Friday, January 8, 2021

Criminal Manitoba Government "Extends" Horrific Restrictions On Its Citizens For "Two More Weeks"

I knew this was coming...  There was NO WAY in hell that the criminal Pallister regime here in my home province of Manitoba, Canada, would EVER allow the people here living in this hell hole for the last 9 plus months to be allowed to return to even a glimmer of 'normalcy'.... For just a short time ago, the criminal sack of shit that has the nerve to call himself "Manitoba's Chief Health Officer", that bald headed freak Brent Roussin had the nerve to step up to the podium and formally announce that the present 'restrictions' on the people here would be 'extended for two weeks' (at least..)..

Here in fact is the report from the "Canadian Press" online news service, through MSN news at, about this heinous act by the lying sacks of shit in charge here in Manitoba for everyone to see for themselves.. My thoughts and comments to follow:

Manitoba extends limits on store openings, public gatherings for another two weeks
7 mins ago

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is extending its COVID-19 restrictions for another two weeks.The province's current set of rules were scheduled to expire tonight, but chief public health officer Dr. Brent Roussin says more time is needed to keep case numbers and the demand on hospitals in check.

Since mid-November, restaurants and bars have been limited to take out and delivery services and non-essential stores have had to close except for curbside pickup.

Public gatherings have been limited to five people and most social gatherings inside private homes have been forbidden.

The number of daily COVID-19 cases has dropped sharply since the measures were introduced, but intensive care units are running above their normal capacity and elective surgeries have been postponed.

The province also says it has given formal approval for the National Hockey League's Winnipeg Jets to host games.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 8, 2021

The Canadian Press

NTS Notes: Honestly, what a load of horse shit this truly is...

These pricks are indeed following their script and their 'marching orders' as laid down by the criminals running this world wide scam-demic very well... And each and every one of them should be ashamed as they all sold their souls to the devil himself for doing this unwarranted damage to the good citizens of this province..

And where do they get off  on claiming that here in Manitoba the "Intensive Care Units are running above their normal capacity and elective surgeries have been postponed"?  THIS IS A MASSIVE LIE, for the reality is that the hospitals still sit EMPTY across this province and with as of yesterday's official numbers, only '31' patients sitting in ALL of the ICU units across this province, how can they claim that the ICU's are running above their 'normal capacity' at all??... In fact,  31 patients sitting in the HUNDREDS of available ICU beds is absolutely not over-capacity at all!!! And THIS is their excuse to extend these horrific restrictions??

Yes, there is absolutely NO REASON to even bother to 'extend' these horrific restrictions for yet another two weeks... The only effect this will do is to further destroy the lives of the citizens of this province and to cause the permanent closure of even MORE small businesses that are right now hanging on by a thread for their very survival...

And watch what happens two weeks from now, especially with that new 'variant' of this still non-existent 'deadly virus' about to hit this province... These pricks will indeed use that as their excuse on January 22nd to extend their restrictions even further, which is exactly what I believe their horrific criminal plans have been all along!

WAKE UP MANITOBA... We are being purposely destroyed by these criminals who will keep us all in despair until they will come out and say "You want to return to normal? Then get yourselves 'vaccinated'!"

More to come


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This is not on topic but I have been meaning to send you this little thing. Don't know if you have watched it, or discovered JP Sears yet. I find him brilliant and, at times, a tad challenging but NEVER dull. Found this in his works awhile back. If you haven't seen it before, enjoy. If you have, well you always were ahead of the curve.

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