Monday, January 25, 2021

The COVID Caper

 I had to get some much needed rest yesterday after posting my daily Manitoba report... It has been stressful over the last while, especially with having to endure the sheer stupidity and ignorance that I see on a daily basis up here in COVID-land central.... Taking time off and just unwinding from time to time is necessary to save my own sanity these days..

Well, I am back.. And I am doing a bit of 'catching up' here, as on Saturday during a very good chat with my good friend John Kaminski, who of course lives in sunny and WARM Florida, John informed me that he was was working on his latest article over at his website at, and that he was going to call it 'The COVID Caper'..... I said that I would post it up here shortly after that article's release, and better late than never I do want to share it right here with my own readers to see for themselves..I have it here in its entirety and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Civilization choking on
malevolent medical advice

Immorality ruins health, scorches souls, pollutes children who once believed they were real humans but have come to learn they are powerless cogs in a nasty machine that rewards the cold savagery of shrewd merchants who feed on the gullibility of the masses by deliberately misdirecting everyone with twisted myths and propagandistic pap so that most humans can no longer see the sunlight of life because it has been blotted out by maliciously constructed chemtrails in the sky and in our minds.

“It’s time to mask up, America!” said the President.

“Oh, I thought you were already wearing one,” I retorted, alluding to the drugged persona fearless leader Biden exhibits when angrily repeating what the voice in the microphone in his ear tells him to say. His wizened face bears the pallid complexion of a man who has been in storage for a long time, then, propelled by drugs and voices from another location controlling his every movement, he has been brought out to face the world and tell us all about our new prison.

He was speaking to the world. I was just sarcastically replying to a TV screen.

When rage eclipses reason

As a result of the totalitarian lockdown now under way, interpersonal relations are all running at a fever pitch as everybody’s lives have been scrambled by this authoritarian COVID scam. Tempers flare at too great a rate for reasoned discussion producing personal disputes made more severe by the tensions triggered by the absurd lockdowns as if with a sledgehammer pounding humanity into submission as docile ingots into some super-colossal but subhuman machine.

Society seems to have deflected reality with a variety of false assumptions that always seem to turn into draconian penalties for activities that are relatively normal human behavior. The escape-from-reality wish that drives alcoholism and drug abuse extends to corrupt bureaucrats who impose restrictions on people for subterranean purposes. Ultimately, all these maneuvers are conditioning people for enslavement.

When the choice is between the establishment and anarchy, we are imprisoned in a situation where either course is inimical to our own health, and as such, constitutes legitimate moral grounds for revolution, a total revaluation of all values, and the reinstitution of thoughtful justice for all members of the human family as the core belief of any governmental structure.

Humans are never to be for harvesting

Yet rumors persist about the use of adrenochrome, an unfathomably addicting drug that extends vitality. It is created from the harvested blood of terrorized children and is known to be used by the very rich and politically powerful people of the world.

America has turned into an awful country, full of excuses for tyrannizing everyone, a disease that has spread to victimizing its own citizens by regimenting them into prisoners of an ever darkening medical gulag.

Whomever is responsible for this repulsive situation should be purged from the planet pronto.

The governments ministering to us today are substantially less than human and certifiably corrupt. If nobody protests this wholly unsatisfactory situation now imposed upon us by our medical and political authorities, and backed up by the witless muscle of robotized career bureaucrats, far too many of us will soon be unnecessarily dead. Act now or die soon.

The lockdowns and masks are meant to kill us, not save us.

The ten stages of genocide
A tool for systemic discrimination



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I do agree with John in that the few times that I have been watching that criminal pedophile traitor to America that is now the 'President', Joseph Biden, speak at the podium he seems strangely robotic and absolutely so drugged up that all he does is slur his speeches... Many have speculated that it is due to his increasing dementia, but I am leaning on not only that but a lot of medication as well..

And yes, one of the heinous acts that "President Biden" wants for America is an estimated '100 days' minimum of being forced to wear face diapers... To me, that policy is horrendous and has the real hidden agenda of actually making Americans sick via their rebreathing in of their own dangerous bacteria in their nasal passageways that will cause a massive outbreak of bacterial pneumonia right across America..

And John mentions in this article 'Adrenochrome"... I did several articles over the last few years at this blog that were about the criminal Jewish elite harvesting of that chemical by basically murdering children... And yes, the one key one that I wrote last year at the beginning of October was the reason why I was BANNED from Blogger, for it told the truth about Adrenochrome, its harvesting, and who were the culprits indeed for that massive crime that has killed thousands of innocent children,.. This is fact and not fiction, readers..

And yes, John concludes his article with the fact that both the lockdowns and the usage of face diapers (masks) are not in place to save us from a 'deadly virus' that simply does not even exist as it has NEVER been isolated in any laboratory around the world and fails ALL aspects of Koch's Postulates for proof of a contagion, but is actually there to KILL us all.... People everywhere MUST stop cowering in fear and anxiety and join us in this fight for our freedoms and our very future..

