Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday January 12th 2021: Still Trying To Correct Their Falsified Data, But Failing Miserably At It!

Recently, I have had a few people that I run into on a daily basis, get into an argument with me about the 'death toll' here in Manitoba from this still non-existent 'deadly virus'... Their arguments were based on the idea that this '748' number of deaths (as of today) is a 'real tragedy' for this province, and as they claimed showed that people were indeed dying from this 'virus'....

My rebuttal to that argument has been the same as always... According to Statistics Canada's own website, some 205-210 people die EVERY WEEK from all causes here in Manitoba.... That means according to simple mathematics, if you multiply even the low figure of '205' by the full 52 weeks, you get..."10660" on an annual basis.. But lets say that due to the '210' maximum median rate, we round that up to '11000' as approximately the number of deaths here in Manitoba on an annual basis... Now if we take the nearly 43 weeks of this scam-demic and multiply 43 x '205' we get: "8815", and with the same slight adjustment a bit we get just over '9000' deaths over that period of time... Thus, if you take the '748' deaths (as of today's report, shown shortly..) you can divide 748/9000 and you get a 8.3% rate of death that they can possibly associating with this non-existent 'deadly virus'....  The numbers do not lie, readers as the deception is clear by just using simple mathematics..

But it gets better, for according to Statistics Canada itself, there has been ZERO increase in the number of overall deaths in Manitoba from 2019 to 2020... BUT how can this be???? Where is the 'spike' in deaths due to this 'deadly virus' that should be there for 2020?   The answer is again staring everyone in their faces as the criminals in charge have been busy RELABELING real deaths from other diseases and causes as "COVID-19" instead!!  AGAIN, the numbers do NOT lie... Only the governments and their criminal associates do!

OK, Onto today's COVID-19 'official' report as posted just a short while ago by the criminals in charge here in Manitoba... I have the 'official numbers' from that report right here for everyone to see for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '90' new 'cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours here in Manitoba.. This raises the overall 'cases' count for the nearly 43 weeks since the criminals in charge launched this scam in mid-March due to their 'state of emergency' to a grand total of '26540' cases in total.... But of course ALL of these 'cases' were entirely derived from their fraudulent 'PCR testing' with that test's 100% inaccuracy rate.... 

(b) Now they are claiming only '138' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of the hospitals across Manitoba as of today... This is once again a decrease of some '24' active hospital cases from yesterday's report of '162'.... But to once again 'prop up' the hospital cases number, they are once again going with their hoax 'subcategories' and claiming a further '164' hospital cases that are 'no longer infectious' but require 'further hospital treatment' (cough, cough.. BULLSHIT!!) ....And they are claiming a further '21' active hospital cases are right now sitting in Intensive Care Units across Manitoba... This is the same number of 'ICU' cases from yesterday's report of '21' as well... And with their bullshit 'subcategory' here, they are claiming a further '14' ICU cases that are 'no longer infectious' but as they claim 'require further ICU treatment'.... 

(c) Now they are claiming "8" new deaths from this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.. This raises the overall 'death count' for this province in the nearly 43 weeks since mid-March to '748' in total (one death obviously was a 'data error' as usual..) .. But of course ALL of these new '8' deaths as well as the other ' 740' others had in every case severe underlying health issues and/or were extremely elderly with weakened immune systems in which they died from other issues... And gosh darn this INFLUENZA season that is still hitting Manitoba hard this time of year...

(d) Now they are claiming "22692" recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the last nearly 43 full weeks since mid-March... This is an increase of "397" recovered cases from yesterday's report of '22295'....Still manipulating this number as usual, as this '22692' number is about '1000' short of what it should actually be.... When will the lies ever end???

(e) Now they are claiming '3100' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a decline of '314' active cases from yesterday's distorted figure of '3414' active cases... This number of ''3100" is still at least 1000+ higher than what it should be due to the large portion of these active cases have now exceeded their 14 days of isolation.. .And when you consider that ALL of these 'active cases' were entirely derived from the fraud "PCR testing", then ALL of these '3100' are 'suspect' at best..

Why should anyone be shocked by these 'numbers' at all?  The manipulation of data here has been so blatantly fraudulent for months now, and the criminal government here in Manitoba shows NO signs of changing that policy of lies...  The facts remain that these criminals running this fraud will continue to get away with these lies that they claim are 'official numbers' until people here stop cowering in fear and get ANGRY for the fact that this entire scam-demic has indeed been a massive lie...

