Monday, February 8, 2021

Coronavirus Skepticism: Pandemic Or Staged Event?

 I do continue to appreciate ALL of the links to the fabulous material sent my way on a constant daily basis from so many readers.... I do try my best to look at all of articles and videos, and a LOT of the material does deserve to be posted up here at this site... However that would be impossible to do and the best I can say is that I do post the 'best of' what is sent my way as much as I can.... I do want to thank everyone for their efforts of course as you all are allies and colleagues in this fight for our future...

I was sent the link to a most interesting report just a short while ago from one of my colleagues, and I do want to present that material here for everyone to view for themselves... This one comes once again from the Aletho News website, at, and is entitled: "Coronavirus Skepticism: Pandemic Or Staged Event?" and is a must read by everyone... I have that article in its entirety right here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Coronavirus Skepticism: Pandemic Or Staged Pandemic?

Principia Scientific | February 8, 2021

A real COVID-19 pandemic is not taking place, if you adhere to the table of points below, which illustrate the key differences between a real pandemic and a fake one.

Any reasonable person performing a point-by-point appraisal of the list provided herein will likely conclude our governments and media are producers of fake news.

Introduced first under the sneaky pretext of ‘administrative assistance’ to accustom the population to the presence. The medicine dictatorship brings its infrastructure by means of deception step by step into position.

The mask requirement seems to serve solely to maintain the false belief in a real pandemic. It is perfidious psychological warfare against the population. It is escalated and expanded in stages (Overton window).

Test stations, mandatory tests, vaccination centers, internment camps for “quarantine offenders”, mandatory vaccination for everyone! The army is deployed domestically in violation of the Law.

It is not about health it is a national as well as global power grab by means of a large-scale constructed medical pretext. Theoretical computer models, manipulative testing (PCR testing), downgraded pandemic definition (WHO), artificial ICU bed shortages, financial incentives (IMF) for CovID diagnosis, and false reporting in the controlled media.

It doesn’t take a virus it just takes fear of a virus! The swine flu vaccine (2009) resulted in severe neurological damage and millions of dollars in lawsuits. Under no circumstances get vaccinated because of “CovID”!

Especially please not children. That would be a grave mistake. The new mRNA vaccines cause autoimmune diseases and literally mutate people into GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), which has far-reaching negative consequences.

The media is purposefully using fear and scare tactics, there is no fact-based reason to be afraid. We are being lied to and manipulated into an artificial hysteria to accept laws that violate human rights.

  • Do your own research
  • Discover truth
  • Overcome Stockholm syndrome
  • Put down muzzles
  • Ignore lockdowns
  • Open for business

Practice civil disobedience and collectively reject criminal government orders. Adapt and emerge stronger from crisis. Hold those responsible accountable. For a normality worth living for. NO to the pandemic hoax! NO to medical dictatorship! RESIST!

NTS Notes: I do want to thank the authors over at Aletho News once again for their own efforts in this fight for humanity... They have indeed been a great source of valuable information and a true ally indeed...

The chart alone within this article definitely speaks for itself, and shows the proof that we are absolutely 100% dealing with nothing more than a staged event aka 'staged pandemic' or "plandemic" as many call it...

As I said just a short time ago, I am not giving up on humanity by a long shot... Every day I continue my best efforts to try to 'knock some sense' into anyone that I run into to try to get them to think and reconsider any idea of going out to take the deadly 'shots' into their bodies that will certainly kill them... 

But it continues to be such an 'uphill battle' as the criminals in the lying whore media have done their jobs nearly too well and most people are indeed mindless drones so wrought with unfounded fear of a 'contagion' that does not even exist that they are beyond hope of any reasoning.... I therefore have had to focus my efforts on those who still have some semblance of sanity and rational thought out there, even though there are indeed so few!!!

More to come



jgr75714 said...

Excellent information. I've been posting your article's URL in most places that still are hanging onto the fact that COVID-19 exists and PCR actually can identify specific viruses. The statistics and logic are excellent. Sticking to the facts is important for, what Kennedy called for the need for a well informed public to make rational decisions. His speech to the newspaper writers of what he predicted is absolutely on the mark for as he spoke of true freedom after speaking of the secret societies that would use the need for greater protection to take it all away and enslave us. It is tragic that he probably knew that misinformation was the normal operations of the MSM.

Rose Fox said...

That chart is almost perfect except it forgets one thing: censorship. In a real pandemic information would be openly shared in order to fight the disease. During this staged pandemic everyone is being increasingly muzzled, censored, cancelled, and punished for sharing information.

Have you tried posting comments in a mainstream news outlet lately? All of the comments sections in every newspaper in North America are being censored and stifled by one organization which the news media outlets form a pool to pay for the use of. This goes for both conservative and liberal biased media outlets. The news media companies have all joined forces secretly, forming a cabal called the Local Media Consortium. Their censor maven is called "Viafoura". They play tricks like banning people without their knowledge - they let the person keep posting but block the rest of the users from seeing that person's posts. They are biased as Hell, shutting down anyone who criticizes liberal and pro-lockdown politicians as well as anyone questioning the fake pandemic. Once sanity returns, I hope that we will see some antitrust lawsuits in the news industry. Six companies own every news outlet on the planet, and one company censors their reader comments.

Barney said...

Politicians always lie about everything, but the real drivers of this scamdemic are the media with their non-stop hysterical fearmongering.

The politicians deserve to hang for their part in the scam, but in this case the media whores are worse. We have to remember that "when the time comes".