Friday, January 8, 2021

The Communist Takeover Of America: False Flag At The US Capitol - It Is All About The Effects And The After-Shocks

 I honestly am very pissed off this morning... I opened up that 'rag' that classifies itself somehow as a 'newspaper' this morning and there were pages after pages about what had happened in Washington DC two days ago and the aftermath... There is of course no fair journalism of course in that garbage rag, as the so called writers were all the same in blasting US President Donald Drumpf and blaming the Republicans and the brave people that went to Washington DC on the 6th of January for the fiasco and the subsequent 'attack' on the US Capitol building itself... 

In fact NOWHERE in that rag called a 'newspaper' was there anything about how the criminal Antifa group (Yes, run by Jew George Schwartz aka "George Soros" of course) were the REAL criminals  behind the fiasco and how THEY were the ones who actually attacked the US Capitol building.... All I saw was the same FALSE rhetoric as expected by the lying whores in the media that this was an 'attack against freedom and democracy' (Wait a minute.. How about the stolen US elections?  Is that not an attack against both freedom and democracy??) and how the Republicans and especially President Drumpf should be 'ashamed of themselves' and how THOSE freedom lovers that went to Washington should all be 'arrested and put in prison' for simply standing up for the saving of the American republic....  I took that rag 'newspaper' and threw it in the garbage, and I am indeed considering canceling my subscription for the fact that I can no long tolerate their lies and liberal biased 'opinions'.....

Yes, the American republic has now fallen... Communism has now taken over in that once great republic and I do fear for the lives of my American readers who still believe in the principles of freedom and democracy.... But for now I do want to look at the aftermath of that fiasco from two days ago, especially how the criminals in charge now will use that fiasco to their 'advantage'... And therefore I want to turn to a brand new article that was just released earlier today by Jon Rappoport, from his blog over at "No More Fake News" ( This article is entitled: "False Flag At The Capitol: It's All About The Effects And After-shocks" and I have it right here for everyone to see and read for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

False flag at the Capitol: it’s all about the effects and after-shocks

False flag: an event staged to make it appear one’s opponent caused the event and is the guilty party, thus justifying an all-out response.

by Jon Rappoport

January 8, 2021

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This is a follow-up to my article about the engineering of a false flag assault on the Capitol building Wednesday—possibly led by Antifa actors.

For more information on that, I recommend Michael Snyder’s article, “Questions about the chaos at the capitol that desperately need to be answered.”

The events of Wednesday at the Capitol achieved a Jackpot for the Political Left.

The televised discussion and debate, in the Joint Session of Congress, about vote fraud, was derailed.

When Congress reconvened, at night, no one had the stomach to vigorously assert that Trump won the election. No one cared anymore. The viewing audience, if there was one, couldn’t have cared, either. 100% of the attention was on the Capitol break-in.

Trump himself was welded to the “shocking assault” on the Capitol. The media made sure of that. “January 6th, 2021, is a day that will live in infamy forever…” “The day Trump betrayed America.” “He whipped up his supporters in a frenzy, and then they invaded The People’s House…”

The media will play this tune for the next 20 years. One aim? To destroy any chance Trump can come back in 2024 to run for the presidency. To completely snuff out his future—or the future of his son, Donald, Jr.—in politics.

Another aim? To discredit all Trump supporters and cast them as violent lunatics.

Even the shooting death of a Trump supporter inside the Capitol, by the police, is subliminally implied as “a necessary action to stop a revolution-in-progress.”

There is more. Efforts to protest the COVID lockdowns will be equated, by the media and the government, with the Capitol assault. “It’s all the same thing, the same unhinged people, the crazed deplorables and the dangerous anti-vaxxers…”

New rounds of brutal COVID lockdowns will be justified on the basis that “there are violent groups in our country who don’t care about infecting other people with the virus. You know who they are. Many of them wear MAGA hats. There is only one way to defeat this pandemic. Shelter in place long enough, until it’s over…”

Media, of course, conveniently ignore the months of violent Antifa-led riots, violence, and crime. Media will continue to bury those events behind a wall of outrage against the Capitol break-in.

Crackdowns on “dissenting behavior” are now on the table as a National Security issue. “We must approach certain kinds of dissent as acts of war. Look at the attack on the very core of our Republic, the Congress of the People, at the Capitol building. That began as simple angry rhetoric, but it built into an attempt at ‘violent overthrow’…”

What’s happening now has parallels to the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995. At the time, I wrote about that false flag extensively. There had been a great deal of anti-government sentiment in the country. There was talk of secession. On both the Left and the Right, decentralization of power was a prominent issue. Media were focused on “the dangers of right-wing militia groups.”

