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Layers Of The Coverup

 I was spending much of today having some much needed rest and relaxation...But after cooking and preparing dinner, here I am back on my trusty old computer once again, and surfing the internet for new material for articles..... 

And, I just finished a great Skype call with my great associate who lives in Florida, John Kaminski... John and I have been in weekly conversations for months now, and we do discuss a LOT of what is really happening in our sick world... I also of course congratulated John on his great recent interview with John Friend over at the Realist Report (

John has in fact just put out his latest article from his website, at, and I do want to share that article with my own readers at this blog.... The article is entitled "Layers Of The Coverup" with the subheading of "What Fools We Are To Believe We Can Buy Our Way Into Heaven With Trinkets That Guarantee Our Trip To Hell"...  I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have a few additional thoughts and comments to follow:

What fools we are to believe we can
buy our way into heaven with trinkets
that guarantee our trip to hell

Just think of it! Senile dementia stricken Joe Biden in charge of a world reduced to total chaos because of the harebrained scheme of the global financial elite to insert everyone’s financial records into everyone’s bodies under cover of a bogus pandemic the cause of which has never been proven to actually exist.

They fudged the figures of sick people as obviously as they fixed the election with hundreds of thousands of fictitious ballots in many different states, which turns out to be an accurate indicator of the level of corruption at the state level. Join this to a federal bureaucracy that has just betrayed its own president, looking likely all this treason from Biden on down has been funded by China, although it is a worldwide Rothschild-level financial system that really runs the world today, and that is what is being reset.

Also being reset is the global population to a much lower number that it occupies now.

Anyone who puts their faith in a medical system that claims this is a prudent response to a natural event is a complete fool, as the medical mass murderers Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are every bit the nightmare psychopaths leading humanity into a twilight consciousness in which your every thought will be scrutinized by a central source which will simultaneously monitor your bank account to assure you are rewarded for your actions, comrade!

Modern day Beelzebubs, watch Gates and Fauci wring their hands in the same witchy way, right out of the Jewish horror movie that all this is. It doesn’t matter all that much as to which Israeli-approved presidential flunkie stains the White House this time. What is undeniable is that Communism is arriving at warp speed so efficiently that we won’t need elections anymore, not that they mean that much now.

They want to make you take a shot that will kill you. How much more evidence do you need to know you have to overthrow the government, or it will kill you?

Three card monte

Media minus morality equals garbage; the world is choking on it.

The pandemic lockdown was the key part of the plan to necessitate mail-in ballots enabling the Democrats to win the election via fraud. It provided the perfect cover for the election theft. The brouhaha over the election theft is a smokescreen for the vaccine rollout. And the vaccine rollout is a cover for the 5G satellite array which when finally turned on will cause millions of people to permanently drop in place — and never get up.

You saw it once before — in Wuhan, China.

And the creators of this daring plan will be able to conceal it all by confusing the categories of reported deaths, as the new plandemic covers up fatalities caused by the deployment of 5G around the world, triggering a massive die-off. Statisticians will rig numbers to conceal those who were killed by actual medical treatment, just as they do now.

Among needless victims of medical mistreatment, generations of children have been psychologically damaged by the lockdowns, although they will be luckier than those whose oxygen supply will be irrevocably disrupted by the terminal effects of increased electromagnetic radiation on the lungs.

This is a key and ugly strategy of the Jews to destroy white society by attacking schoolchildren forcing sadistic sex on innocent children leaving a lifetime of scars and likely diminished capability in society. Future generations are likely to be increasingly antisocial and maladjusted because of their childhood experiences of being sequestered in paranoid lockdowns that were never justified scientifically.

Just like now, when you can’t figure out who’s on first.

Totalitarian steamroller

Except for well publicized bellwether events, the two major political parties think exactly alike. They are two wings of the party of the banks, in total agreement on all the important issues, and totally committed to the imposition of Communism all over the world because Communism eliminates dissent, imposes order (or tries to) and guarantees the payback of loans, maximizing investment predictability.

Stories long stifled by the establishment are how the Soviet Union in World War II and China ever since have been secretly guided by Yale’s Skull & Bones think tanks and funded by these ever-ubiquitous “international bankers” who notably bankrolled the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. These same Jewish archons peddling ruin from behind the scenes now own every major politician in the Western world, except perhaps for a few they haven’t yet got around to assassinating.

These demented drecks operate on the propositions that war offers more financial opportunities than any other activity, and that free speech is an impediment to profit taking (not to mention criminal swindling). This is their formula for the future. It is up to us to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Daring those who dare to dream

You are to be forgiven if you are having dreams of the police coming to your door in the middle of the night and firing a shotgun blast to the middle of your chest before eventually figuring out they’re at the wrong house, because this is something that is now happening all-too-frequently in the rotting Totalitarian States of America.

