Sunday, January 10, 2021

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 10th 2021

Sunday... And once again time for my weekly rant..

I truly am suffering from a massive brain fart today, as the mental strain of this entire scam-demic has indeed done its toll on my own mind at times...So bear with me if I do ramble..

Honestly, I just do not get it at all??  There is evidence everywhere for anyone to see for themselves that these 'vaccines' that they are presently trying to shove into everyones' arms are indeed nothing but pure poison, and with ever increasing numbers of side effects.... And yet, all I see and hear from the people out their is their anxiousness in wanting to get these poisons into their bodies because of the false belief generated by the lying whores in the media that things will somehow 'return to normal' once everyone gets these shots... 

Let us be honest here... Things will NEVER return to normal as long as the pricks in charge are out there running this entire scam-demic.... They have had their agenda in place for the last 14+ months now and they have not wavered from their goals to have everyone injected with their 'vaccines' that will indeed most everyone taking them into "humans 2.0" .... The ultimate goal has always been control of the masses, and again they are not going to stop until they achieve that aim....

Someone sent me a few articles about what has been happening this last week in the state of New York, where that criminal Governor Andrew Cuomo along with that Bill de Blasio prick that runs New York City have unleashed a new 'bill' that will force all New Yorkers to have to take their vaccines, under the guise of 'detaining individuals who are a threat to others' claiming that these people may be 'carriers' of this still non-existent 'deadly virus', or else face either stiff fines or even jail time... 

This 'mandatory' forced vaccination plan in New York state does indeed fly in the face of International laws that prohibit the forced vaccinations of anyone across the planet, and obviously what is happening in New York is clear violation of those edicts..... Thus even though these criminal pricks have ' passed' that bill, they will have a tough time in enforcing it, especially in light of International laws and even the US Constitution, and I can hardly wait for lawyers to be challenging this new 'bill' in a court of law....  It will be interesting to see if these pricks are able to uphold the push for mandatory vaccinations in New York, for if they do, then the precedence will be set and other US states and even Canadian provinces will probably follow suit and try to pass similar legislation as well.. I do believe that New York is the 'test' to see how far the criminals running this entire scam-demic can 'push the envelope'.....

I have been busy this last week trying so desperately to get my brother and sister who have the 'power of attorney' for my 90 year old mother who is indeed in a senior citizen home right now, to NOT get her 'vaccinated' with these fraud 'COVID-19 vaccines'..... I have had multiple phone conversations with my brother and I have tried my best to give him all of the information about these fraud 'vaccines' in the hope that he does the RIGHT thing and avoids having my mother jabbed with those poisons... But it is not going well, for he and my sister are so thoroughly brainwashed in the belief that having her 'vaccinated' is in 'her best interests' by the propaganda... And thus I am fighting a losing battle here..... I honestly am so fucking angry at these two, and just the other day I told my brother that he is going to kill her.... But all I get is his yelling at me the lies of 'You are nothing but a conspiracy nut' and "You do not have a clue what you are talking about".... I honestly am at wits end, as these two asses are indeed wanting to get her signed up to get her lethal injection of the bullshit 'COVID-19 vaccine' before the beginning of March, and there is presently NOTHING I can do to stop them.....Am I pissed off?  YOU CAN FUCKING BET I AM!!!

And yes, there is a continuing constant streaming of information coming my way where more and more I am seeing the dire consequences of these 'vaccines'..... It is bad enough that I see reports of atrocious anaphylactic shock where some victims of these 'shots' have indeed died, but we also see neurological damage via symptoms of "Bell's Palsy" and other serious damage to the nervous system as well as the brain, to people very shortly after taking these jabs in their arms...And the fact that more and more evidence is now presenting itself that the chemicals contained in those poisons can cause permanent sterility shows how truly diabolical and evil these pricks truly are that they want EVERYONE on Earth destroyed by these poisons....

