Monday, January 4, 2021

The "Great Reset" Is About Expanding Government Power And Suppressing Liberty

 Over the last few months both myself and so many others in the real truth movement have constantly been reading reports and watching a wide range of videos put out about this 'Great Reset' that we have found evidently to be decades in the making... Apparently the criminals wanting this 'Great Reset' have indeed been waiting the right 'conditions' to bring the entire criminal nature of this "Great Reset' to the forefront, and lo and behold but here we are with this horrific and most fraudulent scam-demic as their weapon of choice to force their 'Great Reset' onto all of us..

And yes, many have been out there already with their own interpretations of what this 'Great Reset' is truly  all about... And thus I want to present a brand new report that has just been posted earlier today through Ron Unz's website "The Unz Review" at, where Doctor Ron Paul has come out with his own views of this 'Great Reset'... I do want to share that article, entitled: "The "Great Reset" Is About Expanding Government Power And Suppressing Liberty" right here for my own readers to see for themselves, and I have of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The 'Great Reset' Is About Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty

World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has proposed using the overreaction to coronavirus to launch a worldwide “Great Reset.” This Great Reset is about expanding government power and suppressing liberty worldwide.

Schwab envisions an authoritarian system where big business acts as a partner with government. Big business would exercise its government-granted monopoly powers to maximize value for “stakeholders,” instead of shareholders. Stakeholders include the government, international organizations, the business itself, and “civil society.”

Of course, government bureaucrats and politicians, together with powerful special interests, will decide who are, and are not, stakeholders, what is in stakeholders’ interest, and what steps corporations must take to maximize stakeholder value. People’s own wishes are not the priority.

The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state via real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people receive digital certificates in order to travel and even technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them.

Included in Schwab’s proposal for surveillance is his idea to use brain scans and nanotechnology to predict, and if necessary, prevent, individuals’ future behavior. This means that anyone whose brain is “scanned” could have his Second Amendment and other rights violated because a government bureaucrat determines the individual is going to commit a crime. The system of tracking and monitoring could be used to silence those expressing “dangerous” political views, such as that the Great Reset violates our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Great Reset involves a huge expansion of the welfare state via a universal basic income program. This can help ensure compliance with the Great Reset’s authoritarian measures. It will also be very expensive. The resulting increase in government debt will not be seen as a problem by people who believe in modern monetary theory. This is the latest version of the fairy tale that deficits don’t matter as long as the Federal Reserve monetizes the debt.

The Great Reset ultimately will fail for the same reason all other attempts by government to control the market fail. As Ludwig von Mises showed, government interference in the marketplace distorts the price system. Prices are how information about the value of goods and services related to other goods and services is conveyed to market actors. Government interference in the marketplace disturbs the signals sent by prices, leading to an oversupply of certain goods and services and an undersupply of others.

The lockdowns show the dangers of government control over the economy and our personal lives. Lockdowns have increased unemployment, caused many small businesses to close, and led to more substance abuse, domestic violence, and suicide. We are told the lockdowns are ordered because of a virus that poses no great danger to a very large percentage of the American public. Yet, instead of adopting a different approach, politicians are doubling down on the failed policies of masks and lockdowns. Meanwhile, big tech companies, which are already often acting as partners of government, silence anyone who questions the official line regarding the threat of coronavirus or the effectiveness of lockdowns, masks, and vaccines.

The disastrous response to Covid is just the latest example of how those who give up liberty for safety or health will end up unfree, unsafe, and unhealthy. Instead of a Great Reset of authoritarianism, we need a great rebirth of liberty!

NTS Notes: I have grown to trust a lot of what Dr Ron Paul has been saying for years now about the corruption of our governments, and thus a lot of what he presents in this article is indeed very factual..

And honestly, when I watch the videos of that "Karl Schwab" character, I see such pure evil coming out of that criminal's mouth, and it is no wonder I see him as another form of "Doctor Evil" just like that other prick George Schwartz aka "George Soros"..... Therefore there is nothing good about this prick at all as all he spews is pure evil intent..

And yes, what we are watching right now happen with this still ongoing scam-demic is the manipulation and brainwashing of the masses to have them primed to accept the horrific plans of this 'Great Reset'.... Permanent surveillance along with modification of humanity through vaccines is not what I would call a bright future for all of mankind at all....

I do hope that Ron Paul is right the their "Great Reset" will ultimately fail..... Our crooked governments are bound and determined to force the terms of this fraud "Great Reset" down our throats, and until the masses do actually wake the fuck up and see what is happening and hopefully put a stop to the criminals' plans, the damage done will be horrific....

I have seen so many great writers in history state that people who give up liberty and freedom for the falsehood of 'security' deserve neither..... Hopefully that message still rings true with a lot of people..

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CanadianNotCommunist said...

China has been scanning its workers and soldiers brainwaves for several years. Reportedly, the soldiers helmets have a "kill switch" installed too - maybe in case a soldier decides to flee instead of fight, or gets captured by the enemy.

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Have you seen this, this was on only a few days ago,