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Canada The Totalitarian State: Totalitarian Fascism, Concentration Camps, Imprisonment, Extortion, And Dictatorial Decrees Now The New Normal

 I am so saddened these days by what I see happening in this country that I was born in and loved all my life... I am of course talking about the formerly "free" nation known as Canada, that at one time actually was truly so well known and loved across the planet as truly a nation of freedom, liberty, and prosperity...Sadly by watching what the sicko freaks in the Trudeau regime are now doing to destroy the lives of the people in this once proud nation, I can safely say that this nation is rapidly becoming a totalitarian Communist dictatorship that is actually WORSE than what I see happening in the United States!

I do want to present the following very interesting report, from the Lew Rockwell website, at This one is authored by Gary D Barnett and is entitled: "Totalitarian Fascism, Concentration Camps, Imprisonment, Extortion, and Dictatorial Decrees Now the New Normal".... It is indeed a must read by everyone, and especially my fellow patriots up here in Canada, and I have it right here  in its entirety... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Totalitarian Fascism, Concentration Camps, Imprisonment, Extortion, and Dictatorial Decrees Now the New Normal

“As soon as possible in the coming weeks, we will be introducing mandatory PCR testing at the airport for people returning to Canada. Travelers will then have to wait up to 3 days at an approved hotel for their test results at their own expense, which is expected to be more than $2,000. Those with negative test results will then be able to quarantine at home under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement. Those with positive tests will be immediately required to quarantine in designated government facilities to make sure they are not carrying variants of potential concern.”

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister—Excerpt from: Vaccine Update January 29, 2021.  

Draconian does not fully describe the actions that are being taken by the state in this mass assault on the citizenry due to a non-existent ‘virus pandemic’ that is being used as a government false flag operation in order to gain total control of the people. This is not only an abomination, it is criminal evil prosecuted by the state without any regard of the people.

The opening quote is from our northern neighbour, which has become nothing less than a communist country, but the mandates there concerning travel while now slightly more severe, are somewhat mild compared to what is planned here in the U.S. Americans already face mandatory ‘Covid’ testing when returning to this country, but it is getting worse every day, and plans to increase the tyranny to unheard of levels is already in the works. The controlled tyrant Biden is actively pursuing these same oppressive measures for domestic travel, which would be little different than being in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia in the past. Even if ‘vaccinated’ with the deadly and poisonous gene-altering m-RNA concoction, you will still not be exempt, and will have to be tested. But after taking the toxic GMO ‘Covid’ shot, you will have been injected with any number of viruses, which would trigger a positive result from testing. How convenient for the state rulers. If the American people allow this to go forward, they will deserve the fate that they brought on themselves by their pathetic unwillingness to fight for their own freedom.

Those that have been mistakenly labeled as conspiracy theorists for so many years have now become the most prolific prognosticators of truth in this fake ‘democratic’ system that is based only on lies and deceit. Most everything considered a ‘conspiracy’ in the past is now happening in open sight. Government lockdown facilities, or quarantine centers, are not only available, but are being actively built and will be used to hold those deemed a threat by the state against their will, and this is just the beginning. Carrying papers is now becoming mandatory, and special state passports for any and every act of movement are now on the verge of being required. Martial law, especially medical martial law, has not only been implemented, but is the norm. Mass surveillance at levels never even imaged only a few years ago is now in place, with tracking and tracing required in many instances, and monitoring protocols, including carry, wearable, and injectable devices being actively developed and used. Decreed requirements of restriction in order to simply be able to function normally, to move about, to work, to enter most public areas, and to travel, are now in place, and getting more heavy-handed every day. Our lives have been stolen, and our liberty completely destroyed in the name of a fake government devised ‘emergency.”

This is but a very short list of all the things that have been warned about for many years by those of us willing to tell the truth and expose the state for what it really is, but few have had the good sense to listen and pay attention. While the herd continued to ridicule and attempt to marginalize those honest and courageous citizens willing to seek out and tell the truth in the face of extreme prejudice, all their freedoms were taken from them, and now they risk the loss of everything they ever held dear. The most tragic aspect of this is that most have voluntarily accepted their fate as unimportant slaves in a collectivist system of ruling domination, and in many cases without regret.

In the course of this incredible transition from ‘basic’ freedom to almost total bondage, the bulk of society not only went along without resistance, but also actually helped their malevolent captors by assisting them in their plot. They reacted with spontaneous acceptance each and every step of the way. They even became agents for their own state incarcerators in order to help advance this heinous takeover scheme. Only blind indifference paired with complete ignorance could explain such behavior, and while this attitude has been successfully taught through state training and indoctrination methods over decades, it still boggles the mind that so many would tolerate their own destruction and enslavement at the hands of these falsely claimed ‘rulers that are nothing but psychopathic monsters.