Honestly, I again have to ask here; WHERE are the decent doctors, nurses, and even health care workers, with all of this evidence that the 'vaccines' are pure poison, out there right now fighting for what is right??? These are the people that should be screaming to high heaven about the serious consequences to these 'shots' and still all we see are so very few brave people coming forward to warn the general public... Yes, many of these first line workers are right now scared to death as they have all been warned that they must 'follow the program' and obey what they are told in making sure people are 'vaccinated'.. But honestly to hell with that, for what the fuck ever happened to the 'Hippocratic Oath' that most of them have sworn to uphold?  Does the Hippocratic Oath not state to 'do no harm' to their patients??? Honestly, if these workers and doctors had any conscience, they would say "NO" to their rulers and come forward to fight with the rest of us against this medical tyranny... If  even 10% of them said "I have had enough" and actually spilled their guts about what they really see happening, then the dominoes would quickly fall and the criminals running this scam-demic would be running for their lives away from the public anger that would come quickly to follow....  Honestly, to hell with your 'orders', you readers out there that are indeed doctors and nurses, for it is time to do what is the right thing to do and stop living with this lie..

I want to get away from the scam-demic, as I have been beating that fraud to death on a daily basis.... Many have asked me to give more of my own two cents worth to what has just happened in the formerly free nation called the United States... And you want my honest opinion?  AMERICA IS NOW FUCKED... And I am not going to pussyfoot around this at all where I am going to flat out call a lot of Americans nothing but cowards and criminals for the fact that they sat back and allowed their nation to now fall to the COMMUNISTS....  Sitting around at home, with their brains turned to mush by the lying whores in the media and watching their Talmudvisions all day that are nothing but brainwashing instruments, while the COMMUNISTS came right out and stole the November 3rd elections, does not make you Americans one bit.... Too many Americans have become couch potatoes and have forgotten that America was founded on the blood of patriots and the will to resist tyranny..... The founders of the American nation said clearly that their new nation had to resist outside interference and do everything to uphold the principles of liberty and freedom... But what has happened is the slow 'disintegration' of those standards as Americans allowed the bullshit of "Liberalism" to take hold, and those false ideals pushed by the pricks behind that fraud have indeed worked their evil and twisted 'ideals' into the American mindset and have now grabbed the power that they have long craved.....It was indeed former US President Ronald Reagan that said a long time ago the if America falls to Socialism and Communism, it will be in the form of Liberalism....  Too many people have failed to heed Reagan's warnings, and we now see the result...

And a reality check for my American readers.. You are about to be royally fucked, as the Communists that were the real instigators in last Wednesday's 'attack' on the US Capitol, will indeed use that 'incident' to their advantage and will push for new "laws" that will be forced on the American people out there to combat 'American Terrorism'... But these 'laws' will do nothing more than rip what is left of personal rights and freedoms away from the American public and create a nation of tyranny.... Under these new laws, personal rights and freedoms will disappear... These new laws will restrict free speech and not only ban a lot of freedom of speech via the Internet, but will actually target those alternative media sites and writers, and have their writings, articles, blogs, videos, etc BANNED as well.. In fact, some have stated that these new 'laws' will call for a clampdown on anyone that resists anything that the COMMUNISTS want to impose on the American people and will see them rounded up and put into jail for opposing the fraud "Liberal agenda".....Yes, America, you stood by and did nothing while the COMMUNISTS pulled off one of their greatest 'false flag' operations ever against America last week Wednesday, and you will indeed be paying the price very soon for that ignorance..

And what about outgoing President Donald Drumpf?  Lets be honest here, for Drumpf is totally controlled by criminal Jewish interests and those interests have always been the real king makers in American politics... These Jewish elite that run America had already decided a long time ago that their poodle Drumpf was indeed to be replaced by another of their poodles, Joe Biden..... Thus all of this "Drumpf out to save America" rhetoric has been nothing more than a circus act with Drumpf basically a bad actor.... And it sure fooled a lot of Americans who have falsely believed that Drumpf was their 'saviour' when all he was all along was a player and an actor doing his part and doing exactly what his masters demanded... It was indeed such a show and a diversion for the American people last week, and sadly too many fell for it as the COMMUNIST false flag last Wednesday went over splendidly for the criminals in charge....

And lets not kid ourselves here... Joe Biden is an evil criminal prick and truly a pedophile bastard... He has been following his masters' orders for years now and is firmly in the pocket of both the Jewish criminal elite as well as the Chinese pricks who helped finance his own campaign for the Presidency and used their 'voting machines' to assure his victory..... And these criminals wanted to make sure that their evil SOB Biden did indeed win the 'election' by switching some 50 MILLION votes over to Biden that evening and as many as several million overnight as well to assure he got into the White House....  If there was a real 'fair' election, then the Republicans under Drumpf would have not only won in a landslide, but zero states would have had any Democrats anywhere to be 'elected' to either the House of Representatives OR the Senate as well....  It was painfully obvious that most Americans so heavily despised this foul creature (and possibly more so now) that only about 25 million Americans actually cast a vote for this dementia filled lunatic...But what the heck, right?  The American people are told by the lying whores in the media that the elections were 'fair' and that there was no 'foul play' at all!!!

Yes, America, you are now truly fucked.... There should have been people out in the streets en-mass on November 3rd if you truly did not want your nation to fall to COMMUNIST tyranny, and yet you stood back, cowering in fear in your homes from a 'virus' that does not exist, and refused to do anything to stop this travesty... And now you will see the fruition of the Communist dream of their great victory in finally taking over America, as they will indeed unleash a reign of terror that may indeed compare to what they did when they took over the Russian Empire back in 1917.... Few are even aware  of that Jewish/Communist horror show, where some 60 MILLION Russians were put to death via mass genocide over the next few decades following the Communist takeover in 1917, and I do fear that much of what happened then will repeat itself in America very shortly.... History does indeed have a tendency to repeat itself, especially for those who have not learned from it!

Yes, many Americans may not like my two cents worth, but honestly if you wanted my opinion, there it is... I am not going to pussy foot around anything here, and I will always tell it like it is.....I have no agenda here at all, and as a Canadian, I am not blinded by the "I love America" rhetoric that runs constantly via the lying whores in the American media and thus can look subjectively as an outsider with no agenda or bias at all....  My only other suggestion is that if as Americans you have guns, to keep them and be prepared, for the Biden/Harris shit show that is about to be unleashed will be coming to disarm you and thus have you helpless to fight back against their reign of terror...

OK... I have rambled on long enough... I have received a lot of emails over the last few years asking me to curtail my usage of foul language and 'superlatives' in my writings.... But I find myself more open and able to say what exactly is on my mind when I throw a few foul words into the mix... That is just the way I am, and if you honestly do not like the foul language, then you can go elsewhere... And to the "liberals" out there that are just to me a bunch of pussified freaks and really do cry the blues when I attack your stupidity, you can especially go fuck yourselves...

Well, time to close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits to discuss other happenings in our sick world..... Yes, I saw reports about how China is especially delighted that Joe Biden is the next  US President. That makes sense, as those pricks threw BILLIONS into the US to make sure they took over Washington DC without firing one shot in anger.......And of course now that Joe is in the White House, the revelations about his criminal son Hunter are coming out fast and furious.  But watch what happens shortly after dementia Joe gets in after January 20th, and most of those allegations against his criminal son 'disappear'.....Interesting that the disinformation platform called 'Wikileaks' has suddenly done some major 'dumps' of information now that US President Drumpf is leaving office.  More bullshit false information for the American public to have their minds clouded by, perhaps?.... I continue to laugh when I see the 'videos' of so many of our criminal politicians and 'world leaders', showing them being 'vaccinated' by this fraud 'COVID-19 vaccines', but in each case the needles themselves were frauds and props.  I say that if these pricks want to continue to claim the vaccines are 'safe' the they have someone like me give them the shots.  I would make sure the needles are real and that they all get their deadly doses, definitely.......No surprise when I saw the reports this last week about how Justin Trudeau's crooked government have not put one red cent collected through their fraud 'carbon taxation' towards any 'green initiatives' at all.  The reality is of course that Carbon taxation is absolutely just another money maker for these scoundrels and every cent collected goes into their own pockets or into 'general coffers'......I see things are heating up in Syria once more, where the good guys aka the Syrian Arab Army and their Russian allies have finally ended the long stalemate and are blasting away at terrorist positions in the Idlib pocket with plans for a new offensive operation possibly underway shortly. And they are continuing operations in the eastern desert against US run ISIS positions as well.  To me, this is about time as the Syrian push to eliminate the Idlib pocket should have finished years back.  But better late than never....... Sadly, I have seen the latest economic indicators for not only my province of Manitoba but all of Canada as well, and things are definitely not good for the first half of this year.  In fact, it can be called a disaster, as there will indeed be NO recovery at all and the danger of full economic collapse still rears its ugly head.  Honestly, this is expected as the pricks in charge continue to destroy small businesses through their fraud scam-demic that has indeed suffocated so many livelihoods of Canadians......War with Iran?  I did see the reports last week that indicated that the pricks in charge in the US may have considered an "Iranian attack" on the US via "hijacked airliners" much like they did in the Israeli Mossad attacks of 911, but luckily nothing has happened (yet).  Be alerted, everyone, for if these pricks try such a dastardly deed do not fall for the crap that Iran 'attacked America', period......While Americans were diverted with what happened last week, apparently the psychos in Israel went ahead and bombed 'targets' in Syria at the same time.  Hey, these pricks obviously cannot let a good false flag in America go to waste and conveniently use that as a smokescreen to bomb the crap out of one of their Arab neighbours.  Luckily once again the Syrians refused to retaliate, for they know that is what those evil SOBs want......Meanwhile, over in Yemen, little change in the war against the Saudi invaders, but the good guys aka the Houthis are definitely on the offensive and are taking back a lot of territory that the Saudis did conquer a few years back.  The war itself may though enter a new stage as word has it that the sickos in Israel may be coming to the 'rescue' of the Saudis and try to change the balance in Yemen with their direct involvement.  I will be keeping tabs of this  over the next while definitely...... Someone asked me last week what I thought of the Chinese probe named "Tianwen-1" that is about to 'land' on Mars in mid February.  My response is simple, as hey if the Americans can fake their probes on Mars, then why not the Chinese as well?  It will be very interesting to see what happens with the Chinese probe as well as the new American one as well as they do 'land' on the red planet........No EPL action this week as it is "FA Cup" time for the Arsenal Gunners.  And they beat Newcastle in extra time yesterday in 3rd round action.  Not bad for the Gunners, and with their recent wins in EPL play, things may be looking up still for my team this year......The Meagan and Harry circus freak show in America continues, with the only news this last week was how these two parasites were now going to quit 'social media' platforms.  Honestly, who cares? As how anyone would ever follow these two morons on any 'social media' is beyond me........And in the REAL news this last week, and of course it centres around the Kardashing skank-ville world of trollops and whores, apparently main skank Kim is going to divorce Kanye West and pursue a 'career' as a lawyer.   First, considering the mental damage that freak has done to Kanye West all of these years, good riddance to that useless trollop.  And second, that brain dead moron does not have the brain power to even possibly get a law degree.  Yes America, you may have become a Communist dictatorship, but we can still count on the Kardashians to cloud the simple minded in your society, definitely.

More to come



greencrow said...

My heart goes out to you NTS re your mother being vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine!

My disabled brother is in the same situation in his residence. This is the kind of mental torture that nobody should have to endure...watching your loved one get mutilated by pseudoscientific psychopaths!

Keep up telling them. It's on THEIR heads if something happens to her as a result.


Freeborn said...

My 95 year old dad, who took part in the Normandy landings and fought his way across France and Holland into Germany ignored my advice re-the flu shot about 5 years ago.

Within months he'd developed a nasty episode of shingles that led to cataracts.

He's rather too old now to have an op to remove the cataracts but he still gets out every day. He will not be locked down nor will he ever wear a mask.


UN/WHO/Gates and their controlled governments want mass vaccination to ensure permanent dumbing-down through neural damage, blood disorders and immune system suppression. Plus they want mass vaccination to go on until there is no unvaccinated control group with which to compare health outcomes.

A recent study in the US found unvaccinated children had markedly better health and wellbeing than vaccinated children.

They don't want another study like that to be at all possible in the future.


Sad how the Donald has seemingly capitulated to the CHICOM/BIG TECH/FAKE NEWS/DEMOCRAT false-flag at the Capitol building. At the point - about 4 p.m. Wednesday when internet news sources were reporting that Pence had stabbed Drumpf in the back the huge patriot crowds were understandably incensed and made their way en masse to the Capitol.

The Senate debate was about to go into a 10 day session that would have totally exposed the full extent of the election steal. This would have been written up in the Congressional record for future historians. The commie plotters weren't going to stand idly by and let that happen.

Hence the false-flag.

Sadly, the STEAL now seems complete and as you rightly say the US is now headed for full-on commie tyranny.

RickB said...

My sympathies regarding your mother and your conflict with your siblings. I've been through it myself regarding my deceased mother's cancer treatment.

If Trump doesn't come through and stop Biden from becoming president. Then it'll be one false flag mass shooting psyop and America will go the way of New Zealand.

And Trump will be proven to be the flip side of Bernie Sanders is on the left side of the political game.