Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Urgent Notice To First Responders, Police, Care Givers, Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

I continue to be deeply troubled by this horrific scam-demic, for it has indeed taken a mental toll on myself as well as the rest of my family... .These restrictions and lockdowns in this part of central Canada has done permanent damage to the local economy, and I do worry about all of the people out there that have had their very livelihoods permanently destroyed thanks to this entire fraud....... Sadly, thanks to the never ending brainwashing propaganda shoved in our faces still 24/7 about this non-existent 'deadly virus'  by the lying whores in the media, there is no end in sight..

But one thing that I have been so deeply perturbed about these days is how the major players in this entire scam-demic, which are the hospital workers, first responders, police, and even care givers, have still refused to come out and call this scam-demic the fraud it truly is... Yes, there are a few that have indeed challenged the entire 'narrative' only to find that their jobs and livelihoods have been destroyed, but even the others must get past the unwarranted fear and realize that if only a small proportion of them came out and told the truth, the entire house of cards would come tumbling down and they would not only be able to keep their jobs, and of course their moral values, but they would be hailed as some of the heroes who helped to save all humanity!

And do not get me started about the 'vaccines' that they have planned to inject into ALL of us, by mandatory laws if necessary, that are absolutely deadly to human health... I can guarantee that many of those whom I have listed above are well aware of those dangers and yet are doing nothing to stop the possibility of killing so many people.... I do wonder if these people actually do have souls and a conscience??

And in that regard, I do want to present the following very important report that comes from the 'Our Greater Destiny' website at, that has a VERY important open letter addressed to "First Responders, Police, and Care Givers" regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns, that should be read by everyone and indeed passed around to these important players out there for them to realize how truly dangerous these concoctions truly are...  Here is that important article here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Many members in our communities have deep concerns about first responders, police and front line health care givers targeted to receive initial deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine. Flyer to share

Dear Police, Healthcare Workers, and First Responders Re COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

January 5, 2021 By Vaccine Choice Canada 

Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

I am writing on behalf of Vaccine Choice Canada to express our deep concern for you and your colleagues.

We understand that first responders and front line healthcare workers are being targeted to receive the initial deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine. After a thorough review of the available scientific literature, it is our contention that the Pfizer and Moderna products authorized for use in Canada carry substantial risks.

We recognize the importance of first responders and frontline workers and feel a sense of urgency to share this information with those we rely on most during times of emergency. The attached document addresses the following concerns:

  1. Human experimentation: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines granted ‘interim approval’ by Health Canada have not been adequately tested for either safety or efficacy. This means that the use of the COVID-19 vaccine is human experimentation.
  2. The Vaccine May Not Prevent Infection or Transmission: COVID-19 vaccine makers are not required to demonstrate that their product prevents either infection or transmission of the virus.
  3. COVID-19 – A Low Lethality Illness: The coronavirus is statistically shown to be far less deadly than portrayed by mainstream media and health officials.
  4. Health Canada Oversight Insufficient: The safety testing of the COVID-19 vaccine products is incomplete and less rigorous than that for other vaccines.
  5. No Individualized Risk-Benefit Analysis: A proper risk-benefit analysis has not been conducted. Implementing a “one-size-fits-all” policy fails to recognize that the risk of infection varies greatly depending upon several variables including age and pre-existing conditions.
  6. Informed Consent: Those advocating for mandates and coercive measures that remove the right to consent are undermining essential individual rights and freedoms. This is a clear violation of the Canadian Charter and also medical ethics.

Our intention in writing this letter is to bring to your awareness the experimental nature of this vaccine. It is our hope that this information will help to protect your right to voluntary informed consent, free of any coercion or constraint. Thank you for your service to Canadians.

Vaccine Choice Canada

Details of each concern and reference links at

NTS Notes:  I too want to make sure that this open letter aka "Urgent Notice" is indeed copied and pasted to other websites, blogs, etc, and that it be made into letter or memo form to pass around to those key players listed... They must read this report and judge for themselves what is right or wrong in pushing the vaccines into victims..

And yes, time is of the essence now, as up here in central Canada the criminal Pallister regime in this province alone is going ahead with a diabolical plan to start injecting the most weak and elderly in our society with their deadly 'vaccines' starting next Monday... I do want to make sure that the players involved in administering those concoctions realize that they are accessories to a horrific crime against humanity that can lead to murder...

It is time for these key players to be fully informed and to make the right informed decision... They must realize that 'pleading ignorance' is no defence against any crime...

More to come



Rose Fox said...

I don't think we need to warn health workers about these vaccines. They're better educated about health than most people are, and they're familiar with the process to test and approve a vaccine. Many have also seen vaccine injuries in their patients. As a result, in the US 60% of them are refusing to take the vaccine.

It's so bad that hospitals are paying fat stacks of cash to bribe workers into taking it:

rotagen said...

I'd advise a simple message to "first responders" and it will go up on my gate if things ever get that "stalin"...

If you enter my property with a syringe, you are dead.

Good diaper report this week: Also eric peters has a good article/message for the repugnatcunt party- No more Excuses.

Also I found a sweet graphic - "Libertarians, incessantly working to rule the world, and Leave You Alone"

Jan said...

Hi NTS - Jon Rappaport's blog cannot be accessed, and don't know if it's a temporary glitch. And I naively thought the 9/11 fraud couldn't be topped!