More to come



Freeborn said...

Frances Leader has determined beyond a shadow of doubt that the COVID virus - much like all its predecessors - SARS, MERS, BSE, Avian Flu, Hep C - HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED:

Freeborn said...

Kaminski has his finger on the pulse when he writes that: "interpersonal relations are all running at a fever pitch as everybody’s lives have been scrambled by this authoritarian COVID scam".

Along with the 10 Steps to Genocide vid, John's insight reminds me of the following Voltaire quote:

"If you can convince people to believe in absurdities - it won't be long before you can convince them to commit atrocities."

The COVID retards R about to turn on us......

However, we needn't worry. These weak intellectually feckless streaks of piss will be so debilitated by lockdowns, mask-wearing, stress and the kill-shot jab they all queued up for - they won't be in any fit state to inflict much damage on us.

John The former MB Savage said...

David Rasnick: new strain of the coronavirus, or a giant con? How deep do the lies go?
by Jon Rappoport January 25, 2021

David Rasnick [1], PhD chemist, with a long history working in the pharmaceutical industry (Abbott, Prototek, Arris), broke away from official science and served as the president of Rethinking AIDS: the group for the scientific reappraisal of the HIV hypothesis. He was a member of the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel of South Africa.

Here is a recent explosive statement Rasnick made [2] about SARS-CoV-2 and HIV. Digesting it brings about a breakthrough revelation:

“Viruses are unstable, RNA [e.g, SARS-Cov-2] viruses especially. They are so unstable, there is no such thing as an un-mutated RNA virus. They are like snow flakes, no two are identical.”

“HIV is an RNA virus with 9,800 nucleotides. You can download the HIV Sequence Compendium here:” [3]

“In the Preface it says:”

“’The number of [genetic] sequences in the HIV database is still increasing. In total, at the end of 2017, there were 812,586 sequences in the HIV Sequence Database, an increase of 8.5% since the previous year.”

“None of the sequences of the world destroying [sarcasm], computer generated coronavirus with its 30,000 or so nucleotides, are identical.”

“The virus maniacs use computers to compare the menagerie of sequences to come up with ‘A Consensus Sequence’ for HIV, Coronavirus, and all the rest. The consensus sequence exists in two places: in computers and in strings of RNA synthesized in the lab.”

“Even consensus sequences are not stable. Different groups, using a variety of computer algorithms will invariably come up with different ‘consensus sequences’.”

The implications of Rasnick’s statement are enormous.

First of all, forget about the idea that SARS-Cov-2 has one genetic sequence.

And these multiple sequences aren’t assembled by looking through a magic microscope. They’re put together by computer programs which have pre-set algorithms.

In other words, the sequences are built by ASSUMPTIONS (not evidence) embedded in the algorithms.

ANY vaccine developed for SARS-Cov-2 (even if you believe in the theory of how vaccines are supposed to work) would face the task of producing immunity to an ever-mutating virus—not just one mutated strain, but endless numbers of mutations.

You would have an analog to seasonal flu, in which researchers make a guess about what the new version of the virus will look like every year and develop a new vaccine for that guess.

How well is this working out? Public health agencies report that, each and every year, there are a BILLION cases of seasonal flu, worldwide.

Going still deeper, if the genetic sequences of the ever-mutating viruses are not discovered, but concocted via computer programs, how likely is it that a vaccine utilizing that “data” would work?

And at the bottom of the whole pile of guesswork, is, of course, the realization that, if these genetic sequences are concocted—where is the ACTUAL isolated virus? WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT IT EXISTS?

Where is it, when, as I’ve been reporting for months now, researchers twist and torture the meaning of “isolated,” so that it indicates “the virus is somewhere in a soup in a dish in a lab”—definitely UN-isolated.

Such is the “science” of modern virology.

But don’t worry, be happy, the test “for the coronavirus” must be accurate, the case and death numbers must be accurate, and the consequent lockdowns which are destroying national economies and hundreds of millions of lives are necessary…right?

Sure. Why not? Let’s say it’s all, all right. Everybody can go back to sleep and let tyrants demolish Earth civilization.

OR, you can REBEL against the Police State built on a house-of-cards hoax called “science.”

As opposed to “the virus,” liberty and freedom are quite real. People can feel them in their bones, in their minds and souls. Even and especially if they are slaves, they can feel them. DOES HIV EXIST? AN EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW...

more at link

John The former MB Savage said...

lol...i just saw you posted John's article w know each other...?? hehe

Northerntruthseeker said...

Nah...Just that great minds do think alike... That is the scary part..

John, where are you now, if you used to be in Manitoba?

And where about in Manitoba originally?