It appears obvious that total dissent and disobedience by large numbers to any government mandate is necessary in order to throw off the chains of tyranny that have been established by the ‘ruling’ system. The most important first steps are to immediately eliminate masks, refuse to distance in any way whatsoever, and to refuse to be injected with this fraudulent devil’s brew called a ‘vaccine.’ Wearing masks do not protect anyone from anything, but masks take away all expression and humanity. Distancing by avoiding human contact disallows communal thought, conversation, communication, and debate of issues. This is what your accepted masters desire. The ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine, but is a way of injecting a computer-like operating system into your body and mind, so that many will die, and the rest can be controlled due to this artificial transformation from human to transhuman.

There are many other risks and problems to solve, but by first addressing these three key agenda items meant only to establish compliance, to create anonymity, to stop all connection and discussion, and to alter humanity physically and mentally into a more manageable crop, we can gain control of this brutal takeover and planned reset. Once that occurs, the rest will fall into place, and with time, we can gain back our freedom, and begin to live life once again.

To hell with the claimed ruling ‘elite, to hell with this government, and any that wish to steal our freedom, our families, and our very lives!

“Destroyers, are they who lay snares for many, and call it the state: they hang a sword and a hundred cravings over them. Where there is still a people, there the state is not understood, but hated as the evil eye, and as sin against laws and customs. This sign I give unto you: every people speaketh its language of good and evil: this its neighbour understandeth not. Its language hath it devised for itself in laws and customs. But the state lieth in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it saith it lieth; and whatever it hath it hath stolen. False is everything in it; with stolen teeth it biteth, the biting one. False are even its bowels.”

Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche

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NTS Notes: I do want to thank a constant commentator to this site, "Rotagen" for bringing this article to my attention.. .His efforts and the efforts of so many others are much appreciated!

And yes, Gary D Barnett is so spot on in his statements made in this article.. For the facts are that these horrid criminals are indeed so rapidly stripping away what is left of ALL of our personal rights, liberties, and freedoms on BOTH sides of the Canada/US border... And these pricks are continuing to claim that it is all being done to somehow combat a 'deadly virus' that simply does not exist at all.... 

I agree that dissent is the key to be used by the citizens to combat this madness.. But it should be apparent that 'dissent' in itself may NOT be enough, and the time may come for open revolution against these tyrants... We must make sure that any actions of revolution are pointed directly at the master criminal controllers that are running this entire world wide scam-demic and not just the lower echelon criminals.....  History has shown that revolutions can be dangerous to those willing to fight them IF the revolutionaries do not stay focused directly on those responsible for the tyranny...

People need to stop living in unwarranted fear of a 'virus' that simply is not there at all... Once enough people do wise up and stop cowering in fear and start fighting back, we may still yet have a chance of taking back our nations.. .But time is indeed now running short for the criminals running the world wide scam-demic are rapidly putting in their criminal measures that will put us all into permanent enslavement and if they are successful then it will be too late for all of us...

More to come


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Barney said...

Why do people think we need "governing" at all? The rich became rich by stealing from everyone else, and now they use that stolen wealth to control us. How can anyone believe these twisted psychopaths, the scum that rises to the top to be skimmed off and discarded, are even suitable candidates to rule over anyone?

The great die-off is underway. There never was a "virus" capable of causing disease in Humans, but the fake "vaccines" will kill millions. I fear my own "other half" will be among the victims because of the intensity of the brainwashing. So far she seems to have survived the first "bait" dose of poison, but she's impatient to get the second dose, which will probably be the killer, thinking it will give some kind of "protection" against something that doesn't exist, because of the non-stop lies and fearmongering from the electric jew (the tv).

It's going to be hell for those who survive the "vaccine" massacre, but at the same time we'll be presented with an opportunity to rebuild in a way better suited to our true nature.

First we need to deal with media whores, politicians and murderous medics in whichever way seems appropriate at the time. There are others that should share their fate, bankers, judges, cops and other enablers and enforcers, but these can be left until later as long as they're not actively causing trouble.

Let the towns rot. They were only deemed necessary by the lunatics that want to control us all as a way of keeping people in one place. Abandon the towns to Nature while we re-establish our Natural way of life, which is the village, built by our own hands to our own design.

Forget about "money" and international trade. Both are instruments of control, so we won't need either. The goal needs to be self-sufficiency within our own village, and trading with neighbouring communities.

We'll need to be on good terms with nearby villages, both to share any surpluses and to provide mates for our young people in order to perpetuate the species, while avoiding inbreeding and the likely resultant village idiots.

We don't need some power-mad pervert telling us what "the law" is. We all know if what we're doing is wrong, and we all know if we've been wronged. The village, guided by it's elders (if any survive the massacre) is perfectly capable of rewarding good and punishing evil.

NO OUTCASTS though. Criminals driven out of the villages will bear a grudge. Over time they'll form marauding gangs, and ultimately declare themselves "governors" and "owners" of the entire country, leading straight back to the tyranny we face today. Those whose behaviour becomes intolerable must be adequately and permanently dealt with by their own local community. Whether they are to be killed or permanently incarcerated will have to be decided at the time, but they must not be forced out, to return as gangs in the middle of the night to burn the village down, rape the women, steal everything of value and ultimately form a "government".

We don't need a "government" because we're perfectly capable of governing ourselves at the village level.