Saturday, January 30, 2021

This Is Interesting: Notice- The Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Canada Site Has Not Updated in Two Weeks- Why?

 Ever since they started shooting their poisonous and deadly mRNA EXPERIMENTAL vaccines into Canadians late last year, I have been watching and wondering about why we continue to see nearly ZERO reports anywhere from the lying whores in the Canadian media outlets about the severe 'adverse effects' on so many right here in Canada from those shots?  

Apparently there is an ongoing 'conspiracy of silence' from not only the lying whores in the media, but our own governments about those what have indeed been severely affected by those 'shots' and Canadians should be asking themselves; WHY???  Obviously there is something going on here, and I do suspect that there are indeed now at least THOUSANDS that have indeed been damaged permanently from those deadly shots, and these pricks are not wanting Canadians to be informed about what is really happening here, simply because they want to create the illusion that there is "nothing wrong" with their EXPERIMENTAL 'vaccines' at all as their entire sole purpose seems to try to ram their shots into Canadians as quickly as possible before anyone sees the horrible side effects happen to them...

Well, that may indeed be the case, for right now I do want to present the following important report that comes from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who hails of course from the insanity of southern Ontario some 1500 miles east of here, and writes the excellent blog: "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www. Penny's article is entitled: "Notice: The Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Canada Site Has Not Updated in Two Weeks- Why?" and I have it right here in its entirety for my own readers to view and ponder for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Notice: The Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Canada Site Has Not Updated in Two Weeks- Why?

 As mentioned earlier this week, in the post below.

Announcement: Government of Canada, Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

 This site is linked in the sidebar under Covid 19(84) Resources. It is the official, undoubtedly under reported, site for stats regarding the safety of this experimental mRNA therapy (vaccine)

Worse still, it has not been updated since January 15/21.  And today is January 30/21 

According to the site " We update this page every Friday at 12:00 PM Eastern Time."

Except the last update took place! "What you need to know up to and including January 15, 2021" 

It seems sensible to me that the Canadian government is hiding the numbers of adverse events and the low numbers of  injected recipients in which the adverse events took place.


NTS Notes: Kudos of course to Penny for this fabulous find.. And my great colleague out in BC, Greencrow, has also picked up on Penny's find here and has published her own report over at her website, at

And here in fact is the access to the direct Heath Canada data base for that site stated above, right there:

OK, Lets get right to the point here.. This is indeed absolutely criminal and is being done on purpose, as these criminal pricks have indeed been caught flat footed by all of the cases now arising from those who have indeed been damaged from these deadly mRNA EXPERIMENTAL 'vaccines' and are now stuck with trying to cover for that huge mistake by simply no longer 'reporting them' to the Canadian people!!!!!

Penny is spot on in her statement of fact where she say that the Canadian government is hiding the numbers of adverse events an the low numbers of injected recipients in which the adverse events took place.  That to me is an understatement, for again these pricks are caught up in their web of lies, as months ago the Canadian government had the GALL to stipulate that there was going to be 'few and far between' adverse effects from these deadly concoctions.... 

And yes, the 'fudging' of the numbers is right across Canada, as sadly here in Manitoba "Health Manitoba" has strangely not even bothered to 'report' on the adverse effects by anyone here in this province, and considering the number of shots administered now to be in the 20000+ range for this province, I would not bet against there being at LEAST 20-30 known to be damaged, with at least 10-20x that amount NOT known to have been damaged, for this province alone..  And just wait until months down the road as the pricks in charge want to see EVERYONE in this province shot up with this crap and the number of those damaged just explodes!

Yes, the criminal Government of Canada that claimed just a few months ago that these EXPERIMENTAL 'vaccines' were 'absolutely safe' has now been caught up in their own web of lies and deceit.... And thus I can guarantee their own 'spin doctors' are now in the back rooms working on new lies and falsehoods to cover for this horrible crime and to find their 'excuses' for the high and increasing number of Canadians who are indeed now permanently damaged from these poisons....

Wake up, my fellow Canadians, and everyone else across the planet... Never, ever, take these needles of pure poison into your bodies for the permanent damage done will indeed be horrific and permanent!

More to come



Penny said...

Thanks North and I'm aware that there has been at least on adverse reaction, off the top of my head, in Manitoba.

A nurse most recently

5) More Manitobans Have Adverse Reactions After Injections

In Wednesday’s COVID-19 media briefing, provincial health officials announced four Manitobans have experienced adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination.

Of the four cases, two required emergency room visits, one of whom has fully recovered and details have yet to be released on the other.

Robert said...

One of the most powerful weapons employed against us by the 6 Million Club is separation from reality, which is psychosis.
The unwelcome fact is that we have become soft. We live in a world of plentiful food (historically very cheap), central heating and as much visual entertainment as we have time for.
Many of us have become “addicted to pleasure.”
We are being killed by comfort. So sedate and apathetic have we become that almost anything can be done to us without provoking righteous anger.
There is a theory that we have a constant “worry level.” In this view, people will spend perhaps 25% of their time worrying, practically regardless of their circumstances.
Events are likely to unfold in the future which force us to toughen up.

greencrow said...

NTS says:

Yes, their spin doctors already have two "reasons" for "adverse reactions" to the CovID-19 vaccine. Watch for these:

1. There is a "superspreader" about spreading the-never-seen-in-a-lab virus; and

2. There is a "variant" of the never-seen-in-a-lab virus--perhaps from some far away place like UK or South Africa.

Those are the two they've thought up SO FAR. There will be more.

Anonymous said...

No reports of vaccine injuries here in the U.S. either, both nationally and locally. I can't think of a single example.

430,000 COVID deaths here in the U.S. last time I watched the JMSM, which was within the last few days. And people believe this shit! How do these media jews get away with the astronomical bald-faced lying?!

Here is a good site that reports most on the vaccine. The articles are short and updated daily.


Thinking....... said...

They have not reported any deaths due to the vaccines either.
I call BS on that one. They for sure are hiding information from everyone.
They will just say they died of something else.

Bob said...

My sister's friend is in bad shape after the vaccine.

She did not say which one. But it was the first dose.

The sad thing is that many (most!) people will not ever go back to normal after this criminal fraud is exposed. The masks will stay on, the fear will be there.

How the criminal puppets - the Coumos, The Newsoms, the Faucis, the Gates sleep easily is weird. Waking up and finding your security people are gone would be beyond frightening.

If you read Chris Hedges you will know revolutions do not happened slowly once going they happen very quickly.

Whiney Coumo, Baby killer Northam etc. Are in for a big surprise.

I actually communicate with this woman on line and she tells me she want's to date. She backs out every time! She sends me photos of her with her mask on! How can I tell her anything about how attractive she is?

By the way I don't know how NTS stands the cold. I'm here in the Northam fiefdom (the formally free state of Virginia). We are getting what is called a N'oreaster 3-6 inches of snow and I hate snow like the devil.