How many more stories must we hear about people being fined and pregnant mothers being assaulted for not wearing facemasks, despite the fact that the demon Fauci and the CDC have both said masks don’t stop anything and worse than that is that breathing in your own exhalations creates disease conditions, as does your reduced oxygen intake.

Especially given the inappropriate use of the PCR test which created a massive statistical boogeyman that frightened badly educated lawmakers that Communist social architects Gates and Fauci turn into a worldwide lockdown which blew out the financial systems of countries and families around the world, the stage has been set to regiment everyone into a worldwide cyberprison where the last question independent humans will ever ask will never be answered.

When the inspiration spark goes dark

That moment you first see your government as evil is the fork in the road of your future. The image of murdered President John F. Kennedy as a young naval officer swimming seven miles with an injured back to save his crew was contrasted many years later by the tale of Presidential candidate John Kerry — also known as Jonah Kohn — gunning down innocent Vietnamese civilians on the banks of the Mekong river, only much later losing a presidential election to the military deserter George W. Bush.

How does that affect the taste of your patriotism? Does it make you eager for more slaughter, more swindles, more concealing of ruthless brutality cloaked in the hollow armor of patriotic swill?

At an age that is different for everyone who confronts the awful truth, images of horrible American history — say from Sand Creek to Sandy Hook via Wounded Knee, Hiroshima, Dresden and Fallujah — infiltrate our dreams with a surreal stench. They unexpectedly spring up in our memory like nuclear mushrooms and overwhelm our souls with compensatory delusions, pathetically patriotic pseudo-justifications.

This is the portrait of how the cradle of liberty for the whole world was turned rancid by drug-peddling bankers wishing to control all humans inflicting the human death wish on others, stupidly thinking this would save themselves from that maddening day when all the lights go out for each of us. What fools we are to believe we can buy our way into heaven with trinkets that guarantee our trip to hell.

Woe to those who can’t escape their own beliefs to hear the real truth on that day when it finally arrives.

Lockdown lunacy
A ghastly global catastrophe

Stick to the truth:
You won’t find it on TV
or in the newspapers

All these Christian denominations are meaningless squadrons of epistemological echolalia comprising the theological elite. Garbage peddlers, all of them!

Woe to the tyrants of the theological elite, who have practiced their rites and counted their money while their people perished. Fuck them all, most especially the Illuminati-funded pope and the CIA-funded Dalai Lama. The most important human ability is to think for yourself, separate the truth from the lies, don’t believe what people tell you until you verify it for yourself. Otherwise you are truly doomed, as so many already are.

Not much further down our present path, we will come to be known as monsters of the universe to be shunned by all intelligent civilizations as unteachable savages.

Human society is failing because
you keep on insisting that

. . . when in fact it is.

If everyone were to ask themselves that question — Is this my fault, or shall I wait for someone else to fix it? — we’d be out of trouble as a society in short order.

But most people won’t ever ask that question, because they think it’s unimportant, and don’t realize it is supremely important. If you don’t believe, what do you think would happen to the world?

And is that what is now happening to the world? Is all the mayhem and corruption occurring today, in particular the betrayal of the American people by both its political leaders and medical experts, all because of those who simply don’t believe. It would appear that this is actually the case.

If you are too busy to care about some abstract question like this, we would have to ask you this:

Who the hell would want to save the world for someone like you?


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: Another great essay by John Kaminski, and one that should be spread around to others as well to read, definitely...

I have covered so many of the facts that John once again presents in this essay already in my articles here at this blog.... And therefore I do agree with John's analysis of how deeply corrupt and ruined the formerly free nation that called itself the United States has turned into today...

And I do agree with John's major assertion that people must stop saying that the failings  of human society are not 'our fault', for the fact it that it really is..... My perspective has been that human beings unwilling to do anything to stop this madness have no one to blame except themselves for doing nothing to stop it... Standing by and allowing the criminals to destroy our societies is NO excuse.... People have to stop with the blame game and in many ways look in the mirror at themselves as being the ones to blame...

Yes, this one is to me one of John's finest that I have seen in quite some time..... And again, I do hope that readers take heed and get this important message out to those around them as well..

More to come


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

And then we have Canada, already fully (((owned))) by the double whammy of Israel and China. Our leader is a member of the tribe. His papa's nose was always a giveaway.

John is always eloquent & compelling.

One of my brothers FINALLY realized I don't want a shot because I have researched the issue. I would never show him something like this piece, would scare the heck out of him! A little Dr. Judy is a good start for a newbie along; I have to remember liberals don't get the wit aspect of education; they look at them and go "huh?".

Best of whatever to you and yours this 2021. Keep strong. We are going to need to keep on our toes. Thanks for what you do.