OK, Time to do what I always do and take their 'official numbers' and rip them all to smithereens to further expose their entire fraud.... And in the same 'alphabetical order' as listed above right here:

(a) Is it not amazing how the gullible people in Manitoba so easily accepted their further 'restictions' on their lives last week based upon the massive LIE that the rapid increases last week in the daily 'cases' were due to "Christmas gatherings" and now 'magically' those numbers are collapsing rapidly AFTER those restrictions were brutally imposed???  This entire '26540' number is nothing but the WORST elaborate hoax perpetrated here, as every one of these '26540' were from a fraud 'test' that is NO test at all for any contagion... This '26540' number is just a number that someone has pulled out of 'thin air' in the hope that the gullible people here will buy into it.... Sadly, most Manitobans are accepting this number and all of their other 'numbers' with NO resistance and not using their brains to see the hoax..

(b) No shock here as they are continuously seeing their daily 'active cases' number collapse as NOBODY actually has this 'deadly virus' at all.. But to stop that 'collapse' and further the illusion that the hospitals are 'overwhelmed' with 'COVID-19 patients' they are continuing with their fraud 'subcategories' by preventing the full release of a lot of hospital cases under the guise that they need further 'hospital treatment'.... But they are of course failing miserably on all counts, for the fact that if this was a REAL 'deadly virus' out there, then there would be THOUSANDS in Manitoba's hospitals right now!

(c) Yes, once again they are manipulating this 'death toll' by grabbing as many deaths that they can from the senior citizens' homes, where seniors are dying from a wide assortment of ailments as they ALWAYS do, and marking them as 'COVID-19' on their 'death certificates'.... And since ALL of these '748' deaths had a wide variety of other health issues and/or ailments, and were the cause of their real demise, then nobody here in Manitoba has yet to actually die from this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all... If there was a REAL 'deadly virus' out there, the death toll alone for Manitoba would be in the multi thousands by now and definitely show in the Statistics Canada data for last year, 2020, as well..

(d) No shock that they are still holding back at least '1000+' cases in the 'active cases' file that properly should be in this category instead.... They have however been caught in their lies, as they have been trying over the last few days  to 'readjust' both this figure and the 'active cases' as well.... But since there is NO real 'deadly virus' at all, then all this is pure manipulation of data and nothing more...

(e) Just like in (d), the manipulation continues... As I stated many times, once these  'active case' exceed their '14 days of mandatory isolation', then they MUST be either listed as 'dead' or be put into the recovered cases file instead... But all this manipulation still does not cover for the FACT that all of these 'active cases' were solely and exclusively derived ONLY through the fraud "PCR testing" that is hopelessly inaccurate and should never have been used as a test for this 'contagion' to begin with.. AND of course many will still argue that a lot of people are 'sick' here in Manitoba, and my answer is that of course they are sick, but not from this non-existent contagion called 'COVID-19' at all.... The criminals in charge have simply been relabeling ALL other illnesses such as Influenza, the common cold, tuberculosis, and the wide spectrum of diseases that hit this province constantly as 'COVID-19' instead..

Yes, this madness is continuing... And of course the daily 'cases' number will continue to fall for the rest of this week and I will bet anything that it will suddenly 'rise' next week as the pricks in charge approach their 'January 22nd' deadline for 'extension' of their 'restrictions'... And what will they use next week as their excuse to 'extend' their restrictions?? Well, guess what?  Those new 'variants' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' are definitely coming, right?

I also continue to be so alarmed at the number of RETARDS out there that still go and stupidly allow themselves to be 'tested' for this non-existent 'deadly virus' at those horrific 'testing centres'.... It is bad enough that they allow themselves to be subjected to that insult, but the 'test' itself by using a 6 inch long stick stuck up a person's nose can do untold damage to the rear of a person's nasal passageway, which can lead to actual brain damage...  I am beginning to wonder if that has always been the REAL purpose of the method that they use for testing, which is to actual do damage to that person by rupturing their cribriform plate at the rear of their nasal passageways..

And of course these pricks must not escape the justice they deserve for the lies in these daily reports, but also for the MURDER of those who have fallen for this massive lie and have indeed taken their lives via suicides and overdoses... Premier Brian Pallister and his henchmen in charge of this entire scam-demic must get the same level of mercy that they showed all of us by ruining our lives and destroying this province...This is why I see them all put on trial and then summarily getting the death penalty for this crime as the only justice that fits this horrific crime..

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Unknown said...

Perhaps you misunderstand the motivation
behind the scan-demic operatives, NTS.
I see the same thing going on down here
in SC. Death and destruction ARE their
true motivations!

Northerntruthseeker said...

"Unknown", actually I do understand the motivations, as I have been tracking their lies here in this province of mine now for nearly a full 7 months and see clearly that they want 'death' as their true motivator of fear...

But of course their 'death' numbers just simply do not add up at all.. But it is the propaganda of fear through the lying media whores that works, obviously..