Thursday, January 21, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, January 21st, 2021: 198 New Cases, 5 New Deaths - And Yet The Hospital Numbers Decrease? Manipulation Indeed!

 I do find it so amazing how these pricks running this scam-demic here in Manitoba can continue to stand up every day at the podium and basically lie their asses off when they present their daily bullshit 'COVID-19 report'..... I seems that we can tell when these pricks are lying when they do open their mouths!  That and every day there are glaring contradictions and figures that should have more people going "How is that possible?"... And yet there these pricks are just spewing their garbage and fear propaganda knowing that most Manitobans are simply too far gone and wrought with unwarranted fear to even ask the important questions at all!

OK, I have today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 Report" and all I see is the continuing manipulation fo data, and especially now with these pricks back at it again by artificially pumping up the overall cases number.... They will indeed use that as the fear necessary to keep Manitobans living in the hell of lockdowns and restrictions for the near future indeed..

Well, onto their 'official numbers' and once again I have them broken down here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '198' new "cases" of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours here in Manitoba... This raises the overall "cases" count for the now just over 44 weeks since mid-March of last year to "28089" in total... But of course and as always ALL of these cases, every single one of them, were ALL obtained from the fraudulent 'PCR testing' and that test's 100% inaccuracy rate, and generation of ONLY 'false positive' results... Nothing changes at all here...

(b) Now they are claiming '125' active hospital cases for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is a decrease of '4' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of "129"... And to 'prop' up this hospital cases fraud number, they are claiming once again a further '143' hospital cases that somehow have this 'COVID-19' crap but are "no longer infectious" but require 'further hospital treatment' (!)... Contradictions here, definitely.... AND they are claiming "23" out of those '125' active cases are in the Intensive Care Units as of today, which is a decrease of '2' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '25'.. But once again to prop up the ICU numbers, they are claiming a further "11" ICU cases that somehow have this "COVID-19" crap but are 'no longer infectious' but have to stay in the ICU units for 'further treatment'??  Yes, nothing but more contradictions here..

(c) Now they are claiming '5' new 'deaths' from this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.. This raises the overall death toll in the 44+ weeks since mid-March of last year to a grand total of '793' deaths.... But as always nearly ALL of these new 'deaths' had severe underlying health issues and/or were elderly patients in senior citizen homes... In fact, and as always, all of these deaths were from OTHER causes, and gosh darn but that Influenza seasonal epidemic is still out there in Manitoba and taking its toll, especially on seniors!

(d) Now they are claiming "24091" recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of ONLY '123' recovered cases from yesterday's total of "23968".. Therefore these criminals are once again manipulating this data in this category by keeping a large number of recovered cases, as they have been doing now for months, in the active cases category..

(e) Now they are claiming "3205" active cases of this still non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '68' active cases from yesterday's total of "3137".... But as always, this is falsified data here as a large portion of this 'active cases' number should actually be in the recovered cases file instead... That and since ALL of these 'active cases' were entirely derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' alone, then they all absolutely do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all and are 'suspect' at best in all cases...

Yes, more contradictions here I see, and so easily to pick out of this numbers game that they have been playing for months now... These criminals are once again raising the overall 'cases' count by simply upping the cycles used in their fraud 'PCR testing' just to get MORE 'false positive' results!!!!  And of course their 'hospital cases' numbers simply do not make sense if the 'cases' numbers are increasing.. If there was a real increase of overall cases, then the hospital cases numbers should go up accordingly... All I see here therefore in their 'official numbers' is complete and utter bullshit and a total lie..

Well, time again to do my usual and take a much closer look at ALL of their so called 'official numbers' and rip each and every one of them to shreds... And in the same alphabetical order as listed above right here:

(a) I said many times in previous reports that this was EXACTLY what these pricks in charge would do to keep the citizens here in Manitoba in sheer panic.. And the way to do it is to simply raise this overall cases number to create the false image that there is a 'new outbreak' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' in Manitoba... And yes, they are reporting a new major outbreak in northern Manitoba!   The reality is of course that they can up or down this number so easily by simply raising or decreasing their 'cycles' used in their fraud PCR testing, which is exactly what they are doing.... Heck, they could claim tomorrow '500+ new cases' if they wanted by just simply running the PCR test to over 40 cycles in all tests and that would definitely generate that amount of false positive results....  Thus this entire 'overall cases' number is an insult and nothing but pure distortion of reality... 

