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Isolation Of This COVID-19 Virus? The Debate Rages On As Some Continue To Claim "Sequencing" Means "Isolation" Which Is SO WRONG!

I just received a few emails a short while ago that said 'Hey NTS.. Take a look at this one'.... And I absolutely did , as once again there is at least ONE new article out there where claims are being made that some biologists and laboratory technicians have indeed 'isolated'  this 'deadly virus' that they claim is 'COVID-19'..... AND I do want to share that information with my own readers..

Therefore, first off I do want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the Global Research team over at, that is entitled: "Is the Virus Real? Has It Been Photographed? What About Koch’s Postulates?".... Here is that article right  here for my readers to view for themselves:

Is the Virus Real? Has It Been Photographed? What About Koch’s Postulates?

Global Research, January 08, 2021

Even though I thought I had answered these questions, smart people whom I respect keep asking if the virus is real.  So here is another stab at answering this.

Yes, the virus is real.  A misleading CDC/FDA document originally written in February but reposted months later stated there was no quantifiable sample of SARS-CoV-2 available.  That is not true.  Here, CDC tells you how they cultured it and how you can get some–as long as your institution satisfies stringent criteria. CDC’s discussion of its culture technique was published in its own journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases.  The artice concludes:

We have deposited information on the SARS-CoV-2 USA-WA1/2020 viral strain described here into the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository, ATCC and the World Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arboviruses, University of Texas Medical Branch, to serve as the SARS-CoV-2 reference strain for the United States. The SARS-CoV-2 fourth passage virus has been sequenced and maintains a nucleotide sequence identical to that of the original clinical strain from the United States. These deposits make this virus strain available to the domestic and international public health, academic, and pharmaceutical sectors for basic research, diagnostic development, antiviral testing, and vaccine development. We hope broad access will expedite countermeasure development and testing and enable a better understanding of the transmissibility and pathogenesis of this novel emerging virus.

This virus has been isolated and fully sequenced 125,000 times in countries around the world, both by poor countries such as Nepal, as well as by richer countries such as South Korea and Australia.

A large number of people who don’t know a lot about viruses, but were cognizant of the nonsense the public is being fed about most other aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, understandably concluded there was no virus. Perhaps the government agencies that supplied the information from which they drew this conclusion did so cunningly, with the hope to entrap the unwary.

Thankfully, a New Zealand microbiology professor explains what took place as a result of poor wording in requests for information.

Some people still clamour that Koch’s Postulates have not been met wrt SARS-CoV-2–but they were met, as closely as possible, in animal models like the Golden Syrian hamster.  [Why are the Syrians always getting slammed?] You can’t infect a human to test Koch’s postulates, and then publish it, and not be arrested.

What about photomicrographs of SARS-CoV-2?  It turns out that some of the early photographs were misinterpretations by their authors and did NOT, in fact, provide reliable pictures of the virus. See this Correspondence in the Lancet about published photomicrographs that mistook endoplasmic reticulum for virus, for instance.  (Strangely enough, two of the coauthors of the fabricated Lancet paper damning chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were coauthors of a Lancet article and response that got photos of the virus wrong:  Mandeep Mehra and Frank Ruschitzka. They admitted no mistakes either time.)

But it seems that good pictures of the virus have been taken.  For instance, see figure 2 in this paper.

Please look at the links before dismissing the virus.  We have been given misinformation about masks, lockdowns, tests, case numbers, deaths, asymptomatic spread, proper treatment, etc.  But there truly is a mean new virus out there.  It looks like some nasty features were engineered in.

We have vitamins, minerals, and drugs that can effectively manage the infection, particularly when treated early.  I don’t doubt that environmental toxins and electromagnetic fields may increase our susceptibility to infection.  But there truly is a new coronavirus out there.  Our governments and health officials have simply done every single thing wrong to manage it, greatly prolonging and worsening the situation.


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This article was originally published on the author’s blog site, Anthrax Vaccine.

Featured image is from Massoud Nayeri

OK, I did read this article, and before anyone goes "Aha! NTS, This is proof that you and others are so wrong, and proves that they have isolated this virus!", I again must note that they are using the terminology of "sequencing" once again..

And have we not heard that 'sequencing' term used so many times already?  And when you look up in biological term the meaning of 'sequencing' you get the following:

1. (Biochemistry) the procedure of determining the order of amino acids in the polypeptide chain of a protein (proteinsequencing) or of nucleotides in a DNA section comprising a gene (gene sequencing)

Thus here we go once again with the terminology of 'determining the order of amino acids in the polypeptide chain of a protein' but not the real determining factor which is the actual 'isolation' or zeroing in on the actual 'virus' or the protein and/or gene itself from which the 'determining of the order of amino acids' can be based upon... Is this not putting the 'cart before the horse' so to speak??? Thus they could be 'sequencing' an entire spectrum of material gathered and claim that it is the 'virus'....

The terminology is always the key here, for what is shown here in this argument is how they are indeed running sequencing of amino acids, but from WHAT is the real riddle.....

