Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Taking Another Shot At The Fraud Of Wearing Face Diapers: Great New Video, Plus Article From 17+ Years Ago Calls Them A Farce!

 As I am now over my cold that I came down with over the last week, I had to go out and about to get some food items last night... And lo and behold but even after a week MIA, it still is this strange Orwellian world out there that I call "COVID-land" central here in Manitoba Canada....

I could not help but notice even driving to the supermarket about how many people walking the streets these days are stupid enough to be wearing face diapers as they walk in the open and fresh air... Honestly, are these people nothing but brain dead retards?? Do they not even know that their wearing face diapers heavily restricts the Oxygen flow to their bodies that they need for proper daily function?  And WHY in the outdoors at all?  Walking and exercising demands more Oxygen intake and all these fucking idiots are doing is to cause untold harm to their bodies instead of actually exercising!

And of course as I walked into the supermarket, it was like entering a weird world of silence and despair as I saw once again so much humanity walking around like zombies absolutely scared to death of every other person in their immediate environment.... This is of course the result of the incessant brainwashing via the criminal whores in the bullshit media that are still running 24/7 round the clock propaganda of a 'deadly virus' that is 'out to kill us all' unless you show your OBEDIENCE and accept the fear, anxiety, and compliance.... I felt so distraught and realized that the damage done to these morons and zombies is now permanent.... I fear for all of them as they will blindly accept their enslavement and line up very soon to be 'vaccinated' from a 'deadly virus' that still does not even exist..

Meanwhile, I want to once again tackle the clear stupidity of the FACE DIAPERS which of course are the so called 'face masks' that are ABSOLUTELY USELESS and are clearly nothing more than the symbols that people are wearing as signs of their obedience to the enslavement system.... I for one abhor those face coverings as I know their detriment to health and well being as well as mental health, and only wear the damn things when I am FORCED to wear them under threat of heavy fines or even jail time here in Manitoba... 

OK,  Onto blasting away at the face diaper fraud... And first I want to present this wonderful new video that comes from Brandnewtube user 'Bits And Bobs", and is entitled: "Wear Your Masks Forever!"  Here is the link to that video here:

Wear your masks forever! (

A very good video IMHO, and the narrator is very spot on in terms of her analysis of that fraudulent piece of propaganda bullshit..

Next, a most astute reader to this blog and someone whom I do trust very much, sent me the following article link, where apparently some 17+ years ago the Sydney Morning Herald has a report called 'Farce Mask: It's Safe For Only 20 Minutes' that I do want to share the link to for my readers to read for themselves here:

Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes (

NTS Notes: Yes, indeed it is a very strange and Orwellian world that we live in today... And no shock that some 17+ years ago people were warned off of wearing face masks for the fact that they DO NOT WORK AT ALL and yet today we find the criminals in charge beating a different drum and singing a different tune..

It should be apparent to everyone by now what the game is all about by these criminals.. They absolutely WANT everyone wearing face diapers for the sole purpose of getting the wearers sick!  Face diapers absolutely concentrate dangerous bacteria in the wearer's nasal passageway along with their throat, and over time that build up can indeed cause a wide variety of REAL diseases such as bacterial pneumonia (The real cause of the 1918 Spanish Flu BTW..) along with very bad colds and other diseases that these pricks in charge will call "COVID-19"!.. Therefore by forcing gullible people to wear face diapers forever, they can keep their scam-demic going on forever as well..

Yes, the bottom line is of course that face masks or as I properly call them FACE DIAPERS absolutely do not work and cause more harm than any benefit at all... It is time that people pushed back against this nonsense, ripped off their face diapers, and never looked back..

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Barney said...

Why do the idiots in charge endlessly repeat that these disease-catchers are FACE masks? Where else would one wear a mask? I know they think we're as stupid as they clearly are, but anyone with half a brain cell should know without being told that a mask belongs on the face.

I don't wear a "face" mask, but I do wear foot-socks, and in cold weather I might wear hand-gloves. I never wear a head-hat though.

Why the obsession with specifying where on the body this health-destroying device is supposed to go? Do they really think we'll get it wrong?

It's just something I find intensely irritating.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I was sent one of the copper/silver masks recommended by Dr. Judy Mikovitz. It is the one she wears if circumstances absolutely demand it. A reader gifted me and it is so appreciated.

You know me and how I feel about diapers on my face! Just read about some group who advocate lining your mask with... PANTILINERS!

Anyhow. The mask is from TRU47 ( Does not fog the glasses and breathing is 100% with no problem. Being made of these materials it is antibacterial and nothing grows in it.

I have had it for 2 weeks and had to wear it twice visiting the doctor. Otherwise, I don't wear the damn things either.

Bob said...


My big fear is they will not let me travel. I recently retired and I love adventure.

I will cloister myself if necessary so as to not get that vaccine.

I think a lot of 'Authorities' are starting to get fearful. The vaccine is only authorized in the US for emergency use and people are dying!

The vaccine companies can't be sued but sure as all GD hell the local health care people will! Emergency use is to trick the stupid local health care people into this scam!

In Virginia US where I live people are getting mad they can't get the vaccine. Things are coming unraveled at a rapid pace.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Bob, I hear you on that one..

I too would love to be able to travel myself, as I am fast approaching retirement as well..

I for one WANT to see the 'authorities' squirm and rightfully so.. .They are fully responsible for this crime and they must not escape the justice that they deserve for wrecking our lives... I have called for the death sentence for each and every one of them and I am not backing down from that at all..

And yes the brainwashing has done its damage and here too the people are just clamouring for their 'vaccine' shots... I on the other hand just laugh at them all when I hear them say "I want my life returned to normal, so hurry up and give me the damn shot'.... Honestly, you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try is an understatement.