Tuesday, February 2, 2021

A Plan For You, Brother!

 I am indeed continuing my relentless attack on this entire fraud scam-demic.... As it stands as of today, there are definitely 'cracks' finally appearing in the scumbag's want to see all of us enslaved forever as part of their criminal Agenda 2030 plans as well as their fraud "Great Reset"... That and their plans to have all of us 'vaccinated' with their EXPERIMENTAL mRNA concoctions are beginning to become unravelled as more and  more people are finally becoming more alert to the dangers of these poisons and are outright refusing to take them, period.... All this is indeed good news..

Well, I do want to present right now the latest article from my friend out in the sunny state of Florida, John  Kaminski... John's latest article, through his website at www.johnkaminski.org, is entitled: "A Plan For You, Brother!" with the subtitle of 'Have You Recognized What's Really Going On?"... Here in fact is that interesting article right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and as I always do I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Have you recognized what’s really going on?

The actual epidemic is Big Pharma’s
worldwide plan to cull the population

It’s easy to tell the fakes and the frauds from the genuinely puzzled. The first group has all the money in the world and a foolproof plan for the future while the rest of us follow along and scramble for the meager crumbs of their tasty treats while trying to avoid their slash-and-burn projects. The fakes and the frauds pretend to know what’s actually going on. If we’re lucky, we eventually learn to know that the stories they tell never can withstand re-examination.

And when we see what’s happening we are astonished that practically everyone could be so stupid as to fall for the most evil medical malpractice maneuver in the history of our species.

Worse than lobotomy, worse than circumcision, the COVID lockdowns have not only tainted the personalities of future generations with inexplicable fear, they have destroyed the world’s economy on the basis of the whims of rich of men who have decided once and for all to cull the herd and regiment artificially created and technologically augmented individuals exclusively pursuing patterns of activity installed prior to birth as chosen by their designers.

Everybody else is good as gone. Don’t bother packing your bags because there is nowhere you can go where they can’t find you.

We have only the painful evidence of their mismanagement of our world to guide our responses to this assault on our freedom and our lives, which we must do if our intention is to survive.

Either we stop the masks and lockdowns, or they stop us . . . permanently.

These are your choices: you can lay down and die, or you can fight back.

Here’s what I think is going on . . .

The thing to remember is this. The most powerful people in the world have embarked upon a venture to eliminate large numbers of people from the world, which they are now doing through many methods but especially through their Frankenstein vaccine, which turns healthy people into corpses sooner than the doctor can say, “See now, it wasn’t that bad, was it . . .”

Our better natures have been victimized by those who don’t have a better nature, but realize that appealing to the better nature of others is a sure way to get them to reveal the things that can be stolen from them. This has ruined the future because now, since their near-universal participation in the greatest medical hoax of all time, doctors can no longer be trusted to “first, do no harm.”

The new key to individual health is to stay away from mainstream doctors so they can’t find a way to kill you.

Soulless financiers have erased all traces of spiritual power in the world, mostly by buying religious leaders and top politicians with forbidden fruit available only to the very rich.

They are warping your mind by forcing you to believe the lies they tell you, such as germs cause disease, all elections are honest, and that there is strength in diversity.

Religions are not tools for your liberation, they condition you into becoming an obedient citizen. Today when you become an obedient citizen you are giving up your life, because our leaders have always been men who will say anything their masters tell them to say. They are also men who will kill those they are told to kill without any trace of a second thought.

This is the human race. This is what we formerly called our country. Now we search in vain for a rational description of the deliberately created insanity our country has become. In doing so we must first confront our own complicity in our burgeoning disaster.

Anyone with a conscience must ask themselves, how did we let this happen?

It’s too easy to say we were deceived, we were misled by clever Jewish media to accept the prizes they offered to cover up the carnage we have condoned in the world under the rubric of freedom and liberty, when the program was really economic exploitation and total psychological control

We can’t go home again

We have verged so far away from actual reality we might not recognize it if we are lucky enough to return there.

Locked in our condo cells with masks on our faces we are urged to take an inoculation they say will make us safe to come out into the world, though it won’t protect us from any diseases, only from the government.

The vaccine turns your immune system against your own cells so that you will perish in agony, as so many have, all gifts from our Big Pharma world planners.

They have a plan for you, brother. And you’re not in it!

We have given government the power to make healthy people sick.

There is no longer any law enforcement, if there ever was. The cops are employed to protect the property of the banks, nothing else. Anybody who gets in the way was in the wrong place at the wrong time and nothing further need be said.

All of these events have rendered freedom inert, a moot proposition, a lost cause. You have the freedom to be completely innocent and still be killed by a cop.

You can’t win in court unless you have the approval of the powers that be. Those Jewish billionaires who collected all the insurance money from the 9/11 caper have every single judge on the federal bench in their pocket.

God help you if you need a doctor. It is the supreme irony of this perverse plandemic that idle doctors in empty clinics refused to see actually sick people because they were waiting to be deluged with COVID patients who, of course, never arrived. I know, Gov. Cuomo was killing seniors as fast as he could, but he still couldn’t — and they still can’t — produce the numbers or the deaths they need to convince everyone this is an epidemic. The only epidemic is people dying from the experimental and untested vaccines.

How can you trust a doctor that has signed on, hook, line and sinker, to the disgusting fabrication of the COVID vaccine, which is not a vaccine at all, but a device to actually change your DNA. Which, in the unlikely case you survive, you can never be changed back to the authentic human you used to be.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



NTS Notes: As I have said many times before, John is indeed one heck of a great writer...

In my last conversation with John, back last Saturday, we did indeed discuss a lot of the material that he presents in this article.... John and I have been in agreement about one of the criminal agendas of these pricks running this entire scam-demic was GENOCIDE of as many as 90% of the human race, which was first discussed decades ago in their criminal Agenda 21 platform for population control... It therefore does make a lot of sense that they would incorporate sterilization agents in these mRNA EXPERIMENTAL concoctions...

Of course the other method of population control is indeed to put the genocide agents directly into these 'vaccines' and cause horrific 'side effects' including DEATH.... This is exactly what we are seeing happen right now with the tens of thousands world wide that are dying or have already died after taking these 'shots'...

And of course John is right that we may only be seeing the beginning of so many deaths from these shots, as the victims' bodies are now producing those mutant strains of ''antibodies" that will backfire and have their own bodies attack those cells producing those mutant strains within the next few months...And as John states, the victim will be in agonizing and horrible pain and suffering as their bodies attempt to destroy the mutant cells in their bodies that the other cells perceive as an 'infection'...It is truly a horrible way to die, but again this is what these criminal pricks want as part of the plan to 'cull' the human herd!

And yes, John is right about how doctors are no longer trusted at all... Most have been sold or bought and paid for by the criminals pushing these deadly EXPERIMENTAL "vaccines", and will work with the criminals to FORCE these deadly concoctions on all of us.... To me, it shows once again how the Hippocratic Oath has gone out the door with many of these pricks, as they are in it for the money and do not give a crap out their patients' health at all...

 More to come


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