Thursday, January 14, 2021

This Is Canada: Accept Slavery With Grace

 Over the last several days I have received a multitude of emails sent by so many of my American colleagues and friends saying "NTS, You are so lucky to be living in Canada right now... The US is so screwed with the Communists taking over".... 

To which I replied " ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Canada has fallen to what is essentially full blown COMMUNISM already thanks to that criminal Justin Trudeau and his evil cohorts, and all we have up here is an illusion of freedom when it truly is nothing short of slavery"..... 

And yes, as a Canadian I have indeed watched what used to be one of the 'most free' nations on planet Earth at one time now being turned into a shadow of that former glory... And it is indeed thanks to most Canadians doing absolutely NOTHING to stop the criminals in charge from destroying what is left of their very freedoms and liberties..

And... I was sent the following report that comes from the 'Council Of European Canadians' website at, that lays it out as to EXACTLY what it is to be a Canadian these days... Here is that report, entitled: "This Is Canada. Accept Slavery With Grace" for all to see for themselves right here... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

This is Canada. Accept Slavery With Grace

by Tim Murray

Be Canadian

Be polite
Be kind
Be compliant
Be deferential
Be trusting
Be silent
Be grateful
Be humble

Masks don’t work but wear them anyway
Roll over and surrender your rights
For your betters know better
It is all for our own good you know
We have their word on that

So don’t despair

COVID restrictions will be lifted
Once we accept Communism 

NTS Notes: Yes, Tim Murray has hit the nail on the head with this one.... This is exactly what I see in my own dealings with my fellow Canadian sheep on a daily basis..

It has always been an illusion to other nations that Canada is this free, and peace loving, nation, but that illusion must stop immediately.... Canadians are absolutely nothing but SLAVES these days as they are being constantly subjected 24/7 by the fear mongering generated by the criminals in charge and the compliant media whores that there is indeed this 'deadly virus' out there that simply does not exist, and yet is out there to 'kill us all'... And thanks to the propaganda, the criminals in charge have unleashed draconian 'rules' and "laws" that would have made the leaders of the former Soviet Union blush....

And yes, all I see are mindless zombies wearing their face diapers like good little mutton headed sheep just awaiting their turn to get shot up with their deadly vaccines... And yes, as the article states, all will be better up here once the mindless morons accept their COMMUNISM.....

More to come


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