But it gets better, for here is a 'counter argument' through another article at Global Research, that I do want to share with readers here.. This one is entitled "COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist?" and indeed shows the 'counter-argument' to the claims made above... Here is that article:

COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist?

Global Research, January 07, 2021

Editor’s Note

This is a controversial issue which has been raised by several prominent scientists.

On January 7, 2020 the Chinese authorities “identify a new type of virus” which was “isolated”. The CDC also confirmed that the virus had been isolated. But no specific details were released.


During a discussion on LinkedIn with a microbiologist, I came to know how they described virus isolation, which is as follows: 

“A virus isolate is a virus isolated from an infected host. The process is called “isolation,” which separates viruses from the hosts.”

It means that for microbiologists and virologists, taking a swab sample, which separates virus from the host, is considered as “virus isolation.” This interpretation does not reflect the correct meaning and understanding of the subject of isolation.

But, they imply and promote the true meaning of the process of isolation, i.e., to obtain something by extraction, purification, and identification, reflected by well-known pretty pictures of the DNA/RNA, proteins, and viruses such as a spherical body with spikes (aka coronavirus).

The virologists’ version of the definition is incorrect and causing the problem. Wherever one looks for the virus, one always finds a suffix with it, e.g., “virus isolate,” “virus culture,” “virus lysate,” etc., (which are soups, mixtures or gunks), never “virus” alone; however, it is presented and promoted as pure “virus.”

The made-up definition of “virus-isolation” makes the story of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, its infection, and pandemic very clear, i.e., nothing is real about them, but all are fake. No one has seen the virus, found it, or isolated it as claimed. It is all bogus.

People might ask, then what about the PCR tests, DNA/RNA sequences, protein structures, etc.? They are all reflections of rituals, ignorantly using highly sophisticated and costly chemistry equipment, to make people believe science is being followed. However, nothing is real or relates to the virus.

To conduct such experiments accurately, scientists/technicians must-have reference samples or standards to calibrate the equipment and validate the tests. The reference standards can only come from independently isolated and thoroughly characterized pure virus. However, as the pure virus has never been isolated, one cannot have reference standards and calibrators; hence all the claimed experimentation becomes scientifically null and void, reflecting a fraud.

Such requirements are not unique to virus isolation or assessment. These are standard and must requirement, referred to as validation, for product assessment by the authorities, such as FDA and USP. It is impossible to get products approved for marketing without this validation step. However, validation of tests and testing for viruses and their components are slipping through the regulatory oversight.

Currently, for the SARS-CoV-2 assessment, the work starts with the assumption that it exists. Without validating the techniques, some experiments are being conducted following ritualistic steps (SOPs) to generate “data” and pretty pictures to show that it exists. It is hard to believe that such deceptive practices can occur in  modern-day science and escape authorities’ scrutiny and audit.

Like the virus’s assumed existence, it is further assumed that the associated disease (COVID-19) exists, is contagious, spreading uncontrollably, and potentially people are dying or will die in large numbers. There is no available scientific evidence to support these claims except counting the false positive test results, obtained mostly from the non-validated and false PCR test.

It is important to note that there is no scientific evidence showing that SARS-CoV-2 is causing the illness. It cannot be shown because the virus (SARS-CoV-2) is neither available nor exists, as noted above. Hence, its link to the disease cannot be established. It would be safe to confirm now that the COVID-19 is a hoax.

Therefore, considering the current flawed science practices, it becomes a fact that anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 should be regarded as a misdiagnosed case, and accordingly, the incorrect corresponding follow-up treatments.

Physicians need to examine patients without considering the presence of COVID-19 in all cases. They should be challenging the current “scientific” rationale of the COVID-19 diagnosis rather than following the media’s narrative or provided SOPs.

Patients who take a longer time to recover or died with COVID-19 diagnosis could very well be because of misdiagnosis and, by extension, mistreatment or no treatment (e.g., extended quarantine or isolation without treatment).

Similarly, as the virus does not exist, vaccine administration and development become irrelevant; hence, they need to be discontinued.

Authorities should take prompt action adjusting the pandemic monitoring and treatment considering the above described recent information regarding the virus’s non-existence.

Dr. Saeed A. Qureshi is a Canadian specialist in pharmacology and biotechnology

NTS Notes:  Yes, this second part absolutely flies in the face of the claims made in the first part, definitely..

And thus this 'debate' does rage on, as many are out there believing that this 'virus' exists and that 'yes they have it sitting in laboratories around the world'.... But if that is so  then we must ask the following questions:

(a) WHY if the virus 'exists' has there been resistance to any FOI (Freedom of Information) claims made asking governments to present evidence of existence of this contagion?

(b) WHY have some independent researchers been 'stonewalled' when they pursue government officials asking to come forward, as in (a) to please come flat out and state that the 'virus' is real and show their proof of its existence?  The only responses that almost all have received is that they would 'get their information' soon, but many are still waiting..