(b) Yes, nothing but contradictions here in their 'Hospital cases' numbers... Honestly, how can the 'cases' numbers be suddenly rising and yet the hospital cases numbers continue to fall??? You would expect with these pricks increasing their overall cases numbers, they would increase their hospital cases numbers accordingly, but they have failed to do so which should be raising 'red flags' with everyone...And honestly, and by ignoring the '143' bullshit extra hospital cases, their '125' total 'active cases' simply is a number that they pulled out of their asses, for the fact that not only does this 'deadly virus' not even exist, but they are all from OTHER diseases such as Influenza.... And sadly, they are continuing with the fraud propaganda that the hospitals are 'overwhelmed' with cases, which is not the case here in Manitoba as nearly ALL hospitals are verifiable ghost towns with ZERO patients of any kind..

(c) No shock that their daily manipulation of this 'death toll' continues unabated as they continue to go into senior citizen homes and simply take anyone that has died over the last 24 hours and just re-label their death certificates as 'death by COVID-19' instead... And when anyone takes a much closer look at ALL of their '793' deaths so far over the last 44 weeks, they find that every single one of them had OTHER serious health issues and that the patients died of those OTHER health issues and NOT from this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all... And in fact there is ZERO evidence that ANY of these deaths were from this 'deadly virus' at all for all of Manitoba, period!

(d) And again, no shock that they are continuing this falsification of the recovered cases data by withholding so many that should be in this category by keeping them listed as 'active' instead... The fact remains that this recovered case file is being 'under-reported' by at least '1000' cases by this time, and it is about time that these criminals were challenged openly for this 'grievous error', which is actually being done on purpose...

(e) Just like in (d) this 'active cases' number of '3205' is at LEAST '1000' cases OVER what it actually should be as that '1000' cases properly belong in the recovered cases category as they have superceded their mandatory '14 days of isolation' and therefore must be no longer 'active'.... But besides that glaring manipulation of data, the fact remains that every one of these 'active cases' were entirely derived only through the fraud "PCR testing" that generates ONLY 'false positive' results... Therefore NONE of these 'active cases' have this 'deadly virus' at all, and if they are sick then they are sick from the multitude of REAL diseases that hit this province constantly and especially now with the seasonal outbreak of Influenza still hitting this province pretty hard right now..

Well, what else is there to say??  I have been pounding away at these fraud reports from these criminals for months now exposing their lies, and yet there are so few out there here in Manitoba challenging these fuckers to show their 'proofs' for the data that they basically pull out of their asses....  The propaganda from the lying whores in the media, and the fear that everyone seems to have for a deadly virus that does not even exist, has indeed done its damage to the mindset of people and sadly permanent in most cases...

Well, on top of their daily report of lies, the criminals in charge smiled today as they announced that they were going to 'ease the restrictions a bit' starting this weekend for Manitoba... What a great mind fuck indeed as they basically locked up the people and put in place horrible restrictions for the last 2.5 months and now they are 'throwing us all a bone' by claiming that they were going to 'ease' those horrors?  Yes, take a lot of things away from people and suffocate this province's economy for months, and now just release a trickle of rights and freedoms back to the citizens now?  Honestly, what an insult.. And yet the gullible people will now be praising these criminals for this?   

Yes, over 44 weeks of this disaster for the people of this province and still NO end in sight... The damage is now permanent, and I continue to think about those who have suffered the most from this horror show by taking their lives via suicides and/or overdoses... I absolutely do NOT want to ever see Premier Brian Pallister and his cohorts escape the justice that they deserve for destroying this province and its people  and they must PAY for those who took their lives unnecessarily... To me the only real justice for these pricks is to see them put on trial and then subsequently executed for this crime.... If anyone has a better option, I am again all ears...

More to come


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