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We Knew This Was Coming: United Kingdom To Issue "Vaccine Passports" In What They Falsely Claim Is A "Trial Run"!

 Honestly,  I knew this was coming... There has been a lot of rumblings across the planet on how the criminals in charge would indeed try to FORCE their 'vaccines' into all of us by threatening to cut off anyone that refuses those deadly concoctions so many of their present 'privileges'.... I have seen reports everywhere about how the pricks would indeed have those who refused vaccinations to NOT be allowed to fly on airplanes, get on public transporation buses, or very possibly not even be allowed into so many establishments such as business and even supermarkets....To me, such actions would be not only criminal but violate anyones' personal rights and freedoms...

But apparently that is exactly what these pricks in charge are aiming at... For according to the following article, from Stephen Lendman, through the Global Research website, at, apparently the assholes in charge over in the United Kingdom aka Britain, are going to do a 'trial run' by issuing "vaccine passports" to their citizens!  Here in fact is that article, and I have my own thougths and comments to follow:

Britain to Issue Vaccine Passports

Global Research, January 13, 2021

According to the London Telegraph, UK vaccine passports “could be rolled out across the UK” if Boris Johnson’s “trial” run goes as planned.

Biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine developed a digital passport for the trial in two so far unnamed designated areas.

While Britain’s science and research funding agency OK’d £75,000 for the project, Johnson’s health department said there was “no plan” to take this step.

Getting underway this month, it’ll continue for about two months.

Saying one thing, then doing another, happens time and again in the West and elsewhere.

Minister Michael Gove earlier said vaccine passports are “not the plan” going forward. He lied.

Johnson’s mass-vaxxing chief Nadhim Zahawi said we’re ‘looking at the technology.’ ”

In December, he said the following:

“I think mandating vaccinations is discriminatory and completely wrong…and I would urge businesses listening to this debate today not to even think about this,” adding:

“We have absolutely no plans for vaccine passporting.” Like Gove, he lied.

An anti-vaccine passport petition now circulating in Britain got hundreds of thousands of signatures, stating the following:

“I want the government to prevent any restrictions being placed on those who refuse to have any potential covid-19 vaccine.”

“This includes restrictions on travel, social events, such as concerts or sports. No restrictions whatsoever.”

Ignored by Zahawi, days earlier he about-faced, saying that he expects bars, cinemas, restaurants and sports stadiums to demand proof of vaxxing against covid (aka renamed seasonal flu) for access to these, perhaps other public areas and travel.

Are mandated vaccine passports coming to Britain ahead?

Will health apartheid come to the US and other Western countries?

Denmark announced development of “immunity passports” to include “tracking and (Big Brother) surveillance.”

Ontario, Canada authorities are exploring their use to include restrictions on travel and access to public venues if unvaxxed.

Israel’s Netanyahu regime said vaxxed individuals will get “green passports,” affording them access to public places.

Other Western ruling authorities indicated that vaccine passports are coming for ‘life to get back to normal (sic).”

All vaccines are hazardous to health, experimental covid ones most hazardous of all.

Preserving and protecting health demands shunning them.

Mandating immunity passports for access to public places will harden totalitarian rule in nations taking this unacceptable step.

Is that’s what’s coming later this year, a diabolical brave new world?

Will free movement no longer be allowed without digital proof of vaxxing with what risks serious harm to human health?

According to a Johnson regime health department statement:

It’s “everyone’s responsibility to do the right thing for their own health (sic), and for the benefit of the wider community (sic),” adding:

Johnson hardliners “will carefully consider all options to improve vaccination rates, should that be necessary.”

Reportedly, UK airlines and hotels support vaccine passports for use of their services.

According to a statement by unnamed UK officials:

“Those who refuse to get the (covid) jab would likely be refused entry to venues.”

Is the same coming for UK workplaces and schools?

Will a mandatory digital ID system come next for Big Brother mass-surveillance in Western and other societies?

All of the above may be part of what diabolical Great Reset planners intend in pursuing establishment of ruler-serf societies worldwide.

Will daily lives and routines no longer be possible without vaccine passports?

Will what was inconceivable not long ago become reality ahead?

Will what’s unfolding go beyond what Orwell and Huxley imagined?

Will dystopian harshness in the West and elsewhere be the new abnormal in the coming months?

If mass resistance doesn’t challenge what may be coming, fundamental freedoms no longer will exist.


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Award-winning author Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

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NTS Notes: Lets be honest here... This is the sick game that these pricks are definitely playing, for this is not a 'trial run' but a TEST to see if the public will 'accept' this heinous action, and thus the criminals in charge will follow it up by making such actions 'mandatory' as they will claim that the trials were 'successful' and the precedence has been set..

This has to be a wake up call for everyone and especially my readers over in the UK... Once they go ahead with this action, they will indeed absolutely go for broke and absolutely make this sick idea of 'vaccine passports' mandatory very quickly afterwards..

Yes, the pricks in charge are absolutely aware that there is a LOT of people that are out there that are saying 'no way' to getting these health destroying 'vaccines' injected into them, so they will do everything that they can to force these poisons into our bodies, even if it means stripping us of our rights as a method of forcing us to take them!

More to come


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Rose Fox said...

It's important to note that vaccine passports are not the same as immunity passports. In other words, having a vaccine passport does not mean you're immune to anything, particularly with the mRNA vaccines. Vaccine passports have nothing to do with controlling the spread of disease, they are just a certificate showing that you were a good little sheep/guinea pig and did your part to fill the pockets of the likes of Bill Gates. These certificates are exactly like the ones used by veterinarians to certify that livestock or pets have been vaccinated.

In order to create immunity passports they'd have to test for immunity by doing an antibody titer of a person's blood. This is impossible with covid because it's a fake virus that has never been isolated in a lab, so they have no virus antibodies to test for.

The fact is that the vaccine passports prove nothing other than subservience. They are slave bridles, yellow stars, tattooed arms. The mRNA vaccines have not been proven to confer immunity or inhibit the spread of any disease. In fact there is concern that these vaccines actually cause a person to shed the virus and spread it to others. If true, this means a vaccinated person is more of a liability than an asset to be given a passport.