(c) And WHY are they not flat out coming out and saying "Here is the isolated contagion" and show that information in peer medical journals and papers for all to see?  All they continue to show is their 'evidence' via 'sequencing' which as shown above is still, as far as I am concerned, vague and nothing more than 'word play' at best which leads to the conclusion that they are misleading everyone..

I have been looking into this debate for the last 14 months now, and I agree with writers such as Jon Rappoport and others that the criminals behind this entire scam-demic will continue to stonewall and mislead everyone as their goal is NOT a  'vaccine' to 'fight this contagion' but is actually an injection aimed to rewrite our very DNA......

And to the naysayers out there, please show me your proof positive of isolation of this contagion and stop wasting my time with the falsehood of 'sequencing' claims..... 

Many must remember that my background is deep in science, and I spent years with experimentation, working on 'theories', "postulates", "laws" and other scientific principles ... .I have a hard time therefore in putting up with those who have their ways set in stone as I have always been a pessimist and one that never accepts anything set in stone.... If there is proof positive that this  'virus' exists, then please "show me the money"...

More to come



rotagen said...

Corona is a real virus but it's a joke and it is IMPOSSIBLE to say someone died as a direct result of having an infection...period. Like I said before I'm a trained Micro/Mol biologist, worked in virology labs for years and got sick of drug company corruption so chose a new career.

So I am not adverse to the "there is no covid virus" crowd because it simply doesn't matter... and it doesn't matter to "then" either.

Here's a great article summarizing their game accurately:

Freeborn said...

The "virus" is a necessarily chimerical in nature. A real virus would infect the perps; a fake one cant infect anyone but it can be ascribed any range of symptoms at the will of its creators. It can mutate making it necessary for regular top-up vaccines. The CABAL (Gates Foundation/WHO/UN/Word Bank et al) can make the "virus" anything they choose.

With an irretrievably dumbed-down populace, no-one will notice basic problems with the official story like the fact that overall mortality rates in 2020 - the "Year of the Pandemic" were very little different from rates in 2019 and 2017 had a worse rate than than both the subsequent ones.

Nor will anyone notice that deaths from flu in the US have declined by 98%. Er...don't the flu and the COVID have almost identical symptoms?

When you have a ruthless tyranny run by determined psychopaths lauding it over a population who are dumb and docile - it's never going to end well.

Here in the UK the government is now implementing LOCkDOWN 3. Dire figures for deaths from the new mutant strain of the "virus" are emblazoned across news headlines and TV bulletins. We are being told to stay at home and - even more bizarrely - we are now being told to act like we have the virus.

Yes, you heard me right. We are instructed to pretend like we have the virus even if we don't!

So, we now know the "virus" is so serious we have to get tested to ascertain whether we've got it or not. And it's so bad that we've got to pretend we've got it - even when we haven't!

I'm experiencing respiratory problems now just contemplating how stupid most of benighted humanity has turned out to be.

Now, I understand just what the late George Carlin meant when he said that under the skin of the worst cynics you'll always find an idealist whose illusions about life and human potential have been shattered at some point.

That point for most of us came in March 2020 when we saw the sheeple queuing for toilet roll.

It's got worse ever since!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Rotagen, you are right... Coronaviruses have been around for a long time, and until this 'scamdemic' they were properly associated and labeled as 'common cold'....

I have always had my doubts about 'virus theory' for a long time as it is indeed a 'theory'... I have looked into exosomes and other RNA factors as well as possibilities of what they are really seeing when they say we have a 'contagion'..

And thanks for the link to that 'Burning Platform' article.... I did read it, and it is very long indeed... Some interesting suppositions and evidence presented..

Northerntruthseeker said...

Freeborn.. I covered a lot of that relabeling of other diseases as 'COVID-19' in a new article I just released earlier today..

I too have to howl about how RIGHT the late George Carlin was when I saw the sheer ignorance of people.. The man was definitely far ahead of his time, and would be a great ally against this fight now if he was still alive today..

I also have a wide range of respiratory problems that I get every year with my bad sinuses... I will NOT be stupid enough ever to go and get tested for a 'deadly virus' that still shows no real evidence of reality...

Freeborn said...


On a more hopeful note - I now have students asking for one-to-one - as opposed to online - tuition again.

People are at last beginning to prioritise the need for human contact over social distancing and fears about the "virus". Such contact plays an indispensable role in the education context.

One of the students is a ten year old Rumanian boy. Even he knows the "virus" is a hoax. Yet, he has just been told that he cannot return to school for six weeks because of teacher fears about the new mutant strain.

Another student is sixteen and just starting A levels. She has a full-time job working in an inward-looking nearby town. She is the member of staff they turn to when they want to remind shoppers to wear masks in the store. Evidently, she gets a bad reaction every time she tells them. More and more are just saying they don't believe in it and refuse to comply.

Meanwhile, back in Manitoba - did u catch this story re-the couple put in handcuffs for not wearing masks. Both were exempt anyway!

Recently, in UK we had the horrendous spectacle of a 92 year old man being arrested outside Westminster Magistrates - where Assange was on trial: