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MUST SEE BY EVERYONE: Criminals At Moderna Pharmaceutical Admit That Their Vaccine For "COVID-19" Is In Actuality An Operating System Designed To Program Human Beings!

 I continue to  just marvel at the sheer ignorance of the people that I run into on a daily basis now... Just earlier this afternoon while I was out getting a few extra things for tonight's dinner preparation, I overheard two ladies at the local supermarket talking between each other, with their face diapers on of course,  with one of them saying: "Well, apparently Premier Pallister is going to extend the lockdowns beyond tomorrow", and the other lady responded: "Yes, and I guess that means that they will keep businesses closed until we get our vaccines"... To which the first lady then piped in with "I can hardly wait, I want my shot as soon as possible so that everything can get back to normal"..... 

I really did have my ears burning with that one, but rather than even bother to interject, I just walked away realizing once again that people are now beyond hope and truly this stupid... But this is what I do overhear more and more here in central Canada where people are just BEGGING to get the 'jabs' so that they think that everything will somehow get back to 'normal' when if they allow those poisons in their bodies, they will NEVER be normal again!

And earlier today, I did say in a previous article that I would post a new article about some ghastly information that was sent my way the other day, and I DO want to share that important information with my own readers here... Therefore I do want to present the following VERY IMPORTANT report from the "Humans Are Free" website at, where apparently the criminals at Moderna Pharmaceutical which of course has its ghastly and deadly 'vaccine' out for this bullshit and non-existent "COVID-19 virus" has in fact FREELY admitted that its 'vaccine' is NOT for fighting any biological contagion at all but is in actuality an "Operating System" designed to program human beings!!!  Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Moderna Admits: MRNA Jabs Are An ‘Operating System’ Designed To Program Humans

HAFJanuary 5, 2021

by Lance D Johnson

The experimental injections being rolled out by Moderna and Pfizer are nothing similar to traditional vaccines. These mRNA platforms are an “operating system” designed to program human beings and turn their cells into efficient drug delivery systems.

Mrna Vaccine Dna

Moderna is now going public with the real intentions behind the mRNA platform. The mRNA technology platform is similar to a computer operating system, the company admits.

Scientists prepare a unique mRNA sequence that codes for a specific protein. Once injected into humans, this program is carried out in the individual’s body, at the cellular level.

The mRNA platform is where Big Pharma merges with Big Tech, enslaving human beings to a controlling system designed to profit from their cellular and biological functions into the unforeseeable future.

Moderna Admits That Healthy Immune Systems Are A Threat To Their MRNA Platform

Curevac Mrna Vaccine Process

As mRNA platforms go live on human populations, Moderna admits that healthy human immune responses can actually destroy the mRNA sequences before they get into the person’s cells.

The immune system may attack the program and its RNA fragments, leading to negative outcomes that could include molecular deficiencies, hormonal defects, etc..

If the protein folding is disrupted, the proteins may never achieve their desired functionality, leading to partial development of antigens that never confer targeted immunity to coronavirus spike proteins.

The body may turn on its own cells in the process, causing hyper-inflammatory responses and autoimmune issues that are the precursor to organ failure and various disease processes.

During the so-called pandemic, public health officials were mum on the actions people should take to mount a healthy immune response to infection. Now we know why these public health officials were telling people they must wait on a vaccine to go back to normal.

The people behind the mRNA experimentation of humans are building psychological justification and scientific precedent to declare human immune systems incapable.

Their first attempt is this: WHO Changes Definition Of ‘Herd Immunity’, Literally Re-Writing Hundreds Of Years Of Scientific Understanding, Just To Push Vaccines

In this way, people will submit their bodies to the latest mRNA programs as they become dependent on the biological software that have been created for them.

This is an open door toward trans-humanism, and millions of people are buying into it.

By casting shame on human immune systems, drug companies have also found the perfect alibi for when their experiments cause injury in humans.

It’s not the injected technology that is causing allergic reactions, seizures, infertility and death, claim the drug companies…

It’s the individual’s human’s immune system that is causing all the pain and misery, they demand.

The drug companies will demand that more carefully crafted mRNA programs and interventions will be needed to “perfect” human beings.

The New MRNA Vaccines Are Dependency Programs, Designed To Manipulate And Enslave Human Biological Functions

Moderna brags that “several hundred scientists and engineers are solely focused on advancing Moderna’s platform technology.”

These scientists are attempting to “hack” humans with bio-information and make populations dependent on the technology. Moderna has even dubbed their mRNA platform the ‘Software of Life.’

Moderna Mrna Operating System Software Of Life

These scientists are looking for ways to help the foreign mRNA avoid immune detection. They are also experimenting with ways to trick the cell’s ribosomes into processing the mRNA as if it was natural.

They are also plotting ways to instruct the human cells to produce the artificial proteins long term.

Watch Dr. Carrie Madej explain how this new vaccine platform can change the way we live, who we are, what we are:

Moderna was founded on the success of using modified RNA to reprogram the function of a human stem cell, therefore genetically modifying it.

As these RNA “operating systems” are installed in human bodies, it becomes even more clear that drug companies are looking to genetically modify and own human proteins while controlling biological processes for generations to come.

On both a psychological and physiological level, human beings are being branded like cattle as they submit to these mRNA software programs.

This system is not medicine, nor is it vaccination. This system is complete cellular manipulation, using foreign biological molecules to code, decode, regulate, change the expression of, and alter the physiological instructions within human beings.

NTS Notes: To me, this is dynamite and shows that these fucking criminals that are pushing their poisons into all of us are unafraid to freely admit that their 'vaccines' are NOT at all for fighting any contagion as the contagion does NOT even exist, but is really for the reprogramming of Human DNA!!!!

To me, this is such a ghastly revelation that many of us have suspected all along and it does prove us all right that these pricks are indeed wanting to inject us all with their poisons just to wreck aka 'reprogram' our very DNA and turn us all in to HUMANS 2.0 which in reality will be non-human freaks...

And the unmitigated gall of these criminals in coming out and making such an admission shows that they just do not care and are actually laughing in our faces with their sinister and evil plans.... These pricks know that the lying whores in the media have done their damage too well to brainwash fools and idiots out there that they all MUST take their vaccines like good little sheep, and have governments bending over backwards to actually try to force these horrific poisons into all of us...

This honestly makes me so sick... Here where I live they are almost finished wrecking first responders, doctors, nurses, and health care workers with this garbage and now they are moving onto 'phase 2' of their diabolical plans by wanting to inject elderly in personal care facilities next... So many of these lives are now permanently ruined and/or will be ruined shortly as they advance their "injection" schedules... Eventually they will push to have all of us forced to be injected with this garbage over the next few months as well...

Personally, I will FIGHT by every means necessary to make sure that these pricks do not ram their poison into my arm.... Everyone who reads this article must pass this information around to as many people that they can immediately so that more and more of the sheep out there become aware of what these monsters are really planning with these fraud 'vaccinations'..

More to come


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