is bordering on the truth.”

Test lab: “We’re official. You’re unofficial.”

I’ve written about this issue before, several times.

Now, I’m suggesting a solution.

If you, or someone close to you, is being pressured to take the COVID PCR test, ask the clinic or the doctor’s office how many cycles the test will deploy.

Chances are high they’ll tell you they don’t know, and only the testing lab has that information. Ask for the name of the lab.

Call the lab and ask them. Chances are high they won’t tell you. Inform them that the number of cycles affects the outcome of the test. Make them aware you know this.

Except in Florida [1] [2], US labs are under no obligation to inform the patient or the doctor how many cycles the PCR test deploys. They never inform doctor or patient.

Why? Because a crime is underway. The positive or negative result of any given PCR test is hanging in the balance, depending on the number of cycles.

A cycle is a quantum leap in magnification of the swab sample taken from the patient.

As even Fauci has asserted, at 35 cycles and above, the test result is useless. [3] [4]

Worse, at 35 cycles and above, the tendency of the test is to spit out false-positives.

Yet, as I’ve detailed, the CDC and FDA recommend doing the test at up to 40 cycles; and therefore, most if not all labs will follow that guideline. [5; See pdf page 38 (doc page 37)] [6]

This is a disaster for the patient, and it results in a flagrant inflation of COVID case numbers, which in turn provide a rationale for the lockdowns.

People at testing labs who have a few active brain cells to rub together know all this. They keep their mouths shut. They’re complicit in the crime.

They’re part of a silent bureaucracy that is there to rule The People.

Here is a further variation on a strategy. If you or anyone close to you is under pressure to take the PCR test, obtain the services of a good lawyer. Have the lawyer demand, before the test, a sworn affidavit from the lab stating how many cycles they’re using.

If necessary, explain why.

If necessary, go to court.

If necessary, sue.

It’s long past the time when labs should be allowed to stay secretive and pose as neutral.

History is littered with examples of faceless bureaucracies that have enabled leaders to commit crimes against humanity. Nazi Germany, the USSR, post-World War 2 East Germany. These days, China.

And now, every other country where rulers are declaring brutal lockdowns.

If a small handful of people who are told to get tested—three or four hundred—demand to know, from the labs, what is going on—how many cycles they’re using—and legal and personal pressure is exerted—the truth will come tumbling out, into the open.

This target of attack will expose a gaping vulnerability in the enemy’s position.

Test lab: “All right, you want to know? We run our tests at 40 cycles.”

Lawyer: “Very good. We are prepared, with a mountain of evidence, to show that you’re violating universally agreed upon science. Your lab is spitting out false-positives like a fire hose. You’re ruining lives and falsely inflating case numbers…”

Test lab: “We’re just following orders from the FDA and the CDC.”

Lawyer: “I’M JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS. Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, during the Nuremberg trials, after World War Two. That’s what the Nazi bureaucrats kept saying. It didn’t fly then, and it won’t fly now.”








NTS Notes: I too have wondered about exactly how MANY cycles are being used up here in central Canada for their PCR tests as well... The information that I have seen so far about Canada shows a different variance in the actual number of cycles, with many reports saying '35-40' being the average... And if that is indeed the case, then every 'case' in this nation is suspect and most definitely a false positive result...

And honestly, it really does not matter how many 'cycles' they use in the long run, for the fact remains that this 'contagion' still to this day has never been isolated, purified, separated from other RNA material, or even proven in any laboratory around the planet to exist at all.... Thus the entire 'PCR test' is basically useless as it is being employed to try to detect a phantom 'virus' from the start...

The bottom line is this... Many of the laboratories are indeed 'over-cycling' their tests just to generate as many false positive results as they can to drive the propaganda machine that there is this 'big bad deadly virus' out there that is 'going to kill us all'.... The ones running these tests are indeed  accessories to this massive crime against humanity, definitely, and if they do try to claim that they were 'only following orders' that defence will never stand up anywhere in any court of law.... These pricks are indeed accessories to the greatest crime in human history, and they will be all punished for their part in the long run...

More to come



Freeborn said...

BBC in UK is currently in frenzied overdrive propagandising for the MASS KILLING campaign. As I speak, the BBC is using Asian celebrities to reassure brown people that the vaccine doesn't contain pork fat or other ingredients inimical to their faiths.

Simultaneously, the government is using Army Intelligence to combat "vaccine hesitancy": 07:33 mins - Regional Command Headquarters Vaccine Hesitancy Combat:

Bus shelters are plastered with posters telling people to ACT LIKE YOU HAVE THE VIRUS!

None of the people have smelled a rat yet and ALL our neighbours R lining up for the shots.

I asked a masked 90 year old neighbour if he would have to keep wearing the mask and social distancing after he'd had his second dose in 12 weeks time. He said that he'd been told that indeed he would! He didn't understand why but just seemed to want to be able to tell everyone that he'd been one of the first to get the shot! Neither was he aware that the original plan was that he would receive the second shot after ONLY 3 WEEKS! Even Pfizer has said that their "testing" planned for the 3 week time-gap and that they did not know what effect postponing the second dose would have on recipients.

Think his flat will be up FOR SALE before long, anyway.

Focus of media attention is now on us "refuseniks". According to a BBC Panorama SMEAR JOB programme on Monday night, ANTI-VAXXERS have been seduced by social media and conspiracy theories into believing that the vaccines are dangerous!


Bob said...


Biden's recent Town Hall MSM was a disaster! The MSM won't report on it!

Biden doesn't know where the f* he is! He wakes up in the White House and must ask his wife?

He told the world that black and brown people don't know how to use the Internet!

He told the world that the Chinese torture of the Uighur people is OK!

He's wearing two masks!

He won't talk to world leaders letting Kamala Harris do this!

He's off playing video games with his grandchildren! By the way I would keep grand children away from this evil pervert!

The governor of the once great state of NY is gone - Coumo. the liberal media have turned on him. Apparently killing old people is still very bad even with the faux liberal scum.

Anonymous said...

Hello, long lost friend! We need to catch up. I’m back in Texas now and a lot has happened since our last visit. Give me a shout via email if you still have my address. I want to suggest something. Anyway, great work you are doing! Hope to chat soon.

L from TX

Northerntruthseeker said...

If I think this "L from TX" is, I have indeed missed you a lot over these last few years..

I am glad you are back in Texas, but a bit wondering what happened to your 'project' over in North Carolina??

Anyways, if you want, send me some detail including your personal email to, and I will not publish that, but will copy the email from you so that I can return a message via my personal email...