Then, after the explosion—which was far more sophisticated than an ANFO truck bomb—President Bill Clinton gave a key speech in which he basically said, “Come home to the federal government. We will protect you.”

Aided by an outpouring of media praise for the speech, Clinton won the day.

Biden will now try the same thing. He has no rhetorical skills, but he will play the peacemaker and the unifier. “It’s time to heal wounds. The nation can’t survive in this climate of divisiveness and hatred. We must make peace with our brothers and sisters. Come home to the government…”

However, the level of government surveillance and tracking will escalate—not only because of COVID, but (we’ll be told) in order to make sure another “January 6th” does not occur again.

Translation: we need to copy the Chinese model of control.

The Capitol break-in is a MAJOR covert op. And like all such staged events, the planned after-effects are the most important pieces.

Think of these effects as a gigantic “equals sign” planted in the public mind. The CAPITOL BREAK-IN equals dissent equals protests against the lockdowns equals Trump the betrayer equals anti-vaxxers equals MAGA equals nationalism equals outrage against lockdown governors equals people who don’t wear masks equals racism…

That’s how propaganda is done. By connecting one reaction to other reactions, across the board.

Imagine a Trump supporter who lives in a blue state. He looks in his closet today, and sees his MAGA hat and American flag…and wonders what will happen if he puts on that hat and walks down the street…

NTS Notes: I do understand that Jon Rappoport is a firm Donald Drumpf supporter... Personally I have not understood the 'love affair' with Drumpf at all for the fact that he may try to appear to be on the side of Americans, but he has always been selling his soul exclusively to that horrific criminal state on the Mediterranean Sea known as 'Israel'... Drumpf spent the last 4 years of his "Presidency" bending over backwards for this Jewish masters and doing everything to please them and yet here they are throwing him under the bus and putting in an even more sick evil and twisted Jew butt kisser named Joe Biden...

Yes, the attack on the US Capitol was absolutely a pre-planned false flag operation by the criminal Antifa group.. The pricks in charge knew that they had their opportunity to use that freedom march on Washington two days ago as their 'cover' for that entire operation, and sadly those who did march for freedom and liberty in American two days ago were almost entirely unaware that they were being used for this operation... The result now is the vilification of those who love America and who wanted freedom restored, and thus thanks to the whores in the lying media outlets, these freedom lovers are now being classified as 'terrorists' instead..

And yes, there was one sad victim that was indeed shot in the 'assault' on the Capitol building... I do believe that she actually got caught up in the assault but as it was happening she actually wanted to stop because she realized there and then that something was terribly wrong...The criminal Antifa group killed her just to silence her permanently from telling the world about the entire charade...  This is my own opinion on this sad matter...

Yes, America has now fallen... The Communists will probably not let a good 'false flag' go to waste and watch over the next while as their further whip up the frenzy in the gullible public through their lying whore media that President Drumpf and his followers are the 'evil ones' and must be "taken care of accordingly" meaning possibly imprisoned or even shot for 'treason'..... It is a dark time ahead for what used to be the American republic indeed...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Agreed. The entire event at the capitol even looked fake. I mean, I haven't seen such a poorly shot fight scene since I used to watch repeats of 1950s TV Western shows.
I know they have some stunt men at their disposal, they should have brought some in and staged it better.
Also, the allegedly shot person Ashli Babbitt? No one her name or age exists anywhere they claim she lived.
Also, if she did exist, REALLY? She was a 14 year USAF veteran who had high security clearance the entire time? This means she was an intelligence asset. Which means, she runs or is used for intelligence projects. When we add this knowledge to the fact that the ban of using direct propaganda from the US gov to the American people via MSM was reversed in 2013, that all stories since that year (and before because that ban has been ignored for decades-see Operation Chaos, Operation Mockingbird Media)are questionable.
In any case, the idea of that capitol "invasion" was all too convenient to stop the election certification, clear out all eyewitnesses and resume the electuon theft later that night without any witnesses, which is exactly what they did, and come morning? Surprise! Election certified.
Not to say the obvious, but there has been no actual election since before Lincoln.
Oh they actually have everyone run around and vote, and collect ballots and count them. But the winner had been decided long before the election hy the simple fact that the candidates, are always weedled down to two candidates that are already approved by TPTB, so in fact, there never is a real choice.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Dear lord, old friend. What demons from hell will we face now? The real beasts have just taken over America. I am, tbh, stunned at this. How can people accept this theft? Don't bother to answer that.

Anonymous said...

Trump played a major role in the psyop. He